Fink for outlaw 2013



  • a lot of the unofficial ironman distances aren#t run under BTF rules and so can make their own rules.......

    I know the one is scotland last week was only 10 degrees and went ahead and allowed booties etc........

    Enduroman will allow booties but it is a shallow lake and will be fine in a fortnight.....the kids are swimming in their already in swim suits.....

    for those strugglingling..just give yourself time to get used to it prior to the race...if you are still struggling then do breast stroke.....anything to get you moving and buy yourself time.and double swim hats

  • just realised the bwlch is 545m and we turned from the summit on a different road that went even higher.......not sure how haqndy that was for outlaw training

  • Guys stop panicking about the swim! The water is unseasonably cold at the moment if you are having difficulties do more! Its still a long time till outlaw to get the experirnce and endurance in the weathers perking up temps will come up and it will get easier 

  • Just getting geared up for my first century.

    Im in awe of everyone's training, I've managed bugger all for weeks. I need my head sorting out image

    I wonder if you can condense fink into 6 weeks image

  • Matt.........I have done hardly anything since the DIY weekend.....yesterday was me kickstarting my training back into focus..........

    so i am all dressed up for a run...going to run the 7 miles ( slowly) to the start of my club race and then i will walk to my marshalling point........luckily my marshalling point is not on the top of the mountain...just one of the first levels up.....

    OW swimming in the river tomorrow morning....


    have a great ride today.........i was out so long yesterday .luckily my OH is understanding about the demands and made everyone dinner whilst i was out and did the school visit and the hockey club taxiing twice......and sorted out the washing :0

     his turn to race today whilst i marshallimage

  • Have sacrificed my long bike ride and just done 4th open water swim in a week. breathing still raspy and out of breath, did a 750m loop but 90% breaststroke. Took 23mins. If I can speed the breaststoke up I might dip in under the hour for outlaw half but the full is obviously a problem.

    Tomorrow I shall swim in wetsuit in (heated) outdoor pool and see if thats ok and wednesday I'm going to do 750m loop again alternating 30 strokes of fc and bsimage

  • IronbawsIronbaws ✭✭✭

    Have been hit with a horrible lurgy that has put me off training since Tuesday. I can barely walk the length of myself at the moment, so odds are I'll have lost a week of training just when it's most important! Having a crisis of confidence at the moment image

  • Les boules - if you've been training consistently and getting the long sessions in until now the week off won't do you any harm, in fact you'll come back all refreshed ready to push the limits for the final few weeks!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • IronbawsIronbaws ✭✭✭

    Thanks LMH, I hope so. Training has been okay up to now. Running has been hit by achilles problems but am trying to cross train through it. Have managed about 3 cycles of 6hrs + with my longest ride of 90 miles a few weeks ago. Hate missing so much training though, and haven't managed to brave OW swimming yet. I'm dreading getting out into the OW

  • les boules.....think positively about open really is magical once you relax and learn to enjoy it......... seem to be really working on your swimming it will get easier honest.......

  • IronbawsIronbaws ✭✭✭

    Cheers Seren. Sounds like your training is going well image

  • just getting back on course......I seem to need breaks.must be my age

  • I had my bike serviced on Friday, so 2 weeks before the half. Haven't tried it yet though but it does look shiny cleanimage

    Thanks Seren. I am trying as the only other alternative is to pull out or miss the cut off and that would really p..s me off after all the hard work I've put in. It's so annoying, I get about 100m and am just out of breath, then the distances between being out of breath gets shorter and my breathing is really raspyimage

    I also need more rest than fink allows and I'm sure its ageimage My poor body wouldn't notice a 1 hour cut back week so I cut back by about 6 hours!!!

  • Another century ride in the bag for me today - no wind today so a faster pace. All aero so had to stand and stretch back out a bit on the way back.

    I seem to take loads of food compared to others on here - 4 slices of malt loaf, 3 cereal bars (Eat Natural), one banana, one High5 gel (with caffeine) and two 750ml of High 5. I still get home starving!

    Going to Manchester Velodrome next Sunday so an enforced cut back week next week for me image ...

    Lost a bit of mojo last week when my long run was merely a hobble, but feel a bit better today - cut out a couple of sessions last week and feel better for it, I think.


  • Les boules - with bike miles like that in the bank you'll be fine - you'll have plenty of time to do the run.

    EP - It's not recommend to take ibuprofen during exercise - you'd be better off working out why things ache like that and eliminating the cause - whether poor position or fatigue - just like you've mostly fixed your neck ache by changing the position of your arms. How far did you ride today?

    Britrisky - sounds like a great, confidence giving ride. If your system copes ok with the food then enjoy it!

    Seren - you were putting in a mega amount of training - not surprised you needed a bit of a break to absorb it all.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • yes LMH.......mainly on the bike.....I have to remmber the running....I want a PB at Outlaw.but i also have IMW in my sights as I cannot miss that bike cutoff again......image


    Britsky..great riding.those century rides do help with sorting out nutrition and giving the confidence.....image

  • need to talk to hubby and explain that for the next 7 weeks he is on his own......he has to take the bulk of all work and your focus is on training.....after Outlaw you will take the bigger burden of responsibilities..don't ask....tell.....

    he agreed to you doing has to come first for the next few weeks so you can concentrate on giving it your best chance....

     and the sun has shone all weekend......image

  • The better shape you come off that bike in Seren the better run you'll have - you have time to build it a little yet.

    That's really good EP. Knee pain on the bike is often attributed to your saddle being a little low - may be worth trying an adjustment. The more consistently you do the easier it will feel and the quicker the recovery.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I'm with you there Seren and it makes a big difference. My husband gets up really early with me to come on my long bike rides but he only does half because he knows he has to walk the dog and cut the grass etc. He also gets up really early on weekends to stand around watching me wibble in open water and has to walk to and from station sometimes because I'm on a bike somewhere or running!! He even puts up with less than perfect housework image but it all makes training easier.

  • i had to phone my hubby yesterday to tell him not to have a drink incase i needed picking up......I wasn't home till lateimage

    the house is in a state but they all know in the house what it means to me..image

  • Les boules wrote (see)

    Have been hit with a horrible lurgy that has put me off training since Tuesday. I can barely walk the length of myself at the moment, so odds are I'll have lost a week of training just when it's most important! Having a crisis of confidence at the moment image

    I'm giving you my evil stare at the moment, and well you know it!!!!!!  You WILL be fine, and you know of you had to you'll have time to walk the entire marathon.  I very much doubt you'll need to though - just look how much running you managed at the DIY Half - all of it!!!  Panic not.  Get well, and you'll get back to the training.

    If it makes anyone feel better, i'm only doing the marathon (in a relay) and i bailed after 5.4 miles on my 16 mile run today because I just couldn't run without struggling to breath. Think I might be slighty anemic because i've been sleeping LOADS lately, had absolutely feck all energy, and had a bit of a midweek stomach issue. So I had beef for dinner, in the hope that will help!  Going to try and do the remaining 11 miles tomorrow, but will see how I get on.  Bit worrying, but i'll just keep plodding on and hope for the best image

    Well done to everyone though, I've read back a bit, and despite the worrying, you're all getting some fab training in image

  • Seren, have also had hubby on standby in case I've needed a lift home, but mine doesn't drinkimageimage very useful

  • mine doesn't drink much but he usually does a long run Saturday morning so has a bottle of wine saturday late afternoon.............but I knicked the saturday training spot so he did his run this morning...he is between marathon training shedules at the moment so is more flexible....image

  • I can't even tell him that it will be ok after Outlaw as I will be back out to train for IMW.......but i have got my mam to look after the boys next sunday so i can take hubby out on a long bike ride......might have to keep it to around 70 miles as he's not been on the bike much but he did the DIY Half ironman a fortnight ago no problems

  • I will admit I had a bad spell today where I was considering pulling out of outlaw. I've had real head problems this year. I have no idea why, from since march I've done so little. My running has always been poor, but its got worse. 

    I lost what little Mojo I once had, and can't get it back. I think I'm in a bout of depression Again. 

    I think I'll make the start line of outlaw. Then see of I can make it to the finish, but will leave my final decision until after outlaw half. 

    The big worry from today is a very sore knee. The outside of my left knee, (I think it's ITB area?) was really sore from 60 miles onwards. I think running will be a struggle if it happens at the real deal

  • It does help when your other halfs also want to do some exercise aswell.

    Matt - hope you sort the knee out. Physio/foam roller any use

    As for mojo, I have found a 30 week training plan quite difficult at times. Every day seems to be dictating to you, rather than just popping out for fun - not that that helps at all. Sorryimage

  • Matt, have you adjusted your cleats lately (e.g new shoes) or had a fall where they might have moved? Or have you changed bike set up? That could affect your knee If tracking has changed at all. Give the ITB a good stretch anyway.

    these training programs are knackering, so make sure you'e not overtrained or in need of an extra rest day or twO. That can make you feel mentally shit.  You've done a massive ride today though, so take the positives from that. Don't make any hasty decisions about not doing the full Outlaw either,  you might feel like it is a goner sometimes, but that isn't necessarily the case.  The training is hard, don't forget that, or let it cloud the end goal

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