Yorkshire marathon 2013



  • Afternoon everyone, welcome HellsB's

    Lily glad your LSR's are under control.

    Tiny, parkrun pb congrats, my races pre marathon, I start saying there just a hard training run but I am prepared to go easy if it's not going well, I have two HM's in the next two weeks then a couple of easy parkruns, definitely 3 weeks taper. I need a couple of races to gauge fitness etc as I've always trained on my own.

    NSGNR - if you want to race do it,still time to recover.

    Bornagain - just refocus, you can only start from were you are, not ideal but reality. I never ran more than a 16mile LSR before my first marathon,due to hamstring problems, upping the training too quickly, so my first marathon was a recover and get round strategy, by being the best I could on the start line, it was pointless trying to keep to a pre determined plan. I did do it,surprised myself and came back for more.

    Just back from the Major Stone HM, I was pleased with how I felt and a PB by about 1.5 mins, this marathon training is making a difference. The race is around Lockington in East Yorks, promoted by East Hull Harriers. It was quite sunny, a welcome breeze but felt warmer than the 18c forecast. It's amazing when you feel OK the hills (undulations) are not as steep or as long as when your knackered. There were 200+ participants more than last year which is good, a great tech shirt and £1 voucher off tea and cakes in the village hall, event well recommended.

    35 miles for the week, the HM was the long run, parkrun yesterday pacing, it's quite remarkable how reducing your time per Km by 30 secs makes it feel very comfortable.

    My next 20 LSR in two weeks, as I have the fantastic GNR on Sunday, hope to be in Newcastle Saturday for the City Games and atmosphere. R&R on the coast at Druirdge Bay for the week. 

    Keep running, you know it makes sense.

  • Skd, yes, you're right. I'm just going to focus on getting to the start without any more injuries, then just getting round. Time doesn't matter, it's about the achievement and not giving up along the way, just because the going got tough. I'd hoped to do Major Stone today, but thought a 20 miler would be the better option, until my hamstring dictated neither! Will put the date in the diary and do it next year though - I love that area of East Yorks. Good luck with the GNR. 

    Susan - what haribo? Freebies? I didn't get any!

    Lily, how is it that we can run so far but find a short walk much harder? ! 

  • Thanks so much for all the encouragement. I did go for it... and smashed my pb. time was 46.52 and I really can't believe it! This is only the second time I've ran under 50mins for 10k (the first time was in the York 10k last month), despite trying for a few years. This marathon training is clearly working.

    In the race I started off far too fast and before I knew it we were on a narrow track with very little space for other runners to pass. I was desperate to slow down but I thought that if I did I would hold everyone up behind me, and I was therefore forced to keep up with the pack! It seemed easier to run faster with so many people around me and I don't think it would be possible for me to run at this pace on my own. My wife and children came along and cheered me on so I had to try and look speedy at the end too!

    Tiny - I tried a 2mile recovery run afterwards and felt dreadful! This was only an hour after the run so maybe it was too early after the run? Congrats to you and skd14 on PBs too.

    Off to eat curry and rest! Hope the weekend was good to you all.


  • Congrats Great North Runner! Ride high on the feel good factor! 

  • NSGNR amazing pb well done image


  • NSGNR - well done on PB, a great time.

    Jonah how's yours Bullocks?

    on LSR's I use two 500ml bottles of water, one taken and one bought from a shop with a caramel Fredo, plus 2 gels and a couple of jelly babies. I've got used to carrying water I do it even on some 10k races if it's really hot.

    Rest day today


  • Morning all

    Well done to skd14 and Great NOrth Runner on your PBs!  Some brilliant racing going on, congrats image.  If recovery run feels horrific, try just walking for a mile instead.  Anything really just to get the blood flowing around the leg muscles to get rid of toxins and bring some fresh oxygen.

    I had a great day at the Yorkshireman yesterday.  Didn't race it too hard but probably pushed more than I should considering I have another 50 mile week to run! Came 86th out of 250 runners so pleased with that.  Great tech t-shirt, stew and cakes at the finish - I'd highly recommend it!

  • Some great PB's happening here, well done everyone.

    Tiny I cant belive you ran the Yorkshiremanimage Thats some serious event right there. Congrats on your place, really good going

    So I had my ‘bad’ LSR run of my training programme yesterday. Set off along the canal in Leeds and planned a 10 mile out and back. I wanted to replicate York as obviously a canal is flat, and erm.....so is York. It was a beautiful morning so should have been my fastest and best run to date. Oh boy, how differently things can turn out to plans.  6 miles into it I just started losing focus for no reason, and really started battling with myself mentally (we’ve all been there im sure). Every dog walker, pram pusher and cyclist coming my way just really got on my nerves and I felt like pushing them in the canal. Thankfully I didn’t as that would be just mean (and illegal………probably, maybe), but does anyone else ever get that on a run where it’s not going right for you? Just complete and utter disdain for all folk daring to share the same path as you. Ha ha, no just me then, Its safe to say my head was well and truly gone.

     So to add to the fuels debate (as this was part of the problem) I was using some maxi-muscle gels I picked up in H&B the day before. Urghh they were horrible (even mixed with water) , and I was cramping up badly at 16 miles, and eventually had to stop at 17, and walk back the last 3 miles (booo). Complete and utter disaster that run, but then again 17 miles added to the clock. We live and learn eh.

     Going forward ive read all your comments on this thread and decided to go for the high5 ones, and make sure I get these in on my next 3 LSR’s before the big day. Ive read that their not as sickly and sweet as others anyway. But seriously if you see the maxi-muscle ones on sale anywhere, just don’t do it. Their disgusting

     Core workout tonight, and a quick sub 30 minute 4 miles (hopefully).

  • Ah but it was only the Half Yorkshireman Sean, let's not get too carried away!  Sorry you had a bad run, but I promise you it will make the next run seem soooo much better.  Probably a good move to switch gels.  Just find one that you're happy with and then stick with it.  And go easy with your tempo run tonight - it's not always wise to be doing speed work the day after a long run, you're much more susceptible to injury.  Maybe do your core work and a short recovery run tonight and do your sub 30 4 miles tomorrow?  On the other hand, I know nuffink so do what's best for you image

  • ha ha. Cheers Tiny, half yorkshireman I still doff my cap all the same  as its all off road isnt it? My legs are pretty sore to be fair, and its raining now, so it may very well be a jog to the shops for a pint of milk and back for me tonight. image Ive got a 10k on the canal at speed pencilled in for tomorrow anyway, as ill be out on the lash tomrrow night for a mates birthday + £1.30 happy hour pints = no running on wednesday.

  • NSGNR - big well done on the PB .

    SKD thanks for asking, it's an amazing event it has just about everything, plenty of tasty hills, plus long down hills that mash your legs, trail, canal paths and the last few miles are all road.

    the scouts at the checkpoints keep you well fed with quite a banquet.

    my Garmin measured it at 56.90 miles so not that far off, time was 10.09 and sneaked in joint 3rd place.

    rest day today while I learn to walk again.

  • well done on weekend races Tiny, Skd, NSGNR, Jonah and others image

    Sean, I really feel for you and understand, I had a similar experience the week before last. The changes I then made for last week thanks to forum members advice was to run at 1+minute over my planned marathon pace for 14 miles, then gradually built it up over next 2 miles then 2 miles at mp. It really worked and was a huge boost to my confidence. Other thing was taking adequate water, though not easy to carry. I rationed myself to 500ml per 6 miles which meant I had enough. Also gels and dextrose tablets. I use high 5 too. I only need one driver to come too close, a dog to chase me or a trip to happen to throw me off for the run. I have to run slower, and give myself a talking to to continue. Walking is fine and you did the miles. So well done! I think someone put a motivational piece on here about getting to the start line. I saved it somewhere so will look it up and repost it. We learn so much from our hard runs don't we but it is hardimage

  • here it is:



     "When you stand on the Start Line, you join the club. When you stand at the Starting Line you earn your membership. Millions dream of being where you are. You are no longer a dreamer. You are a doer.

    Thousands more started a training programme but never finished. They started with the same enthusiasm (or more than) you. They started with more or less the same physical gifts or disadvantages as you did. They had no more and no less reason to be successful than you.

    But somewhere along the way, they lost that enthusiasm. Somewhere on the road or on the track or treadmill, they decided that the rewards just weren't worth the effort. They decided that they could live without finding their limits, without challenging their expectations of themselves and without taking a hard look at their image of themselves.

    You didn't. If you’re standing at the Start Line, you've not only accepted the challenge, but you've also beaten back the demons. You've conquered your imagination and self-imposed limitations. You've gone further, got stronger and become tougher than you ever imagined.

  • Cheers Lilly. Very inspiring words, ill get them laminated or something, and hang them above the shoe cupboard. Ha ha.


    I was wearing a camelback so hydration definitely wasn’t an issue. I think it was just one of those days where the head wasn’t completely right and my mind talked me out of it. Hey ho. The maxi-muscle gels were vile too.


    Just canvassing opinion here , but as I’ve just mentioned I’ve been wearing my camel back for training and am just thinking about whether to wear it for the big day or not?  Anyone else pondering this? To be fair its super comfortable and helps me with the gels (1 part water , 1 squirt gel), but I’m worried that at 20 miles plus it might become something of a millstone around my neck. hmmmm

  • Sean, when you try High 5 gels, there are two types. energy gel in a yellow 'tube' and Isogel In blue. Both have a version with caffeine if you like the extra boost. I prefer the isogel as they are thinner consistency and don't need to be taken with water. 

  • Evening All

    It's been a while since I've been on this forum, so hope everyone is well.

    Sean - Personally I wouldn't wear a camel pack for a marathon as there are plenty of water/lucozade stops during the race. I am just wearing a belt that I can attach gels to, about 3 or 4.

    Also high5 gels are definitely the best.



  • My camelbak has arrived! I've filled it with water and jiggled around the house for a while. My wife thinks I'm absolutely mad! The water does slosh around so I wonder what that will be like when running. I plan to give it a trial run in the morning.

    Sean - sorry tht your run didn't go so well. Your post had me in stitches though... I also know that grumpy feeling when things are not going right, and i've had runs like that too. Glad you didn't actually push anyone in the canal though!

    Jonah - did you really run 56.9 miles? That is just amazing... Third place too. Brilliant! 

    Tiny - thanks for there recovery advice. My legs feel surprisingly okay today, so it must have had a positive effect. I'd be interested to know how often and when you use recovery runs.

    Born again - Can you tell me the difference between an isogel and an energy gel? I thought was just getting the hang of this fuelling business! All i know is i've bought the blue one!

    Lily - thanks for the motivational piece. Love it!

    Thanks all for the congratulations. Have a great week of running! 

  • Northern Gazza - realise we have the same pen picture. Great minds think alike! I'm probably ready for a change so may update mine soon. 

  • Gosh we have been busy.

    Jonah, great result, 56.9 miles off road, awesome in 10 hours, you deserve the checkpoint treats..

    High 5, I use the yellow ones, sticky and gooey, get them down must have water with them, I bought a boxful so just got used to tolerate them, for the effect, can't say I like them. Isogels more watery, thinner didn't do it for me. Never tried the versions with caffeine.

    On runs I hate irresponsible dog owners who think being miles away, when there mut runs up to you, starts barking, that's OK, apparently. I do like bird watchers and fishermen, I run on the banks of the River Humber.



  • As skd says, the yellow gels are thicker, the blue ones thinner in consistency but bulkier to carry. Both contain 23g of carbs. Think it's just down to personal preference. 

  • NSGNR.  The tip with bladders are once you have filled them up squeeze the remaining air out and hey presto no sloshing about.

    I normally use SIS gels but at weekend I used Clif gels, they are much thicker but bloody hell they don't half hit the spot 

  • Ive gone for the thinner high5 isogels. Box of 20 is £14.95 on amazon at the moment so you cant sniff at that. Its the thicker gloopier gels that kill my stomach, so hopefully these should fare better with my pipes. ha ha.

  • Thanks for clarification on gels, Born again and skd. I think I will stay with the isogel's, as I tolerated it well the other day.

    Tried my new camelbak on a 10mile run this morning. We got off to a difficult start (the bladder fell out because I hadn't put it together properly and various straps/ tube were in the way!) but once I figured out where everything should go it was super. I hardly noticed I was wearing it and I loved the drinking tube, which is much easier to use than a bottle. I'm a definite convert - I only wish that I had bought a 2l version rather than the 1 1/2 l one. Jonah - thanks for the tip. No sploshing at all! 

  • Hi all. Well done on all the miles and achievements. I'm very impressed. I have just finished my first full week without running for....hmmm can't remember! I hate it! Doctors tomorrow and hopefully a slow return and mileage ramp up. With £600 on my Macmillan mydonate page I really want to make sure I both start and finish this...just to chip in, on my long runs I was using 500ml of water or lucozade lite plus one Hi5 very 6 miles. M

  • Good morning everyone. A very busy couple of weeks for me where I've had to squeeze my runs in between parenting and DIY!

    I did a slow 5 mile and a steady 8 miles last week before a 15 mile LSR on Monday (it was a DIY Sunday!). I really felt my legs towards the end of the 15 but looking back at my exersions over the weekend, I'm not suprised.

    I've started to introduce the High 5 gels into my runs and so far, there haven't been any problems. So far, so good.

    I'm on target to get a 20 mile LSR under my belt before the event.

    On another note, I've just been looking at the route the marathon takes and it looks as though the last half a mile or so is on Green Dykes Lane which is a very steep hill. If this is the case, it'll be an extremely tough finish to the run.

  • Yep Liam, Green Dykes Lane is steeeep. (Well, a steep hill by York standards) Really mean of the route planners, I'm not looking forward to that bit. Having said that, once I'm at that hill, I'll know the end is just round the corner, and hopefully I'll be on a high.

    Might head out to the country section this weekend and do a bit of a recce run. 

  • how are things Muckles? Hope improving. Hi Liam, training seems to be going well. Hill at the end? Can't believe it!

    Confusing e-mail about booking p and r tickets, priority to runners, then spectators after 8.30?! I rely on my team to keep me calm and hold my stuff, don't want to be separated from them but understand runners must go first....I went on the website and saw the scary countdown of something crazy like 38 days to go.....

  • Good running peeps!.

    Green dykes lane at 26ml is steep I've been doin hill repeats on it, it was closed a while back & i found running up the middle, it's the easiest way, 90 secs max & ur done. Don't forget the little bugger hill around 12ml. 

    Lil - ridiculous that there isnt Parking at start/finish & to charge for the bus! Cheeky!. Another suggestion wud be to park around the area on a street & either walk or catch a taxi to the start. I could suggest some streets nearby if u went with that idea. 

    19ml for me tomoz running on the Route. :0) happy running! 

  • Hi everyone, been lurking around and thought I would make an appearance.  Looking forward to York (even though the parking arrangements are more complicated than usual as I usually have a wife and two kids in tow).  On the gel front I have ordered a box of the Lucozade gels to see how they go down/get used to them before the day.

  • Hey everyone - Would anyone have any recommendations on places to stay? I've been offered an ntry at short notice but obviously I'm assuming all rooms will mostly be fully booked.

    Any help would be great


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