2013 Marathon Thread



  • Gym for stretching then a 2.5 mile recovery run that turned into 4 miles of xc, pace and hills. Hmmm. Body felt better though!


    Keep safe and niggle free boys and girls!

  • Jason great stats for your week as per usual

    Stewart C nice stats for you too

    Tek, nice to do get an little easy run in

    NN well doen on your intervals, a bit over indulgance doesnt hurt now and again image

    SM6 enjoynthe rest and recovery image

    Fiona nice easy 8, hope the creaks disappear before your next run

    9 m for me at 8.24 this evening, took ot fairly easy for the first 5 then pushed a little, shorter and faster tomorrow, work permitting
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    NP, nice swim, I'm beginning to understand what marathon training/running can take out of you both mentally and physically, take your time deciding on what you want to do, they do say a change is as good as a rest

    Jason, great stats again well done on that super long run

    OH, rest up and get well soon

    Tek, a nice recovery run,

    NN, a great set of intervals a very tough session on your own, well done

    SM, thanks for the heads up re Lochaber, the schools break up on the 4th so perfect for me too image hope the calf is feeling better and the hangover has cleared;)

    Fiona, hope you feeling a little less creaky today nice 8 mile run

    MG, great running from you, enjoy the quick run today


    After racing the last two weekends I've not managed to get in a decent long run for what seem ages so the plan this week is to run easy and get a 20 mile run in on Sunday, I managed to get out last night before picking up the other half from work, happy to report that all was well apart from some HR drift,

    Stats: 11.37mi, 1:55:25, 10:09mm, 144(76%)

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN well done on the intervals - good to blow away the cobwebs! image

    Stuart hope the calf is better today.  Good that Lochaber fits in well next year.

    HM hope you're enjoying the warmer weatherimage

    Fiona nice easy 8m last night

    IJ nice 4 miler and gym work

    MG well done on the progressive 9m

    Stewart well done on the 11.37m last night.


    Club sandwich of 12.67m this morning, all easy.  I'm off to pack now - I've booked a 5 day trail running holiday in the Austrian Alps.image  The schedule looks like 2 to 3 hours per day of running up mountain trails (and getting the ski lift back down again).image  I've also skilfully avoided being home for the GCSE results...

  • Fiona,

    I wish.  We can't do too much in 1 go because of 'managing' where the cat goes.  However hopefully Chris will be glossing 2 rooms now I've preped them.  I'd really like to put her in a cattery for a couple of days and get everything done quickly but we think it would stress her out too much as she doesn't like being shut away anywhere.


    Going down in a chair lift is weird especially if you've never done that before.  Where abouts in Austria is it based?


    Well done on everyone's training.


  • OH- hope you are feeling betterimage

    NN- good punishing! Lol! image

    Fiona- hoping the creaks don't amount to anything....Nice 8mimage

    NP- is Egypt going to be ok, never mind running???image

    Tek- nice running. Enjoy the break image

    Stewart- nice run, good luckwith the 20image

    MG1- nice run- hope work doesn't get in the way...

    IJ- good to have a blast at timesimage

    5.7m recovery run this morning. This afternoon was tougher- 30 mins at 6.11 av followed by 10 x 400s at 5.45 pace with 200m recoveries. 1m warm up/ down either side. Could definitely feel Sunday's 24 and yesterday's sports massage- all good though image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Stewart and Teknik nice MLRs.

    That's a speedy session on tired legs Jason, well done.

    Can totally relate to that HM4, they get into everything but it's worth taking your time if you don't have to upset her. image My cat Beanie looks exactly the same as your cat!

    MG1 hope you got out today.

    5m easy this morning. Felt so much better after it, shattered before I started (well it was 6am). Then 8.85m tonight including 2 lots each of 3 minutes, 4 minutes and 5 minutes each with 4 min recovery. Must get faster!! image


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    NN nice punishment with the intervalsimage know what you mean about over indulgence.

    SM6 ditto image

    HM4 are you getting any miles in?

    Fiona nice 8 miles yesterday hope the creaks have been oiled? I'm coming over to Glasgow on Friday for a mates wedding and might try and do the Glasgow park runimage.

    MG1 Nice running with your 9 miles.

    SC great running enjoy your 20 mile run.

    Teknik great running enjoy your running holiday.

    Jason another fantastic days training glad everything is all good with you at this stage. As for Egypt I'm keeping a close eye on whats going on the god thing is we are miles away from where the trouble has been so far.

    Ok another year older but not wiser image inter club race tonight first 6 to count, I thought I would be 6th from the club but was mile away from that, no endurance and went out far to fast at the start stats: 1) 1m - 5:25, 2) 1m - 5:53, 3) 1m - 6:23, 4) 1m - 6:51, 5) 0.99m - 6:56. 

    Need to work on the endurance side of things and run some miles slowly.







  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Fiona cross post great double session for the dayimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Still a fast run NP. Endurance and slow miles....sounds a bit like marathon training! image


  • Yep, marathon training is what you need, NPimage With a sub 3.20 target....

  • Stewart C well done on your 11 , glad it was okay

    Tek good run earlier, enjoy the hill and mountain work image

    HM4 glad to hear you are looking after the moggy image

    Jason great running again, awesome pace for the intervals!

    0.5 m warm up then 4 mile tempo at 7.10 av then 0.5 run back to the gym, all good , was a little humid and warm
  • Tuesday's 6 miles "efforts" became 9.4 miles including some fast fartlek - chasing people ahead, sometimes at 5 or 6 minute miling. Ouch!

    it was a good method - club steady run, but after 2, 3 and 4 miles, aim for a couple of runners 150-200 yards ahead. Push pace to catch them within half a mile, and then stay with them before chasing the next couple. Great mix of speedwork and endurance, and good at scaring the slightly faster people in the club!


  • MG1- well done!

    IJ- nothing like keeping to a plan image

  • Plan is now booked into the physio tomorrow as my sciatica (left) is a pain in the arse and my calf (right) feels like it's torn and the achilles (right) is as tight as a traffic warden's sense of humour.

    Still going to try my LSR tonight - see how it hurts when running slowly / steadily!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM it's in Kitzbuehel, in the Tirol.image

    Jason ouch tough session  - MP then intervalsimage!!! Well done

    Fiona nice easy 5m and well done on the evening speed session

    NP still a fast run !  Need to get the miles back in again

    MG nice tempo run in the heatimage

    IJ nice club run - but I think you need to take a day off and wait for the Fizzimage


    Recovery week for me (I'm not going to bang out 70 miles uphill!), so this morning's maraHR run was cut to 5 miles.  Ran with a 80%max lid and hit 7:43mmimage.  Now off to Gatwickimage

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Tek, well done with the club sandwhich, enjoy your running holiday, I'm sure you will love it

    Jason, another great set of intervals,

    Fiona, a great set of doubles and a speedy pyrimid session

    NP, still decent split times for your club race, the above comments about marathon training made me chuckle image

    MG, nice pace for your tempo run last night

    IJ, sounds like a tough session, glad you enjoyed it


    4 miles easy with JS last night, HR is still a little elevated but not overly concerned, plan to do another mlr this evening probably around 12 miles

  • Have been skiing in  kitzbuhel Tek.... It's a lovely  area. Enjoy Tek.

    back to doctors this morning after swollen glands, headaches, rashes and no sleep. More infections basically and another week of antibiotics....

  • sorry to hear that AGF, get well soon!

  • Thank you IJ.


    i will be back.... (Hopefully stronger.... PMA)

  • NP,

    Ermm .... No not at the mo.  TBH I'm enjoying the break however I'm hoping to get out on Monday.


    I don't think anyone else would have her!  She was found wet and chuked in a plastic bag and then rehomed with a work colleague of Chris' however she beat up their elder cat and was with them for about a week or 2 & they had to keep her in a pen to protect their older cat.  Needless to say about 6 years on she's really happy in a single cat home.


    Oh nice.  If you go to a town the other side of Kitzbuehel Horn (St Johann) they have lots of bars and use to hold the reputation of having more bars than St Anton which was meant to be the apres ski mecca. If you're not into that then St Johann did have plenty of pretty buildings to look at.


    Hope that sorts things out.


    Well done on everyone's training.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jason great training mate, lol great try but next yearimage.

    MG1 nice session.

    IJ sounds like me first thing in the morning getting out of bed with aches and painsimage hope the long run is ok.

    Teknik nice running enjoy your trip and running.

    SC nice running enjoy your 12 mile run.

    AGF sorry to hear your no better mate fingers crossed your back to normal soon.

    HM4 Sorry to hear your not getting out in the good weather.

    Just over 7.5 miles tonight, legs heavy after last nights race.








  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Evening all, good to see the consistency from everyone, well done all.

    Been plugging away here but having got over a groin and wrist sprain i've ended up with a bit of a problem on the top of my foot, probably something to do with changing shoes from Asics 1170 to the new model  GT1000's (which i think are a bit narrower) so had a bit of a rest and back at it today. All ok on this morning's run so finally turning a corner it seemed ....

    Then this afternoon while working on my chicken coop/run image i had a bit of a slip with the handsaw and spent 3 hours in A&E ... they temp sutured it and i'm back tomorrow for an op to repair damaged tendon in my hand image

    Topped the day off by toppling a pot of black gloss on the patio !!! image


  • calf hurt for the first two miles, then was absolutely fine. I think. Painful knee the other side took over my attention! Probably caused by compensation running, but overall it was bearable and I managed a fairly slow but very steady 10.6 miles.

    9:39, 9:37, 9:46, 9:44, 9:35, 9:37, 9:36, 9:35, 9:32, 9:30, 9:33.


    Good accident prone day, Mace; take care matey!

  • IJ hope the legs / injury are ok

    Tek nice little 5 on the cutback week

    StewartC nice run yesterday, hope tthe 12 has gone well

    AGF hope you are back to full health soon

    HM4 sounds like your moggy deserved a good home, she loos like one of ours

    NP well done on tonights run,

    Mace hope the various injuries are ok - ouch!

    Good 6 m tonight at 8.28, first 2 warm up then 4 at M goal pace. Boot camp and training tomorrow image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Good faster stuff last night MG1 and IJ.

    Fat MP run Teknik, have a great holiday! image Nice MP run tonight MG1.

    Stewart hope you are feeling ok and that the elevated HR not a sign of cold/flu? image

    AGF get well soon. Maybe not do too much until you feel properly better? Not easy.

    HM4 make the most of summer image image it's a long time dark and cold! image I think Beanie would be the same as your puss-cat, she's a bit of a thug!

    mace that's terrible! Hope you are not kept in/in plaster/on drugs for long. Take care. I have toyed with getting poultry - not now!! image

    NP know how you feel and I didn't even race! On Monday legs were shattered but after yesterday's 2 runs they feel fine. 8 easy miles tonight and all well (apart from blisters image but that's just surface) Hope you feel recovered tomorrow. image



  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Tek, good pace for only 80%, enjoy the cutback although I bet there may be a few hilly runs to make up for the lack of miles

    AGF, get well soon mate you have been really unlucky with illness lately

    IJ, hope the niggles get sorted soon,

    HM, glad you're enjoying your break from running,

    NP, nice recovery run, I'm sure the legs will be back to normal in no time

    Mace, talk about being unlucky, hope the damage to the hand isn't too serious

    MG, nice MP run, looking good sir


    12 miles for me tonight, with some inclines in the first 5 miles, happy I kept the HR around 75%

    Stats: 12.02mi,  2:07:52, 10:38mm, avgHr 143(75%) 

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭


    Fiona, touching wood no sign of either, well done with another good run, hope the blisters are not too troublesome 

  • mace ouch - hope all goes well today
    rib still sore at night but may get out for JS run this evening

    nice steady running StewartC, Fiona C, MG1, IJ, NP

    Enjoy Tyrol Tek - again some good memories for me

  • Afternoon..

    quiet here today, guess you are all working while I have been sleeping..

    Tek hope you have a great holiday, nice mara pace session you managed to get in before getting to the airport

    IJ good running in spite of the niggles

    Stuart nice 12 and low hr so soon after racing a half, super running

    AGF so sorry to see you are still soon unwell take care..big hugs to you xx

    Mace ..oh no that sounds very painful, hope things are ok and you arent in too much pain, although I have a feeling it must be agony  take care xx

    MG1 enjoy the bootcamp today

    NP heavy legs see to be the in thing this week..I have really stuggled, hope you are nice and bouncy soon

    Fiona have you got new trainers ? how come you are suffering with blisters ?

    OH take it easy, have a nice ru nhope the rib doesnt cause too much grief and hpe you arent loosing too much sleep.

    I had a fall yesterday, I was already running with very bad DOMS from a weight session (why do I always over do those sessions ?)...I tripped in a pothole and went right over on my ankle ....THE ankle that I had the tendon problem with, I felt a searing pain and sat on the road with my head in my hands thinking oh no please not again..boo hoo ( ok actually most of the words began with F , B and S image) anyway I plodded home 3 miles to fininish of a painful 11 miler and sat with foot in a bucket of ice, over night it came up like a ballon and felt painful to touch but ' different to the tendon pain, so i knew I hadnt done that in again.

    I set off very dubiously for an easy 6/7 today and although its swollen and a bit tight it doesnt hurt to run thank god, so plodded on , still got bit of DOMs pain in bum literally !! hope it ok for Sundays 10k race...think I will get the roller out


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