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  • Hi Stripes are your runs getting any easier each time or is it still a struggle? I would have thought after 2 or 3 outings you'd be getting back into the swing? Is it breathing or muscles problems? Maybe you are pushing yourself too hard and slowing down a bit would help?

    Mal sorry you haven't got out yet but it is a busy time. Do you have any rellies clue by who can sit the kids during the day? My sis in law lives 5 miles away and we often sit for each others kids. In fact we are staying in on NEw Years Eve and having their boys for a sleepover. Four boys between 4 and 9 - it will be chaos!

    Don't put pressure on yourself to get out until the festivities are out of the way. I'm hoping to run again in the morning if I wake up early enough and have a clear head - friends have just left and we've had several drinks!
  • Morning All

    Went out for a short 3.5k this morning. Felt great again - I'm really starting to love the running once again and I seem to have run off the few pounds I put on over Christmas. Oh I've also stopped nibbling chocolates which probably helps image although while there are still some in the house it's not easy to resist image

    Looking forward to another run on NY Day. Start the year as I mean to go on and also start upping the miles too!

    Anyone else running this weekend?
  • ME!

    Have to get out for my sanity this time so I've asked Mr Mal to make sure he's able to stay with the little Mals for an hour this evening. I am looking forward to it, even if I can only manage one circuit of the night time route at least it's something. Mr Mal does find it tough looking after the children but I'll try to time it so everyone is happy. No relatives who are able to babysit unfortunately.

    Can't wait to see the schedule my twin comes up with for 10k. I'm making a "Marathon" cake for her to celebrate the marathon she ran in May this year, I couldn't do it at the time because I was in hospital and then bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy but I'm so proud of her and she's achieved so much so we're celebrating for New Year instead.

    Will see if Mr Mal fancies a run tonight too, he started with me but has stopped for a few months. He might get back t it with some encouragement.

    Good to hear how much you're enjoying running, hopefully some enthusiasm will rub off on me!

  • Having a marathon running sis must be fantastic Mal. All our visitors have asked about my running over Christmas but as soon as I start to answer you can see them glaze over. Haha image. One chap said, after eating a huge meal and downing several drinks, and I quote " oh yeah I reckon I could probably do 5 or 6 miles without too much trouble" He's the unhealthiest person I know so I didn't know whether to laugh or point out his stupidity! People think its easy don't they?

    Mrs S has been her usual dismissive self when the subject is raised too although she did buy me trainers which is a start!

    I'll keep enthusing if you do the same as being on here for last few months has really kept me going.

    Good luck tonight.
  • Hurray. I went running.

    Started out far too fast because I was feeling really stressed but kept it going even though I knew I couldn't maintain it, it felt good regardless. Then I kept my pace more normal up the hill but had to walk after I reached the top for about 5 minutes, I managed a slow jog around the rest of my route and a sprint at the end. With all the silly pacing I did it in the same time I usually do!

    I'm glad Mrs S bought you trainers, she obviously does appreciate what it means to you even if she doesn't want to hear about it. What does Mrs S like doing if she gets the chance? It's great having a proper runner to ask questions etc

    I liked the runner in disguise at your dinner table, I dare you to turn up at his front door with a spare pare of trainers and take him up on the 5 or 6 miles he sounded so keen to do, ask him not to leave you too far behind!

  • Silver.....is it something we said....Come back everyone, I'll talk about running more I promise, NY resolution!
  • Its certainly been quiet in here Mal.  Maybe we've just not talked about running enough and everyone else has secretly moved to another thread!  Haha image 

    Maybe if we renamed the thread 'All things family with a little bit of running thrown in now and again - if its not too cold or raining - and we manage to get out that is!'  it would better reflect the content and we'd get more contributors! image

     Just to keep the mix of family and running going I thought I'd post the following pics:







    We really need to find a new home don't we?

  • Well done on your run by the way. image
  • Hi guys, hope that you don't mind me tagging in.  I am new to running, well was in July until I got injured in October and haven't been out since.  Reading this thread, well most of it as you guys can most definatley chat image has given me so much inspiration and helped my motivation to want to get my running shoes back on, just don't know where to start.

    I am jealous too of the distances you run, my aim is to get up to 5miles, but medical issues seem to stop me going past 2-3 (pre-injury), always tried to make up the difference on my lateral stepper thingy image

    Good to see you all had a good Christmas and wishing you all a fantastic New Year!!!

  • Hi Angela and welcome to our strange little world. I feel stupid having just posted pictures of a Lego castle when you are a serious runner. If you go back far enough you'll see that we are all quite passionate about running and we always encourage each other. I would certainly not be doing my 10ks now (and enjoying them so much!) without the help of the other guys on here image

    How bad was your injury if it kept you out so long? Could you go back to how you originally started and start from the beginning again? I started in April with C25k and it really did change my life. I got up to 5k in about week 6 and then I started running 5k 3-4 times a week. I only made the jump to 10ks after joining a club and after Booeys encouragement. Thanks Boo image

    Are you in the 40+ club too? and what do you like about running? For me itnatter countryside and the solitude. Remembering why you started may help you get some enthusiasm back? Do you have family and can you work your runs round them?

    Sorry for all the questions! I'm sure the other guys will provide better advice when they get back on here! Best Wishes for the new year! image

  • Hello Angela,

    I only started running about September and I love it. Welcome to the group, and what a welcome it is, the whole of Hogwarts for you to feast your eyes on! Sounds like we are at similar levels, I run about 3k as my usual run and am slowly trying to up the distance. 5k is tough for me still and the furthest I've done was 7.2k and I was almost entirely jelly after that. I have (stupidly) signed up for a 10k in March. We are very good at chatting!

    Silver, loving Hogwarts, it must've taken you forever. I'd have made the boys build it! Also laughed at the last shot of your new shoes, gotta be done. I'm going to try to get out tomorrow too just for a really quick circuit to keep me motivated and sane more than anything else. I've been so frustrated *whispers* and grumpy, whilst I've not been going out. I felt loads better after today even if I did mess up my pace lots.

    I'm busily making the marathon cake now even though it's midnight. Was too busy earlier but really want it to be special.

  • Thanks for the encouragement to do more.  I liked this thread from what I read, think I got to the first 100 or so posts before skipping to the end, will fill in the gaps, eventually.

    Finally learned how to update my profile too image Not very good with all the technology, as for the Hogwarts, made me laugh which right now is a good thing.

     Silver, I don't quite make the 40+ as I only turned 30 in October, just after my injury. But shouldn't complain too much as I lost so much weight before hand that I managed to wear a style of dress for my birthday that I hadn't worn since I was 16!!!!

    I love it when I can go out running, the freedom of my own thoughts, and no technology to worry about.  Running shoes, stop watch and I'm off, well was.  I strained my achilles in October and it just won't fully settle down again, my dr is referring me to a foot specialist but still waiting for the appointment image

    I have been trying to do some walking to make up for not running, but it is quite difficult and if I rush too much I feel my ancilles twinging image 

    One thing that I have found that is annoying me so much, is that since I've not been able to run I seem to be picking up every cold/virus/sore throat going around, doesn't make you feel up to much.  Feel like I have turned the corner with the latest one, so looking to get back to my fitness in the New Year, or tomorrow more than likely.

    Due to my ankle have been thinking of starting on my stepper just to build up some strength and stamina before going for more impact when hitting the roads.

     Could you give me some advice though on how to fit my running in?  I don't have kids, well unless you count my partner who at times you'd think is a 4 year old, big kid at heart image  but I do spend 2 hours each way going to and from work as I live 42 miles from the office!!!! I can't run at lunch as only get half hour and distance makes it bit impractical to run to n from work, plus no showers at work!

     M, what's a marathon cake??? You've got me curious image

  • HI everyone, hows it going

    Just popped on quick to let you know I managed my 10 mile run on 28th image I was so pleased to get it done at last image it was slow at nearly 2 hours but hey that was my longest run to date so can only get better and set me up for the HM.  Had 2 days rest and been decorating the downstairs bog image haha well it needed doing and what with all the free time, finished it today and looks great image grabbed the running gear and went out for a quick run and did 3.5 miles image really pleased with my running this month and have done my most mileage this month about 71miles I think.

    Silver am loving hogwarts castle, it must have taken forever image and well done on getting out running image its a hectic time for you so pat on the back for you image

    Sorry I have to be quick so hi to everyone else and glad you enjoyed chrimbo

    Have a lovely time this evening seeing the NY in and I want to say THANK YOU to all my virtual running buddies for being there for me in 2011 and lets raise a glass to being there for each other in 2012 image

    Onwards and upwards with the running image cheers

    Boo x

  • Booey, well done on your 10 miles. What a way to finish the year!!!! What impressive mileage for the month, mine is rubbish but going to go up from here.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  • Hello All and Happy New Year to everyone on the thread.

    Booey - What can I say - 10 miles is fantastic. Much respect to you for being the first to reach this milestone. Did you find it difficult? Did you suffer afterwards? Well done decorating bog too - I did the landing and the kids playroom - great minds and all that! Look forward to continuing our chinwags and mutual support in 2012.

    Mal - did you finish the cake? Did your sis like it? Can we see pics?

    Maam - thanks for the great post - you'll be chatting like the rest of us very soon image

    Sorry to hear about your injury which sounds serious. Sounds like you will have to be careful until you've seen the specialist? If you're spending 2 hrs driving each way fitting in a run must be difficult if not impossible. Do you work 9-5 or can you get home earlier to have a run? I've struggled in the dark nights but I always manage an early LSR at weekends. Fortunately I can run at lunchtime during the week and with my club on Tuesday evening - if I make it! image Maybe you could look into a club in your area? Where abouts are you in the country?

    Sounds like running is for you if you've lost so much weight before the injury. Did you manage to keep your 16 year old figure over Christmas!

    I found that the weight fell off me when I started and I'm healthier (and lighter) now than I was 10 years ago. I seem to have suffered less colds too since starting but that could be due to a healthier diet.

    Hopefully 2012 will be better for you and you can get back out there. In the meantime keep coming on here for encouragement - and a good old chat about what ever takes your fancy! image

  • Hi all and hope you are having a very happy New Year.

     I went out with friends to see a mate playing in a band, danced the night away so did get some exercise image.  Woke up this morning wanting to go running, just the small issue of being full of cold and not being able to breath so good image

    Silver - I have put weight back on since October, what with turning 30, then friends birthday and Christmas you could say that I have somewhat pigged out, but to say what I've eaten I've managed somehow to keep most of the weight off, prob put on half stone on in 3 months!

    I do work 9-5 with only 1 early finish every other week.  I have looked at my local run england, Ellesmere Port, but they run at 6 on Thursdays and I'm not home from work, the other option is a club in Manchester where I work but they don't run till 7 so would make it a realllllllly late night for me by the time I made it home.

    LSR on weekends would be a good option but my guts don't seem to like me going further than about 2-3 miles, hence I do that then tend to come in and do about half hour on the stepper, well that was before injury.  When I get back on the running I'm hoping to build up slowly it's just having the health, time and motivation after a long day to fit it in.

     Anyway, only a little one, here is to hoping 2012 is a fantastic year and that can get some brilliant runs in too image

  • Hi all,

    Hope you had a good New Year whatever it entailed. 

    I stopped over in Liverpool Friday night and had a heavy night. Didn't get to bed until after 5 image

    Went out with my partner and all her family last night but took it much easier image

    Was going to attempt a run this afternoon but its currently persisting down so came for a look on here instead!

  • Sounds like you've had a good one, Liverpool is definately not an early finish or normally a sober one image

    I must admit while I'm not running I'm on here quite a bit, my partner thinks I've gone mad the amount I'm reading on here.  Keep sending the laptop flat image

    Good luck if you get out for a run later, let us know how you get on

  • Ha Ha. It can become a bit of an obsession. Welcome to the thread by the way image

    Sounds like you are coping well with being injured. I have found it very difficult and have only had problems for just over a month.

  • Interesting, if you call coping well comfort eating and reading RW!  Just can't wait to start running again, even if its just a bit and building up, I've got itchy feet so to speak image

  • I've definitely done the comfort eating part, reckon thats one of the reasons I'm struggling to get back into a rhythm image

  • Just back from a run. Managed my furthest since the injury 5.03 miles image

    Very slow time 45.59 but just pleased to have gone that far.

    Legs iced and don't feel too bad at the moment. Just hope they are okay tomorrow.

    Am gonna attempt to do a full weeks training in the week ahead and see if I can cope with it.

  • Fantastic run, don't worry about the time, at least your getting there with it.  I'd love to be able to run 5 miles!  Good luck with the training, just don't do too much to quick, remember your body needs time to rest and recover.

    I plucked up the courage to stand on the scales today, give myself a starting point for this years targets, wasn't as bad as I thought it could of been, thankfully.  Now just to put me a training plan together.  Thinking coz of my ankle going to start gentle with the cardio, so going to go for a walk tomorrow, and build in some circuit work for ab's etc, at least that shouldn't hurt the ankle.  The target set is to lose c. 2 stones by July and tone up ready for the hols, then to shed a further stone by Christmas.

    Have you set yourself any goals for 2012?  If I get chance, and training permits, I may towards the autumn look to do a 10k race!  Thinking by spring might look at these parkruns of 5k just to see how things are going, but all depends on how the achilles is holding out image

    Let me know how the training is going.

  • Sounds like you have lots of goals which I think make the hard work of training a lot easier to get your head round. 

    I built up to 8 miles before I had the problem with my leg. Was training for my first half marathon on February 19th which is now looking like it will come far too soon. I have fashioned a rough new schedule to have a go at over the next six weeks but any more problems will put the idea to bed once and for all.

    Going to incorporate some exercise bike sessions into my schedule to mix things up a bit.

    I'm pleased that I've not put any weight on over Christmas, only 4lb heavier than my lowest point since I started losing weight last May. 


  • Congrats on the weight over christmas, you must have been good image

    I'm aiming for a six week plan too, been looking at the plans in the latest issues of RW to see what I can do.  Not sure the running bit is going to work just yet so going to swap running for stepper 2 days a week, then do the brisk walk on the 3rd day.  Try that combined with exercises for the 1st 6 weeks then aim to switch stepping for running.

     I hope that you don't push the training too hard in hope for the marathon, you don't want to injure yourself any further and there are always others, but saying that I know what it means to have goals and want to push yourself so good luck aiming for the 19th! Hopefully swapping about the training a bit will help.

    Keep me up to date with how you get on, seems we are both starting 6 weeks of fun image

  • Good luck with your plan. Keep us posted on it. Some of the other posters in the thread are great motivators. I am fairly hopeless image

    I am very wary about pushing things, have gone from being totally blase about injury to worrying about the slightest twinge image

    If I hadn't already entered the half marathon and booked my hotel I would have given the idea up a long time ago. Will just see if I can get things back to pre-injury levels and if I can I may give it a go. 

  • Fair comment, I worry at every twinge of my ankle so know where you are coming from.

    Good luck with the planning and training and remember we are all here if you need someone to give you a virtual kick up the ass image

  • Hello everyone,

    I went for a run, feeling ok. I feel a bit stuck and I can't see much improvement but hopefully the new schedule will help me to see where I'm getting things right and any improvements I am making. I need to be a bit braver and more committed over the next few months.

    Feel free to aim a kick in this direction Maamalade!

    Stripes, glad you've managed a 5m run, things are looking up. You're doing really well getting back on track and I'm sure you'll still be able to complete your half though maybe not at quite the blistering pace you were initially hoping for. We are all behind you. Thankfully not literally, you'd earn a medal for dragging us over the rest of the course, sure 10-Mile-Booey will help though!

  • Hi Mal,

    Well done on getting out. Don't think your commitment can be questioned when its so hard for you to make time to run. I can run pretty much when I want, sometimes I just don't feel up to it or can't be arsed image

    Think you may have hit on something regarding the Half Marathon though, I may contact the organisers and see if we can run as a tag team, all do a couple of miles each image

  • That'd be hilarious! And we could all say we've "done" a half!!!
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