Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Sub 4 definitely coming our way!!!! Does anyone know what times the pacers are doing? I'm more on target for a 3:45, I think...
  • morning all

    snowing very lightly here at the moment i have a cut back week this week just 8 to do today with two 5's and then just 15 on Friday

    well done on some great LSR and brilliant times also well done to those who raced at the weekend cant believe i only have 2 more long runs before i start tapering down

  • Tenjiso wrote (see)

    PSC - are you still going to run the marathon?

    Barbie - great advice, thanks.

    Yep... although the way things are gong it's going to be a social run rather than a flat out race!!

    Everyone is putting in some cracking long runs.. don't push them too hard though as recovery can be extended if you overdo it.  Practice nutrition and hydration on your long ones. 

    As for supplements - zinc will keep your immune system healthy.  If you are eating well then you shouldn't need to take too much. 

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    PSC - I bet your better prepared for this marathon than meimage

    Did 18 miles on Friday in 3:27 image
  • slow 20 miles yesterday. not a particularly inspiring run, just ran 10 miles away from home & then turned round and ran 10 miles back home. first 10 straight into the wind. hoped for a bit of help from a tailwind coming home but didn't seem nearly as strong when it was behind me, how does that happen??


  • Hi all. Great runs by most if not all. 20 milers and races everywhere you look.

    Think the wind was swirling yesterday cos it seemed like a headwind which ever direction I was running.

    Was ill last week so not a great start to it but finished with a 15 Friday 5 Saturday evening and a 10 mile tempo with heavy legs Sunday morning in 1.13 so quite happy with that although I lost 25 miles from my schedule due to illness.

    Dorney half on Saturday then one more 25 miler and taper image happy days.

    Ps -10 chill factor for tonight's 10 miler image layer up people!!!!
  • Hello - new to forums. So Hi! Some advice please - this is my second marathon. Did Liverpool last year - in 4hrs 3mins and decided to see if I could break the 4hour. My training is sporadic as I am a full time mum of two, with an OH that is away all the time. So some weeks I get one mid week run in of about 6 miles and that's it. I did 20 yesterday in 2hr 55. So on track for a sub 4hr do you think? My average was about 8.47min / mile. I felt okay and it boosts my confidence that I can prob do a sub4. But i have read that you are supposed to do the long runs at a much slower pace.  Why? Are you really going to gain a minute per mile on race day? Also how are my final few weeks of training best spent, bearing in mind that my time is soooooo limited. Doing Reading half on sunday and want to try and really go for it - sensible? and then will do 20 miles the following week before tapering. Mid week wise, if I can only get out for one run (in the dark) hows it best spent? Thanks for your help! image

  • morning folks - not dipped my toe into this thread for an awfully long time  image

    Petal and me are doing this - 3rd Brighton for me and her 1st.  We're doing this to celebrate our 60ths - stupid reason sure but why not eh?? image - but have no plan to try and get a PB or in fact anywhere near but just to enjoy the event.   Our training has been OK'ish - done one 3+hr run and a few in the 2:30 league - but no great speed as the plan is to get around comfortably by running as much as possible and minimal walking.  We had planned a 2:45 run yesterday but P's calf started playing up so we called it early at 2:12 - luckily in fact as it went totally 500m from home.  Just a strain but needs to be watched.

    Kind of hoping to be around 4:30 on the day and will be disappointed if we're 5+.

    We're off skiing next weekend for my birthday and then plan one long run after we get back and then start tapering.

    There should be a number of the Pirate triathlon crew doing this with us - PSC knows a lot of us - but whether we're all wearing pirate kit is to be seen.

    Let's just hope we get another decent weather day for it - it was lovely the twice I've done it so far.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    Getting a bit close now isn't it?!  I've done 1 x 20 miler the weekend before last then had a step-back week with just 15 on Sunday so another 20 miler due this weekend.  Can't believe how quickly this seems to have come around image

    Hi FB and Petal and many happy returns, I'm only 4 years behind you image

    Hi Tracey, I answered your question on the other thread but you might not have seen it.  Yes to Brighton and VLM too.  See you soon.  Is Bernard doing it too?

  • Hi Red

    Strange - I always thought you were older......image


    [runs away as quickly as tired legs allow..]

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Redhead - I'm doing Brighton & Bernard is doing VLM on a club place image

    FB & Petal - What a special way to celebration your birthday xx
  • Tracey G wrote (see)
    FB & Petal - What a special way to celebration your birthday xx

    I'm not so sure P would agree with you given the usual comment after a long run - "who's daft idea was this???"  my usual reply - "well, you didn't have to say yes!"  image

  • Afternoon all

    well 8 miles done weather doesn't seem to know what it wants it's cold and very windy but one minute the suns out the next it's over cast and snowing and then the next the suns out and it snowing Oh well keeps you on your toes

  • Well done Alan.
  • My LSR yesterday was 2 hours 30 mins on the treadmill because of the cold.  Got to watch the end of the rugby and all the footie match.  Mind you 'Songs of Praise' is no fun when the sound is offimage.

  • Green fairy, 2:30 on a treadmill, that's pretty tough going.

    It's struck me today, how difficult it is getting your 5 veg a-day and 3 fruit into a diet!
  • Jeez slow down y'all! image


    You're really making me feel bad...very bad as my training plan has gone completely to pot! I saw a physio a fortnight ago who diagnosed IT Band as the problem, with the root cause (apparantly) being a muscle in my buttock!

    I was advised to lower my mileage for two weeks and roll/stretch on alternate nights. appears to have worked. image

    I haven't been able to run for more than 45 minutes since the end of October without pain coming on.........I was out for 2 hours the other night and guess what.....NO pain!!

    It means now I can start to ramp up the miles but I have left it really really really late! Bearing in mind it is my first marathon.

    I did 11 miles on Saturday and intend to make some progress now.

    God how good it feels to run without pain.

  • Swervin Mervin, that's brilliant news. With a few weeks to go, take it easy building up those miles and stay focused on really really enjoying your first marathon.

    Are you keeping up Physio treatments? I'd recommend doing so on a prevention curve now. My Physio loves me, I even get a birthday card each year!

    I've just downloaded the marathon app for this year, 33days to go (oops, might delete app for another 3 weeks to avoid the obsession!!)

    Soo not looking forward to tomorrow's run, it's bitterly cold out there.
  • Cheers GCE

    TBH, the physio didn't actually DO anything. I've had a few 'sports massage' sessions and she recommended seeing the physio. All he did was kinda bend me and twist me and observe/point out how my left and right sides differed. He demonstrated some stretches etc and emailed me some stretches/rolling to do.

    Back to the sports massage if I want any actual 'treatement' I guess.


    and oh yeh, cold cold cold out there...and quite a bit of snow down here in Brighton.

  • Today has to be the coldest day of the winter for running I reckon.  27F (-2C) doesn't sound so bad, but that 26mph (40kph) wind makes it feel like 12F (-11C)!!!!  I'm glad I've got intervals to feel warmer on the run, though any headwind will make it very tough.  Really looking forward to this...not image

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    I've done a spring marathon or 2 every year since 2008 and this has to be the worse weather to training in image
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Me and OH were saying last night if its this windy on race day we're not doing it image No bloody way am I racing in this level of wind!!

    Dont mind training though - its hard work but extra training adapatation so all good really.

  • You would have really enjoyed the Milton Keynes Marathon last year then Curly image 

  • Tenjiso you took the words right out of my mouth. They were the worst conditions ever without doubt!!!!!!
  • Doing 4 miles late this evening - can't begin to imagine how cold it is going to be ...

  • speedwork for me tonight, think it'll be very short recovery breaks to avoid standing around in the cold for too long.

  • Gym??????? Think of all the resistance training !!!!!
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