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  • Aw Ecky I wish you were closer. As part of my antenatal classes I have 8 different kinds of baby slings and you could try them out and borrow one!

    Jude - well done on your run.

    We did parkrun this morning and I am so proud of my No.2 girl. She blasted ber PB by 71 secs to run the 5k in exactly 31mins. image She will never be fast but she is the most determined of all my girls. In our family parkrun PB's are awarded with a sausage-egg-McMuffin on the way home. image

    Thanks everyone for your concern. Today's headache has not yet turned into a migrane but I really wish it was bedtime already! image

  • That's okay Chilli image. I think I may have to rethink as Trev may be a bit too big. My friend has offered me an old Backpack that I can use to make one. I have just been out with a 9lb weight in a small backpack. Trev is only 7lb but little Ecky thought it was a good idea to use the heavier one to train and then I would find it easier on the day. I managed 15 mins but it was tough.image Ooh you must be so proud of your no2, that's brilliant. I hope your headaches stop soon too.

  • chili - well done to your girlimage determination and hard work is worth more than talent. What is causing all your headaches?

    My headteacher went on a trip to China (he is reporting back to the government on what they saw in schools there) and all the schools and classrooms have a motto on the wall that is something like 'dilligence redeems stupidity'

    they all work ridiculously hard there though and the pressure on the kids is enormous, apparently there is a really high teen suicide rate because of the pressure. It was interesting to hear what goes on there

  • Hi Loula

    Would love to do a Ridgeway run. The first day we did together began at Princes Risborough. Can you run on a Saturday? Mr Chili would be happy to look after Missy Loulabell if that suits.

    Ummm... I know this terrible but I only have three dates in the next few months image - 16th March and 4th May and 18th May... do any of those suit?

  • Evening all

    Well done Jude on your 4 miler and hope you get out tomorrow too.

    Chili..amazing PB form your girly..fantastic.

    AF..thank you will be looking out for you at mile 4.5

     then......I am managing ok without Mr Franny as Chico keeping me busy....Mr Franny has had day 1 out in the boat and caught some big fish...he is having a great time image

    Loula..thats great if you can direct flights and I wll be happy to show youa round the pentlands just not the days before my marathon LOL...if you want i could try and  see if anyone from the club would be doing a wee run you could jpin them in on the Saturday   see how you feel or what you think but even just walking around them is lovely image

    I will be having early night tonight as got to be up and ready to be out at 8am..getting picked up for the 2 hr drive to Arbroath for the  10 mile race.

  • Loula I meant get direct flights...lol..........imagine captain loula directing flights..lol...now there is a thought......image

  • good luck tomorrow franny


  • Good Luck tomorrow Franny. You will be brilliant. *goes off to look for pom poms*

    Loula, when are you doing your long run?

  • You made me splutter my peppermint tea, Franny. I can imagine loula directing flights using pink and purple paddles
  • by eck! how are you? how is moo getting on? I have been thinking of you

    lol franny! 

  • WoooHooo! Go, Go Franny!, Go, Go Franny! *twirls round with pink and purple pompoms*

  • Moo is fast asleep connected to his pump. I am wishing I could,nod off too but I have to be with it for,his feed finishing at 11pm. I'm still a bit confused about how to start it because I haven't done one yet. Mr by eck did it all tonight and I need to be able to go thru it.
  • Thank you all for your good luck wishes..I will try and do you proud

    By'eck...Glad i put a smile on your wee face..its a thought isn't it...you got it perfect pink and purple...new trend in flight directing image on a serious note i am pleased moo is tolerating the pump already and am sure you will be fine connecting it all up from start to finish...like everything it is quite easy to do once you know how..you will be a pro at it in no time at all...even the nurses have to learn all about the new ones that come along....don't worry about it.image

  • I'm surprised by how quiet it is. J thought ee would struggle to hear Lou chattering above the noise!

    All the very best to those running and racing this weekend. I am hoping to soon start gettinf back out there.
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    FrannyT wrote (see)

    Loula I meant get direct flights...lol..........imagine captain loula directing flights..lol...now there is a thought......image

    ooo thatd be great wouldnt it!!!image blimey, nobody would get anywhere they wanted-at least not via a sunny country for some tanning,jamaica for some cocktails and partaaaying and NY for some shhhhoppppinggggg!!!!! and of course paddles with diamante image my groundcrew suit would be with a natty bling belt and nike wedges - althiough im thinking id like to be cabin crew and shimmy down the aisles wiv me trolley dahhling image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    chili i def CANT do 18th May as thats when im doing NDW50 , 4th may is a tad close to it but can possibly do 16th marchimage


    I iz off up to Arbroath and looking forward to seeing a mankini man at mile 4.5...way hey....catch ya all later.

    Have a good day folks

    Oh By'eck...hope that machine stopped beeping..meant to as what one have they got him on?????


  • Morning all.

    Good luck franny!

    AF - I forgot are you racing today?

    Chili - well done to your girl for her fabulous PB.

    Just back from a 4 miler with hubby on his bike. (Didn't plan to run exactly 4 miles AGAIN but it turns out that it's 4 miles to our pear garden and back again.) Had a big Turkish breakfast and about to start piano lessons.  Have a good one everybody!


  • morning everyone

    go go go Franny

    by eck - hope you managed some sleep last night

    can't believe I slept for 10 hours! so no early morning turbo session but I think my body will thank me for it

    mmmm, a pear garden, I love pears...

  • Mornin' all....back in Dubai from my trip to Amman.  Didn't do as much running as I ought but did a 4 hour walk that included 30 mins each way of stairs - that's got to count.

    So thats Franny and AF out today??

    LLB if you like diamante everything you should spend some time in Dubai.  Bling is the thing.

  • louise - 30 mins each way of stairs is tough going! Despite all my fitness, going up the 5 flights on steps in the multistory carpark always wears me out - still quicker than waiting for the lift which is why we always take the stairs there!!

  • Afternoon all. Im just back from my run. I managed 16 miles, yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I even ran for 20 mins with my backpack on too. I did it in 3h so really pleased.

    I wonder how our racers have got on today.

    By Eck, how is our Moo today. I hope the machines didnt keep you awake too much with all the beeping.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    GO GO GO FRANNY SIS !!!!! i sent you a text hope you got it!!

    louise, when are you next in uk?

    Ecks!! well done thats fabby dooooo- go STAR GIRL!!!!image

  • ecky - well doneimage

  • Thanks Mathschick, I'm shattered now though image. Just doing a nice roast dinner and then I will be able to rest.

  • Helloooooooooooooooooooo

    I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.........I did my race in 1.27.07 much better than i expected as it was a hilly undulating course..Full Race report to follow later...........A PB as I have never entered a 10 mile event.  Goodybag consisted of a full bottle of wine of your choice Red/white/rosie and a nice Techy t-shirt and what fab eats at the end...lots and lots and lots of cake..all different types as well as sandwiches and rolls....Superb image

  • Ecky well done on your run today and a bit with Trev too..How did he enjoy it????

    enjoy your roast dinn dins....i have just had steak and chips with a glass of red image

  • Franny - wow! well done! What a brill time. You deserve the goodies.

    Ecky - well done to you too! Hope you are putting your feet up now!

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