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  • Why, are there no loos on the course? (To date, though, I haven't had a loo stop in any of my marathons. Although I have some concerns about long haul constipation. When I did a Korea/Japan rollercoaster trip in 2009 it took me five days before I could poo, and that only happened because I did a very scary thing where you jump off a building 400 feet up while attached to a wire (not a's a thing called a SkyJump). The fear got everything moving again, and I still feel bad for whoever had to clean that particular toilet. Anyway...moving on...
  • Cal,

    On a Gold Standard Marathon Major, if the signs say Toilets 200m, 400m 600m etc then one expects the toilets to be at 200m, 400m, 600m etc from the signs - in Tokyo, they are indeed 200m, 400m, 600m etc - BUT OFF THE COURSE.  You either need good eysight to follow the arrows or a guide - OH And then you have to find your way back to the course.  Totally weird experience I found.

    The drink stations are every 2.5km apart and well stocked.

    Most friendly people and volunteers too.

    Let me know if you want to know any more of my experience of Tokyo, or indeed the other five Majors.
  • I'd love to hear about it, definitely. Vienna's been my only overseas marathon to date, but this will be my first Major. Do you remember if it was cups or bottles for drinks there, and what sort of temperature it was (the weather, that is)? Good to be prepared.
  • Cal,

    It was cups and I only went for the water - didn't fancy the other stuff.  There was fruit too but don't recall gels.  I carry my own energy drink and gels anyway.

    The weather is not predictable from one year to the next.  This year it was chucking it down all the way - my yellow bespoke SITC Marathon Majors shirt was red around my chest area from bleeding nipple rash - all the protection simply got washed away - the hot shower at the hotel was excruciating - ouch.

  • 12.10 miles on Tuesday followed by a shorter run of 10.00 miles today because of problem with glutes makes my
    YTD = 2033.06 miles
  • I just found a blog - seems they give out Pocari Sweat. Hmm... guess I will be drinking water then. Nipple rash doesn't sound fun at all.
    Well done on the runs...what's up with the glutes? Got a niggly groin at the moment, in addition to my perenially grumpy achilles.
  • 6 recovery miles today. Kept it nice and slow.

    YTD: 1350
  • Cal, I don't like the taste of my own sweat let alone Pocari's. lol
    I think my glutes problem has crept on me incrementally.  
    In late February, my big left toe was coming off (just before Tokyo) - I just wrapped it up and done the run, After it was yanked off, with a new one growing underneath deciding to grow into my toe and I must have subconsciously started to compensate for it by relying on my right leg.
    After the GNR I had the ngrowing bit sorted and having run Richmond last week and a faster run yesterday without the irritating toenail I must have upset my balance and my left butt (and a bit of my thigh) were so painful I could hardly walk.
    Got a guy coming around to sort it out tomorrow - got Ealing pacing to do next week.
  • Hoping all the nipples, glutes, achilles, groins and bowels are feeling better...glamorous pastime we chose eh!!!

    Good luck with whatever events everyone has this weekend, I have the joy of a road trip to Birmingham to drop Daughter off in University. So maybe a Sunday morning run along a canal towpath for me.

    Still hoping to get to 1000 by the end of the month but on 967 miles YTD at the mo.

  • I have to do 30 miles a week till the end of the year in order to do it. It's going to be hard, not sure if i'll complete it but I'm going to give it a bloody good go!
  • Is it proximal hamstring tendinopathy, Harmander? That is literally a pain in the arse - had it myself and it still gets niggly if I stretch it too much.
    Welcome, tracey - good luck, you've got this.
  • Harmander, hope all your niggles get sorted out tomorrow. Tracey, welcome and good luck! Hobie, hope all goes well with the journey to university (I do like a nice canal run myself, especially somewhere less familiar - no chance of getting lost!).

    Enjoyed a nice sunny lunchtime run around local reservoirs/paths today - it really was very warm! The route is a bit too long to fit into a lunch hour if you're too slow, so the pressure was on – just about managed it.

    YTD: 785 miles
  • Thank you gipfel and Hobie1495.
    Welcome Tracey - it is only a marathon and a parkrun a week - you can do it.
    Cal, I wouldn't know the ology names for it but what you described is still on holiday till next week.
    I don't care as long as it gets sorted - decided to treat the garden fence before PITA gets back - the Karate Kid moves of applying the treatment to 70 feet of a six foot high fence after bunging about three tubigrips as high up my left thigh as I could get it seems to have eased off the sharpness of the pain somewhat though.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Busy on here again!
    Thanks, again, kind people, for all the personal notes..appreciated.
    Harmander...unlike you to be talking 'injury'; hope that you can get everything together before Ealing.
    Cal...Good news about Tokyo. Your running sounds to be in a great place at the moment, and with all those miles at mara-pace, and better, I would agree with JD1; you're ready to look for that sub-4!
    Donnie2...'solo runner'...same as me. I have enjoyed running with a daughter or son, and occasionally with a friend, but I'm 99% solo. Congrats on passing 800'. Hope that your final long runs go well, and that you recover quickly.
    Hobie...we are almost together on YTD but the similarities end there! All the best for Cardiff and the Ultra. Has the C25K taken off yet? When I did it with a daughter I found the slower/shorter runs were ideal for warm-ups before going on my own run.

    Yesterday I managed a 17' run at a fairly steady pace (10 min/mile) and already feeling that I can fit in one or two shorter runs over the week-end. Still some healing and strengthening going on, but moving in the right direction. Happy.
  • Thanks MrM2 - if only I wasn't full of niggles. Great that you did 17 miles - that bodes well. Decent pace, too.

    Westmill parkrun today - an undulating, traily one with some tricky cambers. I did a mile warm-up and couldn't see how I could possibly run fast on this course, so I was absolutely delighted with 25:58 (a good minute faster than expected) and 2nd lady to boot.

    YTD: 1354
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Another day of glorious 'must-run' weather.
    Parkrun this morning, plus a mile on track. Time: 28:03 giving me a 9:03 pace which is what I wanted. (Still hoping to get somewhere near that in 4 weeks time ?) But at the moment my effort for 10min/mile pace feels almost like 9min/mile effort.
    Couldn't pass on a sunny afternoon, so a steady seafront, flat 6' in 60mins. Seemed to get progressively easier, even against a fresh breeze (?) (Doesn't always (ever?) make sense.
    Brings me nicely to 1000' YTD. 
  • Cal: enjoy Tokyo, maybe the greatest city in the world to visit? 

    Three or four miles a day plus a parkrun in the last four days for me. Hoping to have a longer run tea time today. 

    Ytd: 826.3
  • Nice crisp Autumn weather has been replaced by cloudy, muggy and warm, with smatterings of drizzle. Fortunately the forecast thunderstorms did not materialise and I was able to get through today's 20 miler, finishing my highest ever week - 60 miles.

    YTD: 1374
  • Longer run last night as part of prep for the Yorkshire marsthon. 14 miles in 2 hours and 1 minute. Caught in pouring rail for most of the second hour. 

    Ytd: 840.4
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Cal and Donnie...Well done on the longer runs....less than 4 wks to go!!

    Set my alarm for 6, but was already awake before 5! (Who is starting to get excited??)
    Started with five minutes of walking, to check the systems; and all seemed good. 14' of seafront running in great conditions. O'all pace was 10:13/mile, with 12' in exactly 2hrs.
    Even managed the return 6' as a progression, from 10min to 9min/mile pace. Cadence is pathetic but h.r. was well-behaved. Still some slight injury-reminders, but generally starting to feel 'normal'. Still doing an hour of stretching most days. Happy.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Harmander,hope your glute and toenail are on the mend.

    MrM2, well done on passing 1000,some nice long runs as well.You nearly seem to be back to normal now and running well. 

    Welcome Tracey, I'm sure you can do it.

    I'm enjoying my taper and bought myself a new t shirt and socks for Chester mara.

    20.09 - 5

    21.09 - 10

    22.09 - 4.44

    YTD - 1328

  • Blimey Cal, 60 miles in one week! Puts me to shame as I'm struggling to get over 20pw. Is that your last LSR and you're into taper mode now?

    Well done on the 1000+ Mr M2and getting back into your running - can seem to take forever when you've got any injuries.

    Good time on your 14miler Donnie2augers well for York and a sub 4 (if it was me I'd run with the 4hr pacer and try to leave them after 20, but that's only what I would do, we've all got to run our own races!)

    For me was the Belfast Deep RiverRock 1/2 marathon last weekend (Bit homesick Dubai Runner for a run from Ormeau Park, up Albertbridge Road, around Victoria Park, back past City Hall to Falls Road and back via Botanic?). Nice run in the rain (it was NI, what do you expect) and a finish in a slightly disappointing 1:51:05 as I was hoping to go sub 1:50.

    Made even worse by seeing in results that I'd been beaten into 2nd for Age grp by a mere 7seconds, damn, and £75 down the proverbial (he was actually 30seconds up the road as I'd got to the start late and should have been further up, but hey). So not really bothered by coming 2nd, more disappointed with the time.

    YTD        727.26
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019
    This week should be quite high as well but not as high as last week. However I do feel a little run-down so I'm going to go by how I feel.
    Did a 6 mile recovery run this morning during a break in the torrential rain. Hoping this weather doesn't persist.
    Unlucky on the age group, senidM, but there you go. Can't win 'em all.
    Glad things are improving, MrM2.

    YTD: 1380
  • SenidM congrats on your placing, don't worry I'm not homesick at all!!

    19.9 4.3
    20.9 5.01
    23.9 7.02
    24.9 4.29
    25.9 4.24

    YTD 1300.82 miles

  • Great work 1300 miles & well done MrM2 on the 1000.

    Day 2 of my C25K in work, they're doing well and I upped the number of run/walk reps.
    Club handicap tonight for me, managed an 18:27 (nearly) 5k so pretty happy with that. Finished 4th overall for series.

    984 miles YTD 
  • Congrats on the 1300 Dubai Runner,
    1000 for MrM2
    Hobie 1495, well done in advance for the 1000 by the weekend I guess and Cal on 1400 by the weekend too.
    Apologies if I missed anyone as there is so much fantastic runs by many of you.
    I went out for a steady 7.10 mile uphill training (in 75:45) tonight since Saturday when I did a very slow 10.10 mile Parkrun sandwich before the treatment - I didn't want to aggravate the now treated glutes (the toenail is fine now). Was happy when I finished as it would allow me to fulfill the 2:30 pacing commitment at Ealing Half on Sunday.
    Oh, nearly forgot, Little Nell sent her regards to all.
  • I've been fighting a virus (one of those that feels like the onset of the cold but never really turns into one) so I took yesterday off. Felt a little better today so went for an easy 10 miler before the school kids started clogging up the pavements.
    Nice time, Hobie!
    Glad your toenail is OK, H. I find hockey balls are good for glutes, nice and hard. Is Nell doing Ealing as well? I had considered doing it again but opted for Kingston instead (which I'm glad of now due to the virus).

    YTD: 1390
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks, JD1, and all the best for Chester. Really enjoyed it last year and still like to wear the l/slv top.
    Thanks, senidM, and sorry about the 7seconds. Hope the half is better organised than the full was when I did it ten years ago!
    Thanks Cal, and hope you'll be back to full health very soon. Almost taper time?
    Thanks, Hobie, and well done on the handicap series. Good start to the C25K.
    Thanks,Harmander, and hope all goes well at Ealing. Glad you're getting back to fitness.
    Congrats, Dubai, passing 1300'!

    Resorted to the treadmill for a 2', pre-stretch, warm-up a couple of days ago, and went out for a 10' run yesterday. 'Resistance' training against a stiff SW'ly for 5', then hardly had anything left for the return 5', but averaged 10min/mile o'all. The outward effort seems to have aggravated some of my weak spots, so will rest-up for a couple of days.
    YTD: 1016'.  
  • Yes....was planning a three week taper but it'll be a four week taper now. I'll still get in a decent length run this weekend and then dial back next week so I'm fresh for Kingston half.
  • 8 miles, a little bit faster than yesterday (more at the steady end of my easy range than the recovery end). Legs a bit heavy and still not 100% but I'm getting there.

    YTD: 1398
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