Copenhagen Marathon



  • Pathfinder,

    I just realised, that I had left you out on the list. I'm sorry about that! Are you still here? You are very silent!!

    Runners, who have entered
    Ian Wood,

    Peppermint Hippo,
  • LL
    Easy: "Rainworm" is "regnorm".

    What I am curious to know is the English for that kind of bait.

    And OB,
    Tak skal du have! (tagh ska'du ha')
  • Too little music and too much silence. Fell asleep after page 2...
  • I can't wait. I am expecting a guest!
  • <Tak skal du have! (tagh ska'du ha')>

    which means CR?

    LL - re: "Music & Silence" for all you know I might be in touch with my feminine side! However, the less than ringing endorsement from CR suggests I probably won't bother! I can't speak for Rich though!

    LL/CR - you two obviously already know each other. I'm nothing if not observant!
  • Indeed we do OB! Why don't you give Music & Silence a go and then decide for yourself which of us to trust when it comes to books?
  • I'm going to hazard a guess and translate as "Thanks, Health to You!"

  • So now we're looking for two rainworms, one called Reg and one called Norm . . .

    there's more to this than I realised!!

    Maybe the Little Lucans could make them out of playdoh?

    I've been having trouble sleeping lately so I'll look out for Music and Silence . . then I'll either enjoy a good read or sleep well, either of which I'd appreciate!!

  • are they twins? Reg and Norm I mean, not LL and CR!

    CR wants to know the English for worms used as bait - well, it's bait!

    Am struggling to find flights from Brum or Manc to CPH. Last time I flew BA from Brum but the flight no longer exists. More research needed! Where is anyone flying from?

  • Hoping to go Easy Jet from Stanstead.

    But if I don't get back to wuk I won't be going anywhere!

    See ya'll!!

  • OB, LL
    Nope, just plain: "Thank you"...

    2 new words coming up:
    "Skål!"- (skaal)
    "Hygge" - (hyegge)

    Try this one:

    "Home hosted dinners with local families. Enjoy a Danish dinner in a private home and be aquainted with the Danish cuisine as well as "hygge", an important part of Danish culture"

    Reservations 2 days ahead...

    I am not sure if dinners,
    high in carbs, are on the menu...
    They are probably more like high in protein!! ;-))

  • Now you, animal lovers, are even givning them their own names! Is that to get them off the hook??
  • Brum, brum, where is Brum?
  • Birmingham, CR. Where I am going for the weekend.
    I think I understand Hygge, but hard to translate. It seems to involve candles, warmth (preferably when its cold outside),good food, good friends. Have I forgotten anything?
  • <Hygge" means to close your door, roll down the curtains, light a few candles, drink coffee and watch television, not the news though but an old Danish movie from the fifties. Basically "hygge" means something the others don't have which proofs that we are better people than they are. It is "hygge" that helps us preserve our moral superiority.>

    That's that one sorted!

    CR - "hook" joke noted and appreciated!
  • Well, it's not really my definition of "hygge", but I will let it pass for now!

    And you forgot the all important "skål"!
    You can't say "skål" drinking coffee!!
  • CR - all very cryptic but I'm still working on it!!

    Flight now booked so I must be going. BA do CPH from Manchester now instead of Brum - sorry, Birmingham - so have done it on BA miles and paid £34 taxes!
  • We will also go BA using airmiles if we have enough. Probably from Heathrow or Gatwick.
    If you are out running in Brum over the weekend you might see me OB. Visiting friends in Olton.Hoping to go for a run, probably Sunday a.m.
  • CR - Found you! I am really up for this, but want to bring along husband and four children! Will it be hot like NYC??? I don't do heat! We would like to fly from Stansted as it's nearest us.
  • Lady Lucan - I am a newcomer to this thread (found you all via the NYC marathon one) Music and Silence is THE BEST THING I have read in ages. Had to ration myself at the end and then wanted to start all over again.

  • Bloomin' heck, now we've two Lady's amongst us!!!!

    Hey CR . . I've looked at that website you recommended and I've seen a bit of a snag . . these families you go and eat with . . . well it looks like they're all in Denmark!!!!

    Another endorsement for the book . . I can feel a trip to Waterstones coming on tomorrow . . any excuse!!

    Flights booked OB!! Now that is commitment! Good for you . . when are you travelling?

  • Welcome Lady C. We ladies have excellent taste in literature! Hope you share our view Rich. The book will also help you to bluff your way around Copenhagen - "Ah, the Roundtower, built during the reign of Christian IV......" That sort of thing.
    The bit I liked best was when the little boy called the bug out of the man's ear! Or perhaps it was a rainworm. Its a long time since I read it.
  • Lady C,

    Welcome to our thread. Good to see you!
    I am soooooo impressed with your fundraising for NYC! Over £3000! Can you believe it, guys?

    OB already booked his fligth and got a very resonable deal with mileage... Fantastic!

    Easyjet flies directly from Stanstd. to CPH.

    What kind of accommodation do you need?

    I don't know if you have travelled through all the postings, but as I have said earlier, CPH is very child friendly...

    Only thing is, childrens meals are quite expensive. Quality is good thou!

  • Rich,

    Only two ladies? Sob, cry....
  • Guys,

    The list is up now, have a look

    We are a good group from the UK. Great stuff!

    You beat my number!

    I think you number is more than pure luck! Have you been manipulating?
  • CR - I'm so sorry - you are all ladies here in Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen . .

    . . but now we have two Ladies!!!

    Good to see the list . . lots of us from the UK aren't there? Wonder if many of them will find their way here to THE thread?

    Now about my number CR . . remember I told you, that when I e-mailed my entry I told them it was the first Sunday after my 50th birthday?

    Sparta are helping me celebrate!!! What a lovely gesture . . I certainly didn't expect it!!!! But it's a bit of a puzzle therefore that they've put me in the 45-49 category isn't it!!

    Wowee . . that's made my day!!! And now I really do have to go, don't I!!! Not that I had any doubt about going mind you . .

    Here's a revised list . . let's see how many names I can recognise . .

    Runners, who have entered

    (149) Ian Wood,
    (118) LL,
    (177) OB,
    (132) Pathfinder,
    (50) Rich,
    (150) Seaweed,
    (121) CR

    Peppermint Hippo,

    Right, off with a skip in my step to town to Waterstones to find this book . . nobody seems to have mentioned the author incidentally!!

    See you later . .
  • hi Copenhagen forumites,

    D'you reckon this would make a good first marathon for a plodder like myself? Began running in March 03, about to do first 10K, quite fancy the idea of a trip to Denmark in the spring...

  • Hi Aikidoka,

    Welcome to The Wonderful Copenhagen thread!

    Both Lady Lucan and I started running in March this year...

    I think it would make a good first marathon... That is what Urban Runner has said anyway...

    it is very flat,
    there is no cut-off time,
    it is not too congested,
    there will be pacerunners (3-5 hours),

    Have a look, and tell us what you think!

  • Hi CR,

    Thank you for the lovely welcome!

    Just had a look at the site. It does sound great. Also, the race is 5 days after my birthday so it would be a good way to celebrate :o)

    I'd better look into flights, accom. etc. First thing is to read the whole of this thread as no doubt all of these things have been discussed a bit already.

    catch y'all later...

  • aikidoka . . . we're twins!!!!! Woweeee!!!

    That's why I'm going too!!! To celebrate my birthday . .

    May I echo Lady CR's welcome? This looks like an excellent choice for a first marathon . . flat course . . good weather (shouldn't be too hot) . . beautiful city (not that I've been there yet) . . and lots of forumites going who can (a) give one another lots of support during training when the going gets tough and (b) be there for each other to ensure we all have a great time when we get there!!

    Seems irresistible to me (not that it's my first marathon though) . . .

    Good luck with your 10k btw . .

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