Yorkshire marathon 2013

Hi all, not sure if this has been mentioned before, York is to have it's own marathon starting this year 20th October image http://www.theyorkshiremarathon.com/


  • I've just signed up, woohoo! Can't wait, so exciting image

  • and I would like to announce that Runner's World are the media partners for this race and will be pacing it too! we will have 5 pace groups from 7 minute miling to 11 minute miling!!

  • 40quid is a bit steep

  • Thanks for this. I'm up for it, can't wait. And a generous 7 hour time limit too. I will be 13min miling Andreia so unless I get a lot lot faster won't be able to enjoy your services but you never know if I actually train...........image

  • I've just signed up - this will be my first UK marathon in my old uni city - cannot wait! 

  • I was literally saying to a friend yesterday that I was looking for a marathon to do in autumn as my first one and wake up to this news !  Signed up and can't wait.  Brilliant news for Yorkshire.

    Roll on October...

  • It's a Jane Tomlinson event - they're always expensive. Although Edinburgh is £50 and Liverpool and Chester are only a couple of pounds below that.

  • I signed up too ... but have still to run my 1st one yet (!! emf in May though) ... what have I done?! haha!

  • Nykie wrote (see)

    It's a Jane Tomlinson event - they're always expensive. Although Edinburgh is £50 and Liverpool and Chester are only a couple of pounds below that.

    I must be lucky enough to be the first 100 to get in for £30!

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I saw a footage about this on BBC Breakfast this morning. I am truly inspired by the story of Jane Tomlinson who continued running and doing triathlons in the face of death, not allowing herself to succomb to despair (she died of cancer in the end).
  • I'm inspired by Jane Tomlinson, especially having had cancer myself but I'm loath to pay ??25 for a 10k through a city when I can do a nice scenic one for less than a tenner, with a technical shirt thrown in rather than a normal t-shirt.
  • The question marks are meant to be a pound sign.
  • I dont think the price is that OTT. £40/£42 for a big city marathon is pretty average.

    Nearly 2,000 have signed up today alone! Does anyone know how places are actually available?

  • James I assume you are asking how many places are available ? If so I believe it's 5000. image
  • Any profit that is made from the entry fees on any of the runforall events goes straight to the Jane Tomlinson appeal so the 'premium' is in effect a charitable donation.

    I don't think the marathon fee is steep tbh, I have more sympathy for the view that £25 for a 10km is on the high side though.

    I am definitely doing this though as it is just down the road so no travel costs or overnight stays required - and the course seems to have pb potential

  • Oh, I'll be doing it, if it's not sold out before I can afford it image It's just down the road for me as well - I'm near Wetherby.
  • With 5,000 places it looks like it will be sold out within weeks rather than months then. Thats a shame, as I have London and an Ultra in June so wouldnt want to enter anything else until after that (seeing if my body is still in one piece!)


  • James. That will be too late to enter I'm sure. Just enter -at best you might be able to difer, at worst it's the price of a meal out.

  • Does anybody have any idea of the gradients for this race - is there a map anywhere?. Presumably around York (hopefully) it will all be quite flat.

    Doing London in April but should be okay for October.

  • It's said to be flatter than London. There is a map on the site

  • Generally very flat with a few rolling hills when you're out in the villages of Sand Huttton, Claxton, Bossall and Buttercrambe. Bit of a steady climb 18 to 20 then pretty flat apart from a short incline that wouldn't normally be an issue but is bang on 26 miles..

    There's a elevation profile on the RunKeeper race page, 



  • I'm in!

    Should be good

  • The elevation profile makes it look worse than it is - there is only a 100' rise from mile 5 to 12, the steepest looking part of the profile, which is nothing at all. It is on the "hillier" side of York compared to the Brass Monkey HM pancake flat course to the west of the city but there's not much in it.

    I thought my marathon days were long past but this has got me quite interested as, like I suspect Stray Runner, I live in Harrogate only a few miles away. No hassle about accomodation, getting there and back, no big city prices - and decent beer afterwardsimage!!

    I may just have to start training.............................

  • Yes profile looks OK and very interested, however to say as flat as some of courses quoted is stretching a point.

  • Im in and cannot wait. RE the costs. I think its pretty reasonable for a city marathon. Seem to remember paying £58 for Liverpool last year, which I would put on a par with this one. Bargain.

  • I've just registered too, it will be a personal challenge for me...looking forward to it image)))))))

  • I've just entered, can't wait. It's only 20 miles from home.. I know the whole route practically..
  • I was so inspired by Jane's story, on breakfast TV, yesterday morning that I entered straight away. Entered my partner as well! Not sure if he's pleased or not! We've done Beachy Head the last two years so this will be a welcome change. Really looking forward t it now. Planning to come up for the weekend and see the sights

  • I Have done 3 marathons, Berlin and London being 2 of them and this marathon is not flatter than those 2. I am from York and know the area really well. I have entered the marathon reluctantly as the route is very rural.

    I drove the route today and would like to pass on my thoughts. You will see approx 1ml of the city then a little of the outer York then from 6ml to 20 ml it is rural, passing a few villages. The rural roads are roads and in parts track which at the minute were very muddy. I would say its undulating all the way, rolling hills as described above. A steady climb from 18 to 20 as well. The last mile back up to the university is a steep hill and a shame that it finishes there as its not what you need at 26ml. I think along the route crowd support will be limited as it was field upon field with the odd horse!. Mentally it will be a toughie.

    I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts. Happy running.
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