Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • RR what's up with the strap? I hated it at first but barely notice it now.

    Try the MT interview it's great he basically says that the age based HR formulae is garbage so you will like it. It's just a basic guide but in going to listen to it again and take some notes. He likes it as another method of monitoring performance and recommends insulation tape on your garmin and then seeing what thresholds you reached during your run. I'm going to give it a try.
  • LE2 thanks a million, I will check it out.  I wasn't able to get any reading with mine.  The watch seemed keen to start up but I couldn't get the two to communicate.  I did mean to take it into a Sweatshop, and indeed - I could today as there's one where I know everyone in to dig it out now!  

    My other issue with HR has been that mine nevre reaches the levels they consider to be even within working range.  My 70% should be around 145 apparently [based on Sam's marathon and half book], but if I totally welly it I might reach 100.

    Of course I am talking machines like bikes that give me these measures, they could be way out.

    BoD I work in Youth Diversion for the Met.  In a recent retreat I am now back on the more general beat part of the time too so am spread thin and shattered.

    I wouldn't do anything demanding today at all and storm the race!   

  • Morning all!

    Bo - agree with above - too close to the race! Save yourself for Sunday image

    AC8 - like Bo says ... I think I would go do it just very very easily and walk if you feel like it. I often wonder if you can only increase by 10% a week - if you're starting at 0 - where lies the sensible starting mileage?

    RR - over time you will get a better idea of your max - you can do a max test or just keep an eye on your data - when I finish an interval session and notice I've gone above 100% I adjust my settings.  It's difficult to set it perfectly but unless you're an olympic athlete a ball park % is often good enough to start with - the main thing is that you can see you're training in different zones. Have you tried wetting the conductors on your strap?  Mine doesn't pick up if there's no conductivity - often 15 minutes into a run to start getting a bit sweaty ...  Someone did come up with a strapless HR once -  I think it had sensors on your wrist but not seen or heard much about it since so not sure if it worked very well.  It's only a matter of time - the straps are deffo a pain in the proctal region!

    My favourite Thursday night run so far last night - we were off in yet another new location - I'm loving all the exploration - ahh the beauty of club runs!

    I love cake ... AND sleep image



  • SB I am loving off road adventures.

    Thanks for all your input, yes I did wet them, will hopefully get it sorted today.

  • RR - until I started with a heart rate monitor and a plan I really wasn't keen on running at all.  That was until I discovered that I was running too fast too often and burning out rapidly.  Within the space of five weeks I was transformed into someone that couldn't wait until the next run, and the book I have to thank for that was "Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot" by John L Parker Jr.  I <ahem> heartily recommend it!  

    I certainly agree with the Age based formula being absolute garbage.  I used to go above my calculated maximum while walking to the gym!!  I've always used the karvonen formula to calculate my recovery ceiling and threshold floor.  My age-calculated recovery ceiling is 10bpm below my rate based on the karvonen formula!!

  • Good luck RR oh and yip your HR will be much lower on a bike due to the inherent lack of weight bearing-ness! 

    Ten - good points - there is also a formula out there that advocates adding 10 bpm to your "basic" figures just to cater for running being so hardcore ... just like us, obviously image

  • RR - don't take the HR readings from exercise bikes and assume that they will be the same for your running.  Wearing the heart rate strap while actually running is the most accurate way to find out your true max (as near as dammit) for running.  As SB said, always wet the conductors to get a better reading until you start sweating from training.  I've found that the first mile can sometimes be pretty inaccurate, but it settles down after the warm-up.  The strapless HRM models usually have sensors in the wrist to take readings.  I don't know about the latest models, but they certainly were less accurate than chest straps.

  • SB - I'd say my running was soft, rather than hardcore image

  • Woh woh - just checked in and the posting has gone crazy - brilliant.

    All i'm doing at the moment is sleeping and eating cake (lots of caring friends keep bringing cakes round to the house for me - just finished a victoria sponge and a big chocolate one arrived yesterday - can almost feel FH and SB drooling at this stage image)

    Just to make SB's day i'm still a few pounds under weight even with the cake - don't ya just luv it !!

    18 miler this afternoon then cake, cake, cake and then some more cake imageimage.

  • You guys are the best, I'm getting that book Ten, the title does seem somewhat apt given the basic science you are acquainting me with.

    Much appreciated.

    Oscarr I don't have sugar so I make interesting breads like teff, brown rice, and lettuce!



  • Bo, all the best for your race at the weekend.

    AC8, Good to see your back running, I hate it when I cant run.

    This doc below on Hadd Training is really good re - heart rate running.  Tells you how to work out max HR and your training zones.  I used it for my base training about 9 m,onths ago, found it really good. 

    I wear my HR monitor on every run and track session, great tool to see improvement on fitness and how changes to outside temp can effect your HR.

    Have a great weekend all, I will miss tonight session and then do 5 after work tomorrow and 12 on Sunday.

    Oscarr, how was your last long run ?




  • All best for this afternoon Oscarr and save some CAKE for me!!



    18 miler this afternoon then cake, cake, cake and then some more cake imageimage.

    JEALOUS!!!!! imageimageimage

    Everyone round to oscarr's house!

    That's my yoga done - found it really hard today - did the arms workout which involved lots of planking too - pure evil but in a good way as it gave my upper back and shoulders a really good stretch too!

    And when I'd done - I'd discovered the postie had brought my new jacket purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - hope it rains tomorrow, please, please, please ...

  • I'm in the isle of man at the moment and there's loads of rain here. Get the ferry SB.

    I wear my HR monitor on every run now also. It just gives me another stat to bore the life out of my wife. In sure she loves hearing about my threshold pace! image
  • I got it working! So far I only know that my average was 82 and max 95, will take it from here, cheers!
  • Nine miles today, which makes 32 miles total for the week.  If all goes well, I'll increase from five days to six days running next week - still within 10% overall mileage increase (35 miles planned).  Today's run was steady 10:00 pace all the way, but I added a "pyramid" of incline settings at six miles onwards from 1% to 3% and back to 1%.  It took my heart rate up from 70% to 80% which was my target.

    I'm considering entering the Silverstone Half Marathon next year, though reviews are not great which is making me waver.

  • Excellent fun today getting lost in the downs, should of been 9 ended up being 11, but I got to meet a nice black lab and various people who put me back on track. It seems stamina lasts for a while
  • I was getting withdrawal syptoms - so I've booked the Silverstone Half for next year.

  • Ten I saw this yesterday but was at work and didn't get a chance to reply.  

    Silverstone was my first ever half in 2006.  I finished in 2:12 because my chip flew off my shoe early on and although I rescued it from a throng of thrashing feet I didn't put it back on but erm carried it round and tried to dip at likely junctures.

    I was so excited.  I stopped at the fab loos on the course.

    I crossed the line with a giant caterpillar and the photo they try to sell you after said it all - there was even someone puking to one side in it!

    I did it again in 2010 and only did 1:54:47, but went out far too fast and overtook the 8min pacer at mile 10ish, then hit the wall and was sucked backwards.

    This is one with a lot for and against.  Being in a very packed part of the race thicket, you have to run wide on all the corners or hang in behind, it never really thins out.

    But there's great atmosphere at the start at least, and it's unique - also fast and flat in theory [I get impatient and run way long].

    Would love to be at the front on this one.

    Might join you next year actually, am looking to replicate what I did in 2010 as all improvement strategies have bombed, and I did many half marathons that year - the full gamut really including a hilly Omagh, Reading, Watford, Brighton, adding miles to many and loving it.

    It's definitely one to do once at a minimum or you'd never know.

  • Great 18 miler on Friday - didn't set off until 4pm and got back just in time for a quick shower and out to watch the footy.  very steady pace of 9:43mpm in 2hr55m.  no hiccups and felt fresh at end so a classic LSR.  tried my camelbak for the first time with one litre of water in it - bought it in the sale earlier this year as prep for lakeland - worked really well and felt light and comfortable and a great way to carry water and gels and cap etc so will definatley use on1st july.

    5 mile tempo run for me this morning along the river (and past the curry house i went to with son no1 last night !!)

  • Just finished first 10k. 47:10. Into the wind and hitting grass really sapped the energy and started to overheat. Came in 88th out of 350 men so happy bunny overall.
  • RR - Thanks for that.  I'm now officially looking forward to the Silverstone Half!  I'll have to dig out my old console F1 game to learn the course image

    Oscarr - nice LSR.  I'm missing mine at the moment, but it's not practical while I have sole responsibility for my son.  What model is your camelback?  

    Bo - quality 10k.  You're on target for smashing your current marathon time!

    SB - my ultralight jacket cost me a princely tenner from Aldi image  Well glad I had it, though, during this year's marathon!

    No cake for me - it's time to shed more weight!

  • Ten - its a Camelbak Octane 24 (grey/red) with a 3 litre water bladder - very light and comfortable - Sweatshop were doing them for half price (£45) in January and that was good value; bit pricey though at £90 but they may still do them at sale price online if you wanted one.

    Bo - good 10k time that - reckon you will be looking at 1:45 for your next half. 

    SB/FH - chocolate cake today, and lots of it - yummy.............image

  • Oscarr: I love my Camelbak fastflo. Like the fact it's round my waist. Just checked chip time and got 46:59. Was jealous of the cake, but OH helped Thomas cook cheese scones!!! Get in!
  • Great 10K BoD, you've beaten my PB there already.

    Oscarr you are going so well, I managed 8.5 today with the HRM, playing with it.

    I did the 4 times up a steep hill approach to establish Max HR and that came out at 173 x 3 of those times, but I was surprised by some of the other stats, also that the max came so close to what it would be using thh crude 220-age formula, which would be 166. 

    I ran between 9ish up to 11 min/miles and found that it stayed at 140 throughout, and went up to 166 when I did a few mins @ 5K pace [7:50/mile]

    SO I'm not sure what I'm learning, have ordered the book!  Does anything jump out?

    One thing that may have affected my results is that I haven't done much actual running with the various niggles ITB and knee related.


  • Sub 47!  Ave it!

  • reikirabbit wrote (see)

    .......have ordered the book!  Does anything jump out?

    Only if you ordered a pop-up book image


  • Painful, ouch!

  • Cheers Oscarr/Bo - I can't justify the price of the camelbak just yet.  I'll stick with the water/gel belt.  

  • RR - I learned from the best.  That was straight from Oscarr's book of one-liners.

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