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  • morningimage

  • Morning All image

    Hi MC.well done on your turbo yesterday.

    My glutes are surprisingly are ok after yesterdays hill run image but decided a rest day was needed so didn't go to the gym.

    Have a good day everyone

  • Morning to you too! image

  • Evening! 5 mile run in pouring rain this evening. Did quite a good pace though.

  • morning again

    feeling a bit grotty (sore throat) and didn't sleep much so no run this morning

    have youngest one's parents evening tonight - he has promised me there will be nothing to be cross about!

  • Afternoon

    Aw Mathschick Hope you feel better soon.Take care and good luck with parents evening.

    Well done on your rainy fast paced run image

    Weights and interval training this morning

    off out on a rainy doggy walk now

  • Hi all

    sorry lost track again but will catch up. No running for me yet this week as just not had time with so much homework. college tonight which I am looking forward to and hopefully less homework next week.

    I am so proud too though as Big Girl donated blood for the first time last night. She has been waiting for the last year to do it as she had to be 17. She didn't mind the needle but didn't like the finger prick test at the start.



  • Well done to your Big Girl Ecky!

    MC - hope you feel better soon

    Hi Franny, hope you didn't get too wet.

    Just a bit of cycling for me today. Am on a taper and need to stop eating so much!

  • Afternoon

    Ecky..well done to your girlie. Sounds like your a busy little bee.

    Chilli.well done on your cycling yesterday and try to enjoy the tapering.

    Mathschick.How are you? Hope your  not feeling too rough.

    Just under the 7 miles for me today at a fairly briskish pace.

    Have a nice day everyone.image

  • Hi all, sorry did post earlier but then it disappeared and I had to go to work.

    I don't seem to have stopped for breath since the kids went back to school in Sept. Thanks too, I was really proud of her for doing something good for others although the other 2 panicked that they have to give their blood too. I reassure them that its a personal choice and they seemed to be okay with that.

    Chilli, I cant stop eating either but I don't have the training as an excuse.

    Mathschick I hope you are feeling a bit better today.

    Fitcamp for me tonight and a big kick up the Bum regarding my diet as I'm just piling on the pounds again

  • ecky - well done to your big girl for giving blood

    I still have a sore throat so haven't run or anything today

    little one's parents evening went wellimage

    mega busy day at school today so just going to chill a bit tonight I think

  • Hi Mathschick, make sure you get some rest. I'm glad your parents evening went well.

    Fitcamp for me tonight which I really enjoyed as we did lots of running.

  • Morning everyone

    Well done on Fitcamp Ecky

    Mathschick Hope your feeling better today and pleased your little un's parents evening went well.

    Went to gym this morning and going to go and try a track session with the club tonight.


    Have a good day everyone whatever you are all up to or wherever you all are hiding.


  • Morning! Off to pilates class

  • Morning,

    Been busy sorry....

    2 runs this week + boot camp. Still having problems with my shin splints and calf!!! Really annoying but I can still run & can't rest until Saturday week when I do my 4th Marathon- a nice hilly one.

    Hopefully I survive unscatehed from a club run tomorrow and a hilly run on Sunday.

    Trust everyone is well?

  • Afternoon all, also been quite busy.  Can't think what I spend all my time on actually.

    AF, doing a marathon on shin splints is rather risky!  Are you icing them in the meantime?

    I've been ramping up my mileage, hovering around 40m per week at the moment.  Not that I seem to get any faster....possibly been eating too much of my own baking image.


  • Afternoon image  I don't know if I told you all that I was starting a walking group up for local people to get them up and moving, well we have been running for a few weeks now and although its a completely free group its been hard to get people interested. I was so happy this morning that 8 people turned up and we had the loveliest walk as the weather was great. I think they are a bit shocked that we have so many lovely areas as mots of the time we don't get to see them.

    Hi Franny, sounds like you are training really well at the moment.

    Enjoy pilates Chilli.

    Hi Boss, please be careful though as you know that's what you would be saying to us.

    Hi Louise, mmmmmmm what cakes have you got?


  • Hiya Ecky..I love walking image I am sure your group will grow.

    AF..yes take it easy with your shin splints.

    louise Your mileage is great. Min eon the otherhand is way down at the moment BUT its good to rest isn't it ????/

    Blimmin miserable here so am being a wimp and ducking out of track training. Don't fancy it in this weather if its my 1st time

  • ecky - I am glad people turned up for your walking group - a great idea

    boss - be careful with those shin splints

    still got a sore throat but otherwise ok. Going to go to swimming tonight and if that is ok I might run in the morning, or just leave it till Saturday and call it a week off!

  • I have already done one marathon with shin splints in my left leg! Strapped it up & was ok.It has moved from my left leg to right leg! Funnily enough once I get going it is ok after a few minutes running. it hurts more if I am walking in my work shoes than running in my trainers!

  • Boss!!! Be careful !
  • Zumba'd tonight n my Zum has been truly Aaahd image
  • Franny I don't blame you as track is hard enough when its dry.

    Thanks too, the walking group is so much fun. I cant believe though that I'm already thinking of organising a Christmas walk with Mince pies, doesn't seem right.

    Hiya Loula, did you enjoy your Shakey Shakey of da Bootey. I did love Zumba.

    Running club for me tonight and hill reps. Legs are killing me.

  • Morning all!

    Well done on all your walking, running, gym sessions, pilates, cycling, zumbaring etc!

    We had a lovely holiday in Greece and even though the weather wasn't brilliant we managed 3 afternoons swimming in the sea. Drove lots of miles and saw some interesting and beautiful places and all on a shoestring...image 

    Anyway, just did a little run while away (beside the beach in Thasos) and managed to hurt my calf (I can't seem to run at all lately without injuring myself!!) Hopefully, it's nothing serious.

    Absolutely pouring with rain here today so I'm gonna have trouble drying the 5 loads of washing I have to do....image

    Always good to be back home though.image


  • Jude..nice to have you back and glad you had a nice holiday even though the weather wasn't the hottest. Hope your calf is okay and not serious so as you can continue your running.

    Hi Loula...zumba girl. When is your next event sis?

    Ecky Hill repeats are evil but GOOD ha ha

    Mathschick Hope your feeling better.

    AF..Out running wiv da ladeez today ???? Yiur bootcamp pic on FB was good. is that what you do there??? Looks like blimmin hard work but fun. LOULAAAAAAAAAAAA sis check it out...nakey torso on the boss's FB page imageimage

    5 early miles for me this morning all done an dusted image Feeling all smug..Got work later after having my 10 days of freedom..sooooooooooooo not looking forward to it.


  • Franny-You know that wasn't really me I am far better looking and of course younger!! Boot camp is hard work and have done some of that stuff. 10.78 miles with the ladies this morning and finished the last  mile in 7.00 and shin splints were virtually pain free. 9 miles on the hills on Sunday to prepare for Beechy Head Marathon.

    Loula-Good to here from you. Are you still being naughty all of the time???

    Ecky-You hill repeats are good. Hard work but make yous trong.

    MC-How are you today?

    Jude-Good to have you back and pleased you had a nice holdiay. Hopefully your cast gets better.

    Oh by the way I entered another marathon last night. The Portsmouth Coastal Marathon on 21/12. Which I am looking forward to and as I cross the finish line I will have those immortal words of Noddy Holder in my head "IT'S CHRISTMAS" and then I can eat and drink and be merry for a few days.

    It's Friday hope everyone has  a ncei weekend.

  • AF - I looked at that marathon as I'll be in England then and it's so close to the IOW but when I mentioned it to my parents they said we would be far too busy with Christmas things!!! Looks like I wouldn't have been able to do the necessary training again anyway! It has a time limit as well, doesn't it? because of the tides.  That would have been worrying for me too as if/when I ever do a marathon it's gonna take a very long time! Anyway, hope you have fun!

    Hi Franny! Well done on your 5 miles.

    Well, I've dyed my hair and it's very dark.  I feel like a member of the Adams family.......image Rain has stopped but won't chance a run today as calf feels tender still.  Maybe tomorrow.....

    Have a good weekend guys. xx

  • Didn't know it had a time limit Jude! Slight panic there for the moment! Looked it up & it is 5 1/2 hours so ok.Depending on the weather I am hoping to go sub 4 & help my friend get her 1 st sub 4 hours a few weeks after she turns 50. If it is windy that plan may be thrown out of the window! Come & watch Jude and say hello!

  • AF - Yep, 5 1/2 hours would certainly be no problem for you but might have been for me, lol!image If parents are unwilling to take me I can't get there as public tranport is terrible on the IOW and Ryde (the harbour to get to Portsmouth) is a long way from where my parents live. 

  • Evening everyone

    Jude - sounds like a lovely holiday image

    Parkrun this morning, painting our downstairs toilet this afternoon. Harvest Festival at church tomorrow image

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