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  • hello,

    Just back from Brighton 10K - my first 10K and I did it in 67m30s, which I'm not completely gutted about. It was a beautiful morning (bit too warm actually!) and I met plenty of nice forumites which was great.

    But the thought of doing another 20 miles afterwards.... argh!

    So I need to ponder this Copenhagen thingy a little further I think.

    Hope you are all well.

  • aikidoka . . well done . . now all you have to do is run maybe a little slower and obviously a lot further.

    But the race is 7 months today . . so you really do have plenty of time to prepare and build up . . doesn't have to be in a rush.

    Before that though, keep on enjoying what you've achieved today . .

    OB, guess you mean that every day's a bonus eh?
  • Thanks for the welcome everyone, I have now sent off the e-mail to the CPH marathon so I'm coming too! Need accommodation for me, husband and four children though, nothing flashy (despite me being a Lady 'n all).
    To those thinking of running their first marathon, all I can say is I did my first a few weeks ago, training was difficult with injury, family commitments and a stinking cold at the end! I finished in 5.01 which at first I was disappointed with and then I realised that 26.2 miles is a HUGE achievement and one to be proud of. I saw a banner on the course saying, Pain is temporary, Pride is forever! The feeling of finishing is just amazing!
  • Well done aikiaka ,Great result.Don't think about the other 20,just run each 6(10k) at a time and your there.
  • I don't believe it!!!!
    I've got 118. Isn't that the number of those funny runners in that ad?
    Anyone want to swap? I will be so embarrassed if everyone is heckling me.

  • Good for you Lady C . . and you're dead right . . just completing 26.2 miles is an achievement . . doesn't matter what time you do . . doesn't matter if you walk bits of it . . it's getting out there and oing it that counts . .

    Which marathon did you do?

  • Lady Lucan . . LOL !!!!

    Now we know what fancy dress you'll be wearing . .

    "We've got your number" . . . . . . <groaaaaaannnn>
  • That just about sums it up Rich, <groaaaaaaannn>
    (Actually, I think its quite funny. Will make for a good photoopportunity for your website, you with your 50 and me with my 118. - just hope those ads don't catch on in Denmark!)
  • Hi everyone,

    I agree, OB, what a lot of activity and lots of nice, new people!

    Good to meet you all, Aikidoka, Seaweed, Lady C.!

    Good work, Rich!
    Thanks for sorting out the numbers. I soooo NOT envy you, LL!
    Am pretty pleased with my own. Am best one to one!

    Angelis, have you asked for your number yet?

    Runners, who have entered

    (149) Ian Wood,
    Lady C,
    (118) LL,
    (177) OB,
    (132) Pathfinder,
    (50) Rich,
    (150) Seaweed,
    (121) CR

    Peppermint Hippo,
  • Lady C.

    If you are looking for hotels, try this one:

    Sparta has special deal/contact with the
    certain hotels. Pls. allow me to copy below....
  • Sparta has made a special deal with Cab Inn Hotels
    These hotels are quite cheap and centrally located.

    Also they are in contact with Scandic Hotels

    Another option is a hostel.

    There are no current plans on offering private accommodation, but they will discuss the possibility at Sparta...

    I would be quite handy with that WW CPH website with all the information for our "newcomers", any sparetime?
  • Mr. Silly,
    Sorry I did not meet you yesterday. How are you doing? What happened to you? When will you be up and running again?

  • Hi there 121 . . .

    Time? Time? So many pressures . . will see what I can do Wednesday/Thursday evenings but no promises just yet okay?

    After all, you never know, somebody might ask me out!!!!

    Yeah . . you're right . . okay then . . I'll do what I can later this week . . possibly even tomorrow . . !!

    G'nite CPH
  • Don't turn down any hot dates on our account Rich.

    118 118 118 118 118

    Sorry, just practising.
  • Seaweed and Aikidoka,

    Talking about bosses...

    I just discovered that my former boss will be running the WW CPH marathon!
    He was a very good boss!

    Feel I will have to do some very serious training now, thou!!
  • I see my boss has joined this thread! Is there anything I can do for you my lady?
  • I see my boss has joined this thread! Is there anything I can do for you my lady?
  • oops!
  • Have you changed your name OB? Or is there still some problem with the forum?
    Lady Lucan (just in case it comes up wrong!)

  • Mellors . . what do you think you're doing in here? Get back to work in the garden NOW !!!

    LL . . don't get hot dates these days . . lukewarm is about the best I can hope for :-((

    CR . . it was my former boss (and his boss!) that started me running 16 years ago . . I seem to remember . . just . .

    Forum seems to be fine now . . . he said, tempting fate!!

  • evening CH ers.
    O.B. ?Mellors?? who's boss is who ,and no i'm not drunk just confused. LOng run tomorrow as i'm day off from work.
  • Thanks for the info rich, I don`t have dec runners world yet but hope to get it at the weekend as I will be in Scotland then.

    7 months sounds loads of time to train...

    I started back running in January, and run 3 or 4 times a week. Varied sessions depending on who is currently ill/ needs to be picked up from swimming etc.

    I can run 45- 60 mins without any problem but am not sure how far. ( not very)

    My general endurance is pretty good , I did a 30km mountain walk in May and in a previous incarnation did plenty of long mountain stuff.

    My plan at the moment is to start marathon training by building up time and distance then if it is going to be feasable then I will probably enter in the new year.

    I am only racing 5km at the moment but that is due to availability more than anything else. There are 10km races available but only 3 women did the last one and they all finished in under 40mins.

  • Hi Hoover . . let me know if you can't get hold of the mag and I'll scan it in and put it on the web for you to read . . enjoy Scotland though . .

    Exactly, seven months is more than enough even allowing for putting everybody elses' needs ahead of yours . . . you have plenty of time to build up . .

    Your plan is exactly right I'd say . . get the stamina built up - and it sounds as if you already have plenty, but then which Mum doesn't!! - and then as the race approaches start to do a little speed work if time permits . . but with the stamina under your belt you'll know you can complete the event without hurting yourself . . and as most of running a marathon is between the ears, that's important!

    Right now it doesn't matter how far you run in an hour . . just keep at it and build it up to 75 mins and then 90 and so on . .

    The achievement is in committing to the training, doing as much of it as you can as well as fitting in the rest of your life, and then taking part in the event. If you can do that then you'll have achieved something to be proud of that you'll always have with you for the rest of your life.

    One last thing for now . . (I need to get off the soapbox and into bed) . . running fast is vastly over-rated . . you have to concentrate so hard you miss all the good stuff like the scenery or the architecture, or the crowd calling out your name . . it's not just about the running, it's a whole experience . . and after all the training we all put in, we owe it to ourselves to make sure we enjoy it when we finally get to the event . .

    G'nite CPH

  • Rich
    i could not agree more ,too many people get hung up about P.B.`s etc.
    Running should be FUN first.
  • Profound advice.
  • LL/Seaweed - reason for name change was spotted by our very own literary lion RichK!

    LL - having seen the CPH entrant list, I now see the reason for your forum name! Are you related?
  • You are so clever OB. But please don't tell interpol!
  • Still lost is this the amsterdam thread and everybody has had some cake? Did 20 miles in 2.47 so pleased.
  • Don't worry Seaweed, its just that forum deprivation has scrambled our brains.
    Mellors is the gamekeeper from Lady Chatterleys Lover. However, OB had us a bit confused by getting the mistress/servant thing the wrong way round.Also, he was responding to CR when we do in fact have the genuine Lady C on this thread! This coincided with CR receiving a message from "The Darkside" which made us fear our thread had been invaded by evil forces (like Jon the monkey!!)
    Hope that's cleared things up. Now where did I put that cake?....
  • Hello all.

    CR i am fine thanks. i have been about, popping in now and again. Did you like the pictures from Dublin? Rich has done a great on his site don't u think.

    I haven't run yet due to injury, but i saw physio today for the first time and she seems to think it is a muscle imbalance and has refered me to a sports therapist for next week.
    I am a bit of a doom merchant i was worried it was more serious might never be able to run again and all that.
    So things are looking up should be able to start running again soon.

    Rushing of to work again now, catch u later.
    What was your husbands Nickname, does he post on this site?

    All the best

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