Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Hi Jude, glad you had a lovely holiday.

    I agree boss although I didn't feel it at the time image. You sure do have the Marathon bug now.

    Hi Chilli.

    Well I seem to have agreed to a Wolf Run with my fitcamp. I do think I need another challenge though. I did panic a bit when it said in the site there is a risk of death.


  • ecky what on earth is a wolf run?


  • Evening

    I think I will have to look up wolfrun too!

    5 miles this morning. Tapering well, but eating too many homemade chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin cakes image

  • Morning. Pumpkin cake sounds nice chili. Hope you are all ready for your ultra. I still have a horrible sore throat so haven't been doing much apart from catching up on marking and school stuff

  • Morning image

    6.5 miles of rolling hills this morning image

    Chili Oooooooooooooooo not long till your ultra now and you are gonna be fab.

    Mathschick...Aw you are still feeling poorly. Hope you feel better v soon.

    Have a good day y'all image

  • Morning all.  Recovered from a couple of days of migraine - the aura only lasts half an hour but the after effects seem to be more like 48 hours image.  I'd had a good couple of weeks of being disciplined, and was probably pushing a bit too hard in my hills session - result - migraine.  Annoying.  Always trying to find the balance between trying hard enough to improve / going slightly over the top = injury of some sort. 

    One good thing though - my two sets (!) of physio seem to be paying off.  Ankle / pelvic I am seeing an osteopath who seems to be helping with that, and shoulder a normal physio who thinks he can give me a 90-95% rehab without surgery, which is great news.  Started the exercises today.  So maybe swimming will be possible again eventually image.

    Yesterday was a total rest day, tonight back to intervals.  Probably in the rain...

    Franny, sounds like you are going well with the training?

    MC, sorry to hear about the sore throat.



  • Afternoon,

    Chilli-What ultra are you doing & when is it? 

    Louise-Sounds like the physio is working for you. 

    MC-Hope you feel better today.

    Franny-Well done on your rolling hills.

    I did a hilly 10 miler on Sunday and am now taking it easy before Saturdays race. So 5.5 miles this morning + boot camp and then just another 4-5 miler on Tursday as my race is on Saturday. Hope the weather cheers up- don't mind a bit of rain but would rather do the race in non wet conditions!! Going to be a tad slippery as well & I think it is my turn to fall over!!!!  

  • Hi all

    Mathschick a Wolf run is just one of those adventure races with hay bales and lakes and stuff. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing by agreeing to it image Sorry to hear you are still feeling rough.

    Hi Chilli, ooooh Pumpkin cake sounds lovely.

    Hi Louise, poor you with the migraine. I have never had one but my Son suffers terribly and has to have the day off school after as they wipe him out.

    Well I must say I had an interesting couple of days. I supported my friend at the Great Birmingham HM which was brilliant. She ran with Trev the Teddy and even got to go on a local radio phone in. They thought the story was so good they invited us both to the Radio studio yesterday to do an interview which was amazing. It took me a while to come back down to earth.






  • Sorry Boss, well done on your run. Are you excited about your race.

  • ecky - well done to your friend and exciting about the radio interview

  • Well done Ecky.........................how exciting and great that Trev did the HM image and is raising awareness of the Histio image Great pictures image

    Louise...Glad your feeling better now your migraine is gone. enjoy your intervals.

    AF...well done on your hilly 10 miler and pray that that the weather dries up so that its not too muddy on Saturday for your race. Did I read that you have signed up for another marathon and helping someone get their sub 4...You are a hero image

    Having a bit of a lazyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee afternoon...lol

  • Evening!

    Ecky - really good news! Well done to all of you.

    AF - I am also hoping it dries up for the weekend!

    Have been working every evening for the past 2 weeks and haven't been in bed before midnight, usually nearer 1am. But am not working out of the home any evening for the rest of the week (although might need to do a visit on Friday). So I have set the alarm on my phone for 11pm to warn me it's time to go to bed. Need to be at my best for the Ultra.

  • Only 1 day and I missed so much news!

    Louise - great to hear your physio is helping.

    Franny - Can't imagine you being lazy!!

    MC - get well soon and don't work too hard.

    Ecky - Lovely pictures and fantastic about the interview!

    AF - well done on all your training. Good luck for Saturday!

    Chili - Gosh you are working hard! Don't overdo it!

    Well I started at the 'fitness room' last night with my sister-in-law. 3x a week for a month for a tenner, can't be bad! And you get individual attention from a trainer! So I did some treadmill and some bike and some weights!!! Didn't ever see myself in a gym but it was good fun and I don't ache this morning (yet!).  imageSwimming tonight. Trying to take my mind off work!image


  • Franny-Yes have entered the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon- whether that will be the one when I get my friend udner the 4 hour barrier remains to be seen. Due to weather conditions etc and the fact that some of the race is on the beech! Have alse got a charity pace for Brighton marathon in April which is the more likely sub 4 hour race. Hopefully sub 3.50! My race on Saturday is more likely to be 5.30 as it could be windy and quite wet underfoot.

    Ecky-that is good news and well done to Trev. 

    Chilli-Take it easy and don't work too hard.So is your ultra on the weekend?

    Jude-Well done on your fitness room and enjoy the swimming tonight.

    Resting today. But, will run 5 miles tomorrow and maybe 3 on Friday.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Jude - well done at the gym

    chili - I have no idea how you can stay awake that late!

    Starting to feel better now so resting today and tomorrow I will do to swimming (and maybe a little walk/run in the morning)image


  • MC - Glad you are feeling a bit better.

    AF - How's the weather? Spoke to my mum and dad on the phone last night and there was a thunderstorm going on.  Hope it all clears up for your race.

    Just back from the pool.image

    Take it easy guys! x

  • Jude - that is a great deal!

    5 miles run this evening in the dark with my daughter cycling. Today's conversation was 'What is a gold rush?'

    I have some really exciting news. Two years ago three of us started our local parkrun. We have been shortlisted for the Mayor of London's Team London Volunteer award! image So exciting. We have to go the ceremony at the end of November to find out if we have won.

    Baking cakes tonight. Next week is our annual holiday bible club and I have to feed dozens of helpers.

  • chili - that is brilliant news, the ceremony will be fun, hope you win!

  • Morning All


    That's real exciting stuff Chilli..I hope you win too and enjoy the ceremony image

    Jude Hows the gym going ????

    Horrible rain here today so just did some crosstraining at the gym.Hoping to go to parkrun tomorrow.

    Good luck to the racers this weekend imageimageimage

  • morning

    the rain has cleared here, haven't been for a run yet, trying to persuade OH to take the kids off for a few hours so I have some time to myself

    good luck to people racing this weekend

  • Hi all!

    Well done on being shortlisted Chili! Hope you win.

    Franny - Gym's great. I went last night again. Hope you get to parkrun tomorrow and the weather clears up. 

    Swimming tonight.image

    Good luck to the racers from me too.image


  • Well done Chilli.Are you racing at the weeknd as well?

    Resting today before tomorrow's adventures on the hills!!!

    Weather forecast isn't so bad still a bit concener about the wind ontop of Beechy Hhead!!  

  • Hi AF - yes i'm racing too! image Well, more like plodding slowly to be honest. Have just done my last 5k run. Will rest tomorrow and hopefully be in tip-top shape for Sunday. If I can get myself to bed in good time I can even benefit from the extra hour sleep!

    Thanks everyone for your best wishes

  • AF - hope it went well today

    chili - good luck for tomorrow, hope the weather isn't too bad for you!

    swam this morning and took the kids out on the bikes this afternoon - got home and discovered I have a flat front tyre - must have happened on the last little bit near home, and can't find any of the puncture kits that we have! 

  • Thanks MC. It looks a bit windy but hopefully the storm won't hit until later in the day. Hope you get the tyre fixed!

    Was parkrun director today. Am running my Ultra tomorrow.

    Remember back in the spring where I had to pull out of the Outlaw half cos of a gyne hospital procedure? Well, it didn't help. Have 'managed' the problem all summer waiting for next medical step, but today the issue has flaired up the worst it has ever been. Have to admit I'm a bit worried cos if it doesn't calm down I won't be able to run 3 miles let alone 30. But I have back up and if I am too weak to manage I guess I will have my first DNF. Rocker is running and his girlfriend and my No.2 daughter are cheering us on. image

  • oh chili, sorry to hear your gyne problem has reappeared, hope you are ok for tomorrow. What has the dr suggested? Have you been back? 

  • I have an MRI scan on Wednesday for docs to decide  if I need minor surgery (off for two weeks) or major surgery (off for 6 weeks - 6months). But I first went to the doc about the problem back in January so I have no idea how long it will take to get the surgery.  I'm not too worried to be honest. But hubby worries and the girls will fret when I do go into hospital.

  • AF - Well done on your really hard marathon (I saw on facebook that you had finished). Hope you are taking it easy today!!

    Chili - Hope you have a good ultra- your first one!! And that you are able to finish.  Sorry that gyne problem is causing you problems again.

    MC - Well done on your swim and bike session.

    Well, I was meant to go to the fitness room yesterday after kids swim and music lessons but I had a private lesson so couldn't go. Actually my calf problem isn't quite mended and after the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday it hurt a lot and I was limping down the stairs so definitely better for me to rest it.  Hope it's better for Istanbul 15Km in 3 weeks as it will be my first race in 18 months and I'll be very sad to miss it (even though I'm gonna be seriously undertrained!)

    Gonna give kids piano lessons today.  Daughter has swimming training too and I may do some gardening as it's a bit of mess out there.

    Have a good day all. xx

  • Mooooorning

    Chilli good luck with your first ultra although you wont need it.((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) too. I hope you get sorted with it all.

    Well done Boss, you are amazing with a brilliant time too.

    Well not much running for me this week but hopefully a nice little plod with my best running buddy this morning. Last night Hubby and me went out for a very rare meal out as all our kids were at party's and sleepovers which is so unusual.

    I had a phone call too on Fri which was a bit of a shock in a brilliant way but I'm not allowed to reveal it to anyone yet and its killing me. Lets just say I was a bit overwhelmed at the kindness of others although I'm always overwhelmed as people have been so lovely to us over the years.

    Hi Franny, Mathschick, Louise, Loula and anyone I have missed.



  • morning 

    chili - hope you are ok to run today and that is goes well. Good luck with the mri as well

    ecky - that sounds exciting, hope you can tell us soon

    Jude - rest up and you will be fine for your 15k


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