2014 in 2014???

Anybody up for a 2014 in 2014 Challenge? I'd love to do 2014 miles but might just settle for 2014 Kilometres (1227 miles).

I've been running slowly for 18 months now and want to step it up a notch in 2014 image




  • I'll aim for the 2014 km (1251.4 miles) and see where that takes me - shouldn't be too hard as I'll hit 900 miles this year (16 miles more to go) and didn't exactly go for it (monthly mileage below - could be improved a fair bit I think).

    81, 58, 57, 67, 95, 145, 73, 81, 55, 34, 73, 62 miles so far

  • furlongs for me.

  • Dave, my monthly totals seem similar to yours though was on my feet much longer being such a slowcoachimage

    Nose Nowt, that's about 250 miles for the year! 

    Another goal of mine is to run further each Month than I did in 2013 - Jan should be easy as I only ran 8 miles!

  • I plan on running 2014km in 2014, 700 to 800km more than I ran in 2013.

    I will aim to run 40km average for the year in 2014 so around 2100km, including 50 to 60km average during my marathon training period between March to October. I intend on running 3 marathons again in 2014 like I did in 2013. 


  • Im also planning in completing 2014k and my first marathon (loch Ness) in 2014.

    Started running at the beginning of this year and managed to complete 2 halves so may as well set myself a bigger challenge.



  • RoadWarrior, good luck with the 3 marathons, training for those should see you run a fair few kilometres image

    jinty, might see you at the start of Loch Ness and my second visit there - got a goal time for it?

  • Andi, Im thinking sub 5hr for first marathon. Completed the halves in 2:14.

    What did you think of the course, Ive been told its a hard one for a first, lots of hills.

    What was your time last year and have you done other marathons.

  • Hi Jinty, Loch Ness was my first (and only thus far). I did it in 4:55:02 off the back of a 2:13 Half Marathon (Mull). 

    I thought the course was ok for me, 2 smallish hills before the 'big one' at mile 18 - not steep but a 2 mile incline. It has a negative incline overall so make sure you include some downhill training into your planimage Someone will most likely start a thread about it in a few months so keep your eyes peeled. Plenty of time to find a decent plan for it.

  • Have decided to join in, kilometre-wise. Could help with motivation!

    2008.74k to go, having clocked 5.26k this morning.

  • After day 3 I now have 1997.45k to go, so just about on track for the 5.52k average per day.

    How often are people going to post their progress?

  • Ive covered 9k so far, went for a run last night, thought I would probably post my weekly results.

    Thanks for the info Andi, nearer the time I will be looking for lots of help and advice.

  • alehouse wrote (see)

    How often are people going to post their progress?

    On track sounds good alehouse image and guess peeps will post as and when or weekly like jinty says? Doesn't look like the thread is taking off image

    For the record I've got 1993.37 miles to go now image


  • Ive still got 2000k to cover, 14k done so far.

    There is a Facebook challenge the same if anyone is interested.


  • got the link Jinty? a quick search didn't find it image

    13.1 slow miles today so (just) 1980.26 to goimage 

  • Your insane image  

    ok well umm err km is actually what I reckon I needed to do, at least 1200m which is only 60km short so... I'm in for km's image

  • Okay, lets give this a go! I'm going to try and achieve 2014 miles and will update on a weekly basis.

    37 miles done in first 5 days - 1977 to go...

    Have holiday that will mean I won't run for most of May, so need to look at building up a reasonable buffer before then!

  • I'd like join in though haven't run this year yet due to illness. I'll go for km's though there seems to be a difference of opinion on how many miles that is; I'm going to round it to even 1252 miles.

    0/1252 mi

  • Mikasa, no confusion - I was wrong lol so yes it's 1251.4image

    As Chewie mentions, holiday, sickness and taper/recovery makes this a little harder than first thought so yup, need to build up some miles in the olde bank!

    1956 miles left  for me as of today image

  • 32k covered so far.

    Andi McGill 2 im not sure how to post a link lol

    look for 2014 in 2014

  • It'll be a big step up for me. I've realised I'm kind of an 'occasional runner' covering only about 200 miles per year but have plans for this year so should get a lot closer.

    Had a gym induction today so went on the treddie for 2k.

    2/2014 km
    1.4/1252 mi

  • Mikasa it's a start image 

  • Thanks booktrunk. Just coming back from illness. Have actually run consistently again since November.

    Plus I converted the km's to miles wrong so:

    2/2014 km
    1.24/1252 mi

  • End of the first 7 days, although it seems strange to log it on a Tuesday:

    Ran 40:14.

    To go: 1973.86

    Shame I am working in km rather than miles.  Nevertheless, at the end of week 1 I am slightly ahead of the game.

  • 38.75 needed each week in either km or miles image

    only at 25.6km 2 runs since I returned from injury but I have 57km planned for next 5 days, should get me back on track.

    as long as I don't get injured my three biggest days of the year will add up to 328km which will be a big helpimage

  • To be honest, I don't think I'll make 2014 in km's or miles, but my aim is to get to 1000 miles...I'm only doing half marathons and planning to do more tri's this year so it'll be difficult to get that much distance in.

  • I've had the 2011, 2012 and 2013 mile NY resolutions over the past 3 years and have failed miserably due to losing a coupel of months each time due to injury (1691, 1200, 1446). So this year I'm just going keep a low profile and see what happens! image

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    38.75 needed each week in either km or miles image

    only at 25.6km 2 runs since I returned from injury but I have 57km planned for next 5 days, should get me back on track. as long as I don't get injured my three biggest days of the year will add up to 328km which will be a big helpimage


    38.75 sounds simple BT until I see I only ran that distance on 2 weeks last year! If those 328k in 3 days don't kill you then you'll have a nice boost but don't be relying on themimage

    mikasa, I started 2013 with a target of 1,000k and ended up with a sneaky 1,019 miles in the end - a worthy target to aim for image

    Dr.Dan, I'll keep bugging you over in the HADD thread thenimage

  • What, no ones run since Wednesday?

    2 miles for me today, well 3.2km exactly but I'm claiming both. image On a treadmill again as a warm up for my gym programme but hoping to do parkrun tomorrow.

    5.2/2014 km
    3.24/1252 mi

  • lol Mikasa, I ran Weds/Thurs and Friday image

    83.5/2014 miles - just 1930.5 to goimage

  • I'm so far behind already...
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