Halstead marathon



  • hey angela, well the flu you cant help with image but atleast you've seen somewhere where you think its going wrong early in the plan!!

    hopefully will be right on it soonimage

    i was meant to ask you actually, when it comes to the 20 milers do you fancy getting together and doing them on a sunday?? i dont like the thought of training for that long alone image (although you are supposed to i know)

    its totaly up to you mind but just thought its gotta be less daunting that way

    another question (sorryimage). what gels, if any, are you thinking of using?? ive heard alot about the SiS ones, apparently they are quite good.

  • Hey hey,

    Man, i'm having an unproductive day!  I think the problem was that iwas trying to loose a bit of weight (post christmas and trip to new york), which i have done but I was dointg that by eating normal with increased training.  Now I need to really eat for my training...

    I fear you may be a bit speedy for me over 20 miles... image  but happy to give it ago, though I'll be away for the second one.  so 20 miles in the south of france...

    I'm an SiS convert!  I used to use lucozade, just coz its available everywher, and is the one london marathon hands out (that was my first marathon), but i think they're disgusting.

    I just got a delivery of their products today.  I'm going to try using this: http://www.scienceinsport.com/sis-products/sis-rego-range/sis-rego-night/  to see if it helps put a spring back in my step.. and pre my half marathon too to see how it feels.  Got a bunch of other stuff too- I;m sure some of it is gimmicky, but will give a go nonetheless!


  • Well we can work something out if you like? I'm not that fast lol. Sounds like your going to have a nice relaxing holiday image

    I'm going to try some in a couple weeks at essex20 so hopefully they will work. Well they do say try everything lolimage
  • Hi all,

    I have been catching up  this reading through thread as I too am doing Halstead. I'm also doing the Colchester half and the Bournemouth Marathon later in the year. Having read through I am now thinking Essex20 would be good as well even if it's a LSR. I'm not a stalker I promise image

    Just to fill you in I am 41 and living in Colchester, I am aiming for 3:45 for the marathon and then hopefully 3:30 at Bournemouth. I have done 4 marathons before, 3 over (ahem) 15 years ago now and London in 2007. I grew up in Colchester but moved to London when I was 18 but moved back about 18 months ago, I have family in and around Bournemouth too hence my selecting that for my end of year marathon. 

    I have been running about 40 miles per week but sprained my ankle a few weeks back so managed 32 on my first week back this week. I run 4 times a week, and run/cycle run once a week as I am doing a Cross Ireland 48 hr charity cycle in June and I'm trying Duathlons after Bournemouth (My swimming ability rules out a TRI, think Jaws victim without the California tan)

    There is lots of enthusiasm and alcohol references in what I have read so this feels like a natural home for me.


  • Welcome oirisheyes! There's not many of us on here yet but all looking forward to it.

    Good luck in your quest!
  • Cheers DS2 I have noticed you are the king of positive thinking on this thread, I share a similar mindset. I am a great believer in distance running being every bit a mental exercise as it is physical.

    What is it Henry Ford said? "If you think you can or can't do something you are probably right"

  • Hello oirish, and welcome! Glad to see another colchestrian image really looking forward to the Colchester half, though it looks a hilly one! Gotta sleep now, as 4 miler at 6am tomorrow... Eeep
  • morning all,

    hello oirisheyes welcome to the group image like DS2 said theres not many of us but hopefully we can make you feel welcome.

    im the one who trains for a marathon by running a marathon image.

    if your doing the essex20 maybe we might cross paths (sounds like were both going for the LSR strategy)

    hopefully Angela the 4 went well this morning (bit chilly round hereimage) im doing mine tonight!

    DS2 hows the training going??

  • Jason - I would love to be training at that intensity but those days are long behind me, I'm more a rocking back and forth sobbing in a darkened room type of guy these days. I like to use words like "targeted" and "focused" about my training it sounds better than "clapped out" and "past it" image 

    What is your target pace for Essex20? 

    Angela - The Colchester half is quite up and down isn't it? The first mile or two is all downhill and then you are faced with north hill. I do two miles up and down Balkerne hill occassionally, I highly reccommend it if you feel like you hate yourself!! image

     I don't know if you have seen the Bournemouth course but that is mainly quite flat but downhill, if that makes sense, so I'm hoping to record a decent time there. Where abouts in Colchester do you run?

  • hi oirish,

    Your only 41 you've still got something to bring to the table image i admire anyone who can just get out the door and run, instead of sofa time eating crap!!

    target pace for me is anything in the region of 9m/m but if you fancy running with? i can go slower or faster image, ive got plenty of people running it in my club so just to finish is a bonus (and the T-shirt). plus im using some gels on it aswell to see if i can manage them!

  • Hey hey,

    Jason 4 miles this morning was lovely.  I spent the first 3 miles still achy from the weekend and wondering if my tight calf was a sign of somethig worse, then everything loosened up in mile 4, making me remember the point of recovery runs.  I've felt great ever since, though I'm eating everything in sight!

    OirishEyes Yeah, the half route is scary...  I'm on the ctte getting a parkrun starting in Colchester.  The first one will be 6th April, but even over 5k we face a similar situation of an incredibly hilly course, as we want everyone to run past the castle (3 timesimage) - eager for more volunteers if you want to get involved?  Unfortunately, all my attempts to try and run the second half of the colchester half route have resulted in me getting lost - on Saturday I tried to do 6 miles where I ran past leisureworld, along the river then back up so that I met Ipswich road... got to highwoods tesco at around the 4 mile point of my 6 mile run (about 3 miles from home).... got back to tesco at about 5.5 miles having done a loop, rather than turning off to go home.... had to get my fiance to pick me up as i hadn't had breakfast and in trying to get home cut thru a very flooded highwoods country park, thus very muddy squelchy trainers image.  Balkerne hill is probably quite a good one for hill training- steady incline.

    I do a number of routes around north colchester, but my favourite, which is generally what I do for long runs, is to get to the river colne and follow the wivenhoe trail as far as I can... one time I got as far as Brightlingsea church!  though I ran back as far as Alresford and got the bus home image  It would have been 28miles had i run all the way back!!

    I took a look at the Bournemouth course- I'm hoping Bournemouth will be my first sub-4hour marathon... I think sub4 is too much of a stretch for Halstead.  My only concern is they seem to have named a hill around mile 18... when u name a hill,. it usually means that ur legs are gonna burn... and thats quite late in the race- I hope it doesn't suck all out of me for the last 8 miles.

    How about you oirish- what are your routes?  and are u part of one of the clubs?

  • Jason  9m/m sounds about right for what I want to do, I did 16 miles yesterday and really struggled to run anything slower than 8:30 which is too fast as my calves informed me this morning. I am rubbish at pacing slow runs, I know it sounds daft but it feels soooooo slow. I wasn't planning to do that far I was aiming for 12 but misread my map before I left the house and ran past where I should of turned off by a mere two miles. There is nothing like having to run back on yourself to cheer you up. I ended up walking the last mile home as I didn't want to wreck myself for the rest of the week muttering obscenities at myself . So much for all those years of Orienteering image

    Angela - If I can be any help with the park run I'd be happy to, I was looking on their website the other day and wondering why Colchester didn't have one funnily enough.

    I think the second half of the half marathon is similar to the original route, I only looked briefly. I was going to cycle it at some point just so I know what to expect, I don't remember it being too challenging at all I think the swing in and out of town and not getting off to quick on that downhill section is the key.

    As for routes I am a big fan of the Wivenhoe trail too, I did an 18 miler along there in the snow in January which was good fun. I got a fair few odd looks along the way but I don't embarass easily so sod em!!

    I live on Shrub end so there are some nice routes out through Layer, I hit open countryside within two miles which is nice when I remember to look up. Yesterday I went through Abberton and out to Peldon. All similar terrain to Halstead, so good prep hopefully.

    I've done some runs out to Aldham too, anywhere out into the sticks basically. I have always ran for the peace and solitude mainly I find it helps me clear my mind after work and wind down so I have never joined a running club but just lately I did look at a few online as I am trying to be a bit more methodical in my training but many of them seem track based, I could be wrong and that isn't really my cup of tea. I have been contemplating tipping up one night and having a look. What about you?

  • 4 miles done tonight easy! As expected though. Feels like I'm so much fitter and stronger image

    Damn garmin was flat so went out nakedimage

    Maybe the stupidity paid off with the off road marathonimage hopefully time will tell how much I've gained.

    7 2moro is going to be a struggle as its club night, might be closer to 6 by the time we are done image
  • I'm cheating tomorrow! Got the day off work, so 7 should be easy! I hate it when garmin goes flat... Doesn't tell u before unless ur actually running with it annoyingly!

    Oirish, I think ur right about the Colchester clubs. I couldn't join if I wanted as I don't finish work in time. I'm hoping to start my own through run England, though that will likely be a beginners club, as I want to get people off their butts and active, so save the nhs from obesity crisis... Unfortunately I checked online today and there is not access to the track otherwise, which seems a bit pants image
  • Oh, and oirish eyes, thanks for offering to help with park run- if u can send em ur contact detail (direct message if u don't wanna put in the forum) I'll pass them on to the event director to get in touch with you. We'll be taking over the Ipswich Parkrun on 16march for practise...
  • Angela - I messaged you on here with contact info image

    Well after yesterdays Hill session 7.5 miles 1:02:36 I did a bit of a faster run today, I warmed up and down on the bike so all in all quite productive as it gets my legs use to the changes in discipline between bike and run, here are the splits

    Mile 1  8:16

    Mile 2  8:00

    Mile 3  7:40

    Mile 4  8:02

    Mile 5  7:42

    Mile 6  7:46 = 48:36

    I even managed to throw in a little cross country for miles 5 and 6 image 

    Pilates tonight and 6 miles tempo tomorrow. A steady 7 Friday and then 15 mile LSRon sunday before settling down to a well deserved pint or two in front of the rugby. 

  • Many thanks for the contact deets

    I did a 7 mile run today too.... Day off, so I ran to the church as I needed to practise piano for a performance I have in 2 weeks... Still no more confident I can play the whole piece. So the run to the church was 5.5 miles, then I had to go into town to do a few things... That was 1.5 miles... Then I got a bus home (lazy and cold)

    So, forum, does this count as a 7 mile run? Given I had a 1hour break between the 5.5mile and 1.5 mile pieces?
  • Yeah it does Angela dont worry you can do split times image

    got my 7 tonight as the club training session, its getting rather nippy out so i might just have to run that bit faster to warm up image

  • good session today oirish,

    sounds like you've still got plenty left to smash the marathon  image

  • Jason - One day at a time. I have had enough bad runs sandwiched between great runs not to read too much into anything anymore and just take the rough with the smooth. Overall it is going well but running has a nasty habit of nipping ya on the bum when you get ahead of yourself. Makes you wonder why we do it sometimes image

    Angela my tactical answer is that is was 7 miles ran but not nessacarily a 7 mile run but it is all miles in the bank image



  • 6 miles done tonight session was a tough one!

    400m sprints with 400 recovery then 800 sprints with 400 recovery repeated 3 times then 1200 sprint finish. Pace was 6.24 average and it was bloody freezing when the wind was in your face image

    All in all a good session, looks like the marathon training is paying off image
  • Ello Ello, phew I got tired reading about ur club run Jason! I had my easy 4 tonight and did a new route along the avenue of rememberance.... Dark! But I had my head torch, tho its getting a bit dim. I didn't manage to stick to stupidly easy pace, and just ran to feel- bang on even pacing again.

    Just keep getting better image

    Only thing is my left lower leg is giving me problems again... Better get on the stretch and roller....
  • Feeling very smug I've already done 15 miles this week image
  • Morning all, 

    only managed 2 last night image went out totaly un-prepared for the cold with a friend and felt completely drained by the first mile!!

    on another sob story ive got a lump on the outside of my foot now image. think it happend after the marathon! its just down from the little toe, and googled it and could be the 5th metatasal bone but its not that painful to run on image.

    glad to be resting today image

  • Yipeeee! I did my 7 mile run- was aiming for 8:56 pace as that's my target for Colchester half... I actually couldn't keep it that slow until the last mile and ended up averaging at about 8:45- I actually think I managed my 10k pb (just) in this run, though I can't be sure- wish I could find a 10k local enough that I can just go and test that theory out, but here's my splits:

    Mile 1: 8:39

    Mile 2: 8:49

    Mile 3: 8:31

    Mile 4: 8:52 ( had to stop the garmin at a particularly long wait traffic lights, and had a few roads to cross, this messed with pacing for this mile

    Mile 5: 8:47

    Mile 6: 8:47

    Mile 7: 8:50 - trying to make the distance up before having to stop for traffic lights so lots of turning around in this mile, shame because had it been straight and flat out I really would have pushed it.

    Put some extra kt tape on my lower leg before the run and it seems to have helped... I think one more piece on the inside will make sure i can get thru tomorrows long one!
  • So i wont be able to go out today and do the 7!

    foots playing up still and the lumps not bigger but still painful to touch sometimes.

    another nights rest wont hurt i thinksimage

    got XC 2moro so hopefully its alright in the morning. also doing a training run straight after, in the region of 10 miles so getting lots in 2moro if i can manage it. also supposed to be using some gels to see if i can handle them aswell.

  • Oh no Jason, that doesn't sound good- can someone in ur club recommend a physio or a podiatrist perhaps?
  • done as much research as i can on the foot etc, but cant quite determine what it is image

    looks like a trip to a specialist will have to do, ill ask around 2moro after the XC and see what i can do.

    good session btw angela sounds like you managed it no problemimage hopefully the legs not playing you up too much. is it something that can be stretched out? or foam rolled?

  • I think u really should go and see someone-they'll hopefully give u a plan that will get u to the marathon in good shape,

    With my leg, it's fine when I get going, but tightens up after running, so yes I think a lot of stretching and foam rolling is the answer. I think what happened is that I developed a new running style to off load my calf, unfortunately those muscles aren't strong enough for marathon mileage, so now my calf is healed I need to switch it back on again- that's where the tape comes in- seems to have worked as I out it on the outside of the lower leg this morning- that was really painful after Thursdays run, but today it's fine. Today I just have some tightness on the inside of the leg just above the ankle. If tape doesn't work, I'm going to the physio this week! image
  • Sorry to hear about your foot Jason, definitely sounds like something that needs a professional assessment. A couple of years ago I broke my foot which went undiagnosed which gave me a wealth of problems with my achilles as all the muscles were acting as a "cast". It took me a year before I got full flexibility back and the first few steps out of bed each morning are still stiff and sore. 

    It may be something or nothing but knowledge is power. 

    I did a 14 mile LSR today and my aims were:

    Get a grip with slow miling and keep down my pace. Aiming for 9:30+

    Try out High 5 gels and fluid intake.

    Sweat out this bloody head cold I have felt rough since thursday night..

    I am well chuffed, the gels went well, I had one around 7.5 miles, I took two out with me but didn't feel the need for it. Washed it down with a bottle of water which I had with me, the first time I have ever felt comfortable carrying a bottle, it drives me nuts normally.

    As for pace it came out at 14.6 @ 9:32 avg with no mile more or less 10 secs off 9:30. I felt superb throughout and considered inserting the odd quicker mile or going further but kept disciplined and just concentrated on pacing to satisfy myself I had nailed it. I think I may try a few higher tempo miles towards the end next week.

    I had a lot left in the tank when I had finished and a few stretches and I was fine. I took a lot of confidence from that and I am anticipating a good weeks training ahead now rather than thinking thank god that weeks over like I do normally.









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