The Thousand Mile Club - 2019



  • Can't beat the feeling of a new trainer Donnie.

    Great miles JD1 & Cal and well done on the hilly.

    Maybe I should have a few days off & go sailing more often, really didn't feel confident going into our club handicap (just short of 5k) but managed my quickest one the year...who'd have guessed?...17min 52sec....or 6:52 per mile.

    Must be to book another event.

    877 miles YTD

  • Hobie, like the look of your boat, much more exciting than the Topper I sailed years ago. Seems very reasonably priced as well. I assume your moniker of Hobie comes from the Hobiecat?

  • Slept in this morning, so missed running before it was too hot. 
  • Dubai, thanks yeah we used to sail a Hobie moved onto a Nacra Infusion F18...ours is a bit special though, it's painted battleship grey with orange daggerboards and rudders. Toppers are great fun...but only in a Force 6.

    Lunchtime 5 miles today so 882 Miles YTD

  • 8 very slow miles this morning. I felt unwell (light-headed and not quite right) yesterday and then found a huge insect bit on my ankle so figured that was the cause. So very easy pace today.

    YTD: 1197
  • Afternoon,

    So I haven't run of a cliff, but in short have been very busy.

    2 weeks manic at work (it's what happens when you get a new business partner)
    10 days holiday with family & 2 weeks trying to catch up at work again - I am knackered!

    So I have been keeping an eye on you all - Stalker alert, no only on the forum! promise.

    Cal, Some great running from you, firstly congratulations on passing the 1000 mile mark! Well done on various PB's, Mile / Lee Valley 10 miler & Hackney Parkrun.
    I notice you certainly get around with the parkruns, Denbies vineyard sounds interesting and Harmander and I both know the Cyclopark route at Gravesend, as it is part of the SVN route we do, and then East Grinstead, which is only 2 minutes from my office.
    Reading your updates and seeing you are up to 22 miles already, I am sure you will smash the upcoming marathon and still weeks to go.

    Hobie, The Scottish Riviera sounds lovely, and I think you might hold that Strava crown for quite a while.
    Well done on manging to keep ahead of the Train for 9 miles, probably 8 and half more than I could manage :D 

    MrM2, Sorry to read about all the personal and training issues at the moment, however I see you are now back up to 10K plus, so hopefully well on the mend, isn't it soul destroying when you just can't run?

    Dubai, Wow, what a holiday, I am surprised you remembered where your house was when you returned! Love reading about the lady who wanted to "love you for a long time"
    Congratulations on the 21st wedding anniversary, and passing the 1200 mile mark, especially in that insane heat!

    JD1, Congratulations on passing the 1000 mile mark, some very consistent running from you.

    Donnie, Sounds like the marathon prep is going well, I would say you well are on track.

    Harmander oh Harmander, Happy 60th, sure you only look 59 :D , Well done on the various marathons, Twlight 50K, Thames Meander and two of the Cyclopark days, I can't imagine running in that heat especially on Sunday, I know a lot of the runners really struggled.
    As for the 10/1 advice, this is fairly similar to what I was doing when I was able to train for the last one standing, I found it quite easy, but don't think I will use the same training plan next year, surely run for as long as you can and then have a walk or walk the hills etc, but I understand what they are trying to achieve.

    So as for me, to be honest very little consistant running, with being so busy - in around 4.30am and home about 7pm it has left very little time for anything else, so much so that when I have been out, it just seems to cause a row at home, you could say I am very much in the dog house at the moment, and I have got to go home and let her know I will be going to Johannesburg for a week very shortly, as we have another rush job, oh well, if I don't post again you will know why :D

    I have got my second track marathon coming up on Friday and then the Downslink ultra the beginning of October, so I need to get out more.

    06.08.19 - 5
    07.08.19 - 8.75
    12.08.19 - 5
    14.08.19 - 8
    16.08.19 - 5
    19.08.19 - 7
    29.08.19 - 5

    YTD = 690.42 (only 43.75 for the whole of August)

    I do promise I will try and keep a bit more up to date (very sorry)

    Great work everyone.

  • Testing indeed JD1, it took me two days to recover before I could manage a measley 8.87 mile recovery run, did it again today.
    Will have to build up the speed and distance again by next Sunday when I am pacing at the GNR
    That is consistency Donnie2. Well done.
    David Charman,  Good to hear from you again.  Yes it was that horrible course this time 
    YTD = 1880.07 miles 
    Was hoping to reach 1900 by end of August
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Ytd: 723.1 + 1 + 14.1 + 3.1 = 741.3

    Dave C: fabulous to hear from you again. Hope work calms down and the trip to Jo' berg passes without any knock on effects.

    Harmander: I'd completely forgotten about GNR, hope pacing goes well.

    Cal: I'm guessing a new parkrun today?

    Ive completed my first longish (two hour) run as part of York marathon prep. Did that yesterday which hurt me at this mornings parkrun. Also my new trainer bounce, has turned into a new trainer blister. Not good. 
  • Despite all my niggles, the heavy mileage (for me) and a festering bug bite on my ankle, I got out and did Beckenham Place parkrun. Nice flat one but mostly on grass, which is not my favourite, so wasn't expecting an amazing time. Ran 2 miles to Streatham Common station to avoid an additional change of trains (it was a two train journey as it was), then did a mile warm-up when I got there, plus the parkrun. Not sure how it happened, but I had an absolute screamer. Finished in 24:09 which is 30 seconds faster than my previous best parkrun (Osterley and Hackney Marshes - same time at both). Body feels like it's barely holding together, and yet it produces this. How I don't know. Score my first 70+WAVA as well (71.2).

    YTD: 1203
  • David - thanks. The 22 miles was due to a navigational error (took a wrong turn - ended up further away instead of closer to home. But I felt strong all the way back so I guess it worked out). As for the parkrun - yes I'm a parkrun tourist. I'm trying to do all the runs in London but sometimes I venture out a bit - if I can get there on a train, it's fair game.

    Harmander - I wouldn't beat yourself up, you log an incredible number of miles. Good luck with GNR. I don't envy you, to be honest - it looks like trying to jog down Oxford Street on Christmas Eve.

    Donnie, well done on the 2 hour run.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    David, good luck for Friday and hope the work side calms down so you can get out more.

    Great long run Donnie,that's a good confidence booster for your mara.

    29.08 - 8.1

    31.08 - 8.07

    YTD - 1192.52

  • 20 miles today - did the last 6 at MP (some of them were actually sub-4 pace which might be a little fast for now but eh, why not.) Stumbled across a lady having a nude photoshoot in Morden Hall Park...I guess they'd picked a quiet part of the park on the day I decided to explore some of the park's smaller trails and paths. Oops.
    Anyway, I've done 220 miles this August which breaks my previous record (first time I've been over 200 miles for the month).
    I am due a cut back week, I think.
    YTD: 1223
  • Lots of great miles, great work all.
    5 miles yesterday with my boy and 13 miles of coast path to get to a round number at the start of the month.

    900 miles YTD
  • Ytd: 745.4

    Cal: I've had a, by my standards, big week and I've tried to run quickly, but you've had a month to serious mileage, well done. Enjoy the parkrun reports. 

    Dave: hope this week goes well. 
  • Evening, everyone! As usual, there's been lots of good running going on. I'm taking things steady still - seem to suffer with calf pain a couple of days after running if I push the run too much, but not enough to be overly worried. Did my first race for ages today - Wigan 10k - only entered because it was on our club calendar but enjoyed the good atmosphere and uncongested, quick course. Thinking of targeting it for a possible PB next year if I can manage some decent training, but for this year achieved aim of getting round in a tempo-ish sub 50 pace and calf isn't yet complaining. Hurrah! Celebrated with a pie afterwards from the nice food market near the finish line - had to be done, considering the race location (Wiganers are known locally as 'pie-eaters') - although to be fair, it was a Greek feta and spinach one, so not really the traditional Wigan icon :D

    YTD 724
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    So many good things happening on here!
    Cal...still going like a train; a good 5k race, then a cracking parkrun pb. Great to get the >70% AG.
    Donnie2...As you say...all hoping to arrive, even though our paths are quite different. Your 14' seems to have popped up from nowhere. Nice place to be at this stage. certainly put yourself through some tough miles! Hope that all is well for GNR!
    Hobie...your boat racing sounds quite hairy...catamaran off W coast of Wales....A great handicap run...and congrats on the 900'.
    David C... Good to see you back! Hope you can find a better work/play balance soon. All the best for your track marathon in a few days time; your August mileage seems minimal in preparation...?
    JD1...just about to pass the 1200'...congrats!

    This week was almost like a return to something approaching normal. Tuesday's run was intended to be 8' but I was overheating and slowing by 4', and pulled out at 5'. After two full days of recovery I managed a 10' on grass, getting progressively quicker in the second half. Then, this morning, enjoyed some early sunshine along the seafront for 4', with two at mara. pace. Still some slight discomfort, but recovering well. Hoping to close in on the 13' in the next week or two.
  • Morning,

    Harmander, Good luck for the GNR and say hi to Nell if you bump into her. I was due to do a couple of days at the Cyclopark but with work being so full on, it just didn't happen.

    Donnie, Great 2 hour run, training seems to be going very well.

    Cal, Another PB, excellent. Brilliant monthly total, I just don't think I would have enough time :D 

    Gipfel, Good result at the Wigan 10K.

    MrM2, Great to see you are back to 10 miles, I am sure the 13 will come without any problems. I agree such a low monthly total might lead to a disaster on Friday, we shall see.

    02.09.19 - 5 

    YTD = 695.42
  • Welcome back David, guess I'm lucky to governed by law as to how much I can work and how many days off I need. 

    Cal, great mileage building, you've caught up!!

    MrM2, great to hear the running is coming together

    Gipfel, what is a traditional Wigan pie? 

    31.8 3.75
    1.9 4.73
    2.9 3.17

    YTD 1223.54

  • Morning,

    Dubai, as you know my last business partner went at the beginning of February, things are now picking up nicely with my new partner, however we aren't quite at the stage of hiring more people at the moment, so a lot of site visits along with all the office stuff and the manufacturing of the units we produce, never mind, it keeps us busy and will hopefully settle down when we get back to "normal"

    Just another easy 5 miles for me this morning, might get a swim in before Friday.

    YTD = 700.42

  • Great progress, MrM2!

    Rest day yesterday then 8 at recovery pace today. Achilles grumbled a lot, despite the ministrations of my physio yesterday. It's manageable, though - I'm used to it by now.

    YTD: 1231
  • 9 miles mid-morning (it was pissing down when I'd normally go out, so decided to wait). Did two blocks of 2 miles at LT pace with one mile at MP in between them. The other four (two warm-up, two cool-down) were at the faster end of my easy pace.
    Tired now.

    YTD: 1240
  • MrM2, really glad to hear you're approaching normal running again - what a relief!

    Cal, that sounds like a good session - bet the MP section in the middle felt pretty hard after the LT block (missed your excellent parkrun result last time too - congrats!).

    Dubai, I'd say a classic Wigan pie would be meat and potato. There is also the option of a 'Wigan kebab', or 'pie barm', which is said pie in a barm cake/bread roll/whatever you want to call it. Carb loading at its best - perhaps!

    David, all sounds pretty hectic for you with regard to your business - you must be looking forward to things going back to normal again - although definitely better to be too busy than the other way round.

    Good luck to everyone doing the GNR and any other races this weekend. I've just entered a half-marathon last minute that I loved last year - however, it's not an easy one (very hilly), and I'm fully expecting to suffer a lot because of my lack of long runs/general decent training recently. Am determined to enjoy the nice coastal views anyway!
    YTD: 728
  • Ytd: 752.5

    Hoping to run for 2 hours on Friday so approx 14 miles., buggers up my parkrun but Friday tea time is the only possible slot this week.

    Good luck to the GNRers.

    Gipfel: I've many a pint of Wigan blood in me. Love a pie, steak and ale. Hope your weekend half marathon goes well

    Dave: good luck Friday, looking forward to hearing back from you. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019
    8 miles this morning. Nice weather. Didn't want to stop but I got thirsty.

    YTD: 1248
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Gipfel...Thanks, and all the best for your hilly, coastal Half (!) Sounds like it might be one 'just to enjoy' ?
    DavidC...Thanks, and all the best for tomorrow's marathon. Congrats on passing 500'.
    Donnie2...Another 14' tomorrow? Agree that parkrun has to come second to mara.prep. when it can't be incorporated.
    Cal. and Dubai...still going well. Thanks for kind words.

    Two days ago extended last week's 10', to Half distance, on seafront. All done in 2hrs 10; generally getting faster in second half, with last 3' at mara.pace. (All sensors turned up to max. so detected an ankle twinge, a hip twitch, plus slight abdominal discomfort...and it's not taper time!) Still working on stretches every day, and hope to do a 5 or 6' on grass or treadmill tomorrow. Celebrated 48 years of marriage yesterday (and today!). Need to get back to a 'sensible' diet soon, before the knees and ankles start complaining!
  • Congratulations, MrM2 (on the annversary and the good run!)
  • 5 recovery today. A bit chilly.

    YTD: 1253
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done on your 10k,Gipfel,that's definitely not a Wigan pie! Good luck with the HM .

    MrM2,glad you're getting back to near normal now,it's been a long time for you.Congratulations on the 48 years of marriage and passing 900 as well!

    Good luck David,hope it's going well.Well done on passing 700.

    Harmander,good luck with GNR.

    1.09 - 6.1
    3.09 - 6
    4.09 - 20
    5.09 - 4.1
    6.09 - 12

    YTD - 1240.72 miles

  • Afternoon,

    Gipfel, Good luck with the last minute HM, let us know how it goes.

    Donnie, Hope you managed to get out for the long run, and you never know about tomorrow's parkrun, you might surprise yourself.

    MrM2, Happy Anniversary to you both and well done on the half distance, decent time as well, you have got to be happy with that!

    JD1, Some nice runs and very healthy weekly total, great running.

    Harmander, I have said it before, but best of luck this weekend.

    So today was my 2nd track marathon, again at Walton on Thames, they have a new athletic track which opened in January I believe.
    My mum was along for the HM whilst I was doing the full, it was nice to see some familiar faces and have a good chat before the off.
    The official distance is measured at 20cm from the inside of lane 1 and is 105.5 laps, however due to the other runners most of the first few laps is run in lane 2, and due to the chip timing we have to complete 106 laps, my watch showed the distance as 42.9KM
    The first half or 53 laps went without incident in about 2.02 but after another 20 or so laps, the lack of running and long runs definitely showed as I slowed down a lot, and even walked a few laps, whilst taking on fluids and having a few snacks.
    However I still finished which is the main thing, time to be confirmed but a slow one around 4.50.

    Mum enjoyed the walk and managed the half in 4.30 ish.

    I have to say these little events are so well organised and friendly, even though I was slow I think I must have chatted to more or less all the other 99 competitors at some point.

    06.09.19 - 26.2

    YTD = 726.62
  • Just got the official results.

    Me, 4.50.06
    Mum, 4.22.52

    Have a good weekend everyone.
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