sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Dear Bernard/All,

    I'm also beginning to feel like I won't make the sub 4.30, based on my times so far (15 miles in 2.46.49), but I'm still trying to achieve it and keeping it as a goal.

    Whatever time you do - a marathon is a significant achievement in itself, try not to lose sight of that and beat yourself up over times.

    Perhaps I'm getting older and more philosophical (!), but I'm just happy I'm managing 15 miles, never mind the time.


  • Dips and Chris

    Thanks for this. I am still going to keep on keeping on, I've had a few hours to think things over and I am getting my motivation back.

  • Hi Bernard / Everyone!

    I've had times too when you just can't seem to make it. The bit that counts is that you get up the next time and go out and don't get disheartened - for me thats what the marathon is all about - pushing yourself mentally as well as physically.

    I've had times when it feels like im running backwards!

    You're doing great by the sounds of it - especially if you've done 15 miles previously. Forget about the time for a bit and enjoy the training - you'll bounce back no problem.

    As per eating before runs for energy I will always have a good sized bowl (200/250g) of pasta an hour or two before I go running -this usually lasts me up to about 10 miles without fail!

    Had a good 10 miler today, found the first 3 miles the hardest! Then got warmed up and enjoyed it - was sunny for once too!

    Keep going all! Ewan.
  • Nothing much new here. Did a mere 5-mile race yesterday but improved time from last year by about 30 seconds (43.48) and was particlularly strong at the end. Nothing now until Thursday probably but must get some longer runs in again.
  • I think what we've all got to remember is that we are training and still have 8 weeks to go. Training is putting our bodies under immense stress and we are bound to be getting tired - that is what training is supposed to do. Just think, when we do the marathon it will be after 3 weeks relatively easy taper - we will be feeling refreshed, motivated, and super-charged to go - at least this is what I keep telling myself over and over again!!
  • Too true slowlegs - well reminded! Having got into the training so much I keep thinking I can go harder and faster, and probably am wearing myself out more than I thikn in the process - you think you become invincible don't you!! Sometimes its good to check this and go slow for once - its ok to come back from a run still having some energy - we're not going for sub 2hrs are we!

  • Bernard - don't worry about doing 11.6 instead of 14. 11.6 is a great achievement. You've already ran 15.89 last week so you know you're able for it. You start to taper 3 weeks before the marathon, so you're body will be refreshed and ready for the marathon and the atmosphere is electric which'll definitely help too. Also, unless your an elite athlete, I don't think it matters if you don't make 4:30 on the day - just think how absolutely fantastic you are being able to actually run a marathon.

    How did everyone elses long run's go at the weekend? I did 16 miles in 2hrs 43mins. Got up at 9.00am to have breakfast and get the run over early. Started cleaning the house and the next thing I knew it was 3pm. The best of it is, I live on my own and the house is always spotless - I think I was just putting off the inevitable. Anyway, I was so pleased when I finished.

    I bought this new Radox muscle soak and relaxed in the bath afterwards (I haven't had a bath in 2 years - I always think I'm in a hurry and take a shower). Anyway, it was so relaxing - pure heaven. I would recommend it to you for after your long runs and it definitely helped my aching muscles.
  • 4got to ask in last posting - do any of you get sick after your long runs. After my 16 miler on Saturday, I felt sort of disorientated driving home and had to drive slowly, as I was afraid of having an accident. I had a really sick stomach and had to force myself to eat a Tuna sandwich and a sports drink to refuel. I felt sick for the rest of the night and ate a few hours later as well, which helped me a bit.

    I am now having flash backs of my last marathon 3 years ago, when I used to get so sick after long runs, that I couldn't eat and had to go to bed. Does anyone else feel like this?

    I drink loads of water so am not dehydrated and eat well. I be back to normal the next day again.
  • I too was despairing about making the distance - I'd "only" managed 13.5 miles, my foot was worrying me with an undiagnosed injury (for a fortnight) and it all seemed too much and too daunting for a first marathon.

    But, my fellow strugglers, there is hope. A dose of slow release nurofen, a pocktful of gels and jelly babies, and a flask of lucozade sport - and a target of LSD run to determine whether to throw in the towel.

    I'm sure the weather helped (did this on Friday in the sunshine) but added an extra bridge along the Thames to my longest distance, and finished 2hrs 43 mins later having run 17.2 miles. I know it might all go wrong again this week/next week or whenever, but don't give up yet. I feel like I've made the breakthrough, and I'm sure everyone can do the same. Good luck!
  • Hey guys,

    Looks like everyone is having good and bad times! I had a shocking run on Saturday around richmond, had planned to do 14 miles, crashed at about 11, not good!

    My point is though, that 6 months ago I wouldn't have even contemplated walking that far let alone running it!

    if we get round all 26.2 miles then that is a MASSIVE achievement, and something I know I will be proud of for the rest of my life, who cares if we miss our target by a few minutes!

    Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better for not making my run on Saturday! Oh well, it's working god dammit!

    By the way it's only 54 days now!!!
  • Hi Kieran et al

    Damn right. I started off doing 10 min jogs, I can now cope with 17 miles (only just), and have bad days and good days. Its an achievement in itself... chill with the training - take the pressure off the time if you are having trouble at the moment and just roll with it, then when you get back on form (which you will - believe me!) then consider time if you like!

    Nice 30 min jog for me tonight...
  • Hi everyone,

    About justgiving, they don't take 5% from your donations, they charge the person donating 5% of their total donation. So if someone donates £10 and says yes to gift aid (£2.80) then they will be charged £13.44 on their card (12.80 + 5% of that). I'm pretty sure this is what happens.

    Did 2 hours this sunday (somewhere around 12miles). Still feeling a bit left behind compared to everyone else's long runs, but was happy since I haven't run for that long since the half marathon in September. Legs were like lead at the end, but no knee pain. Knees aching today though when I go up and down stairs. Also did a 40min hilly run on saturday.

    Well done on the half marathon Dips, that's well on target. Hope I get that close to sub-2hr at Silverstone on 13th March.

    Actually doubting the magical power of joosters after yesterday's run when 1 min after eating some I needed the loo. May have been coincidence but I'm going to investigate further before settling on them as the be-all and end-all.
  • Just copied this from the just giving site -

    "Justgiving charges a small transaction fee on every donation made on this website. The fee is currently 5% of the gross donation, which is the donation plus any tax reclaimed under Gift Aid. This means that, when a donation is made by a UK taxpayer, the charity receives approximately £12 for every £10 donated, which makes Justgiving one of the most efficient methods of making a donation. When a donation is not eligible for tax reclaim, the 5% fee applies to the donation alone. Subscription fees also apply to charities and companies for additional services. For up-to-date details please visit and respectively."

    i have the knee pain today too banana! Mine is on the outside of my knees, but that's as a result over over pronating. Got myself some new trainers to curb this and they have helped a loy, nowhere near as sore as I was before.

    Anyone else doing the runners world run in Richmond Park next weekend?? I don't know how I will cope with 15 miles at 4.30 pace, but we will see!

    Who else is doing the Silverstone race? I'm really looking forward to that as I'm told it's nice and flat, so hoping for a confidence booster! Fingers crossed at least!

  • Bananna, my charity CHICS told me that any donations made to them have 5% taken off them if they're made through the justgiving site - so if you give £10 plus gift aid you pay £12.80 - however, they do not get that £12.80, they only get £12.80 minus 5%

    Sorry.... I'm rambling.. just back from an 18 miler which took 3 hrs 10 mins. I suffered at the end but managed to keep going despite having to resort to running for 5 mins and walking for 1 between miles 15 and 17. Then, as is my wont, felt better int he last mile which just shows it must be psychological!

    Reading everybody's posts makes me feel so much better - it seems we're all struggling and suffering highs and lows. I'm going to have a nice bath now - usually I have a cold one but not today, I couldn't face it!
  • CJS - I felt a bit like you last week after a 17 mile run. I felt a bit sick and had to force down food - I also felt not quite with it mentally, sort of drained and drowsy. I didn't have to drive anywhere though so that was okay. Today, I did 18 miles which was still very hard, however, the only difference this week was I drank about 250ml of Lucozade Sport whilst out and also ate a handful of jelly babies. The upshot is that whilst I still felt tired on the run, afterwards I feel more normal - definitely not sick and mentally more with it. Perhaps it is the drop in blood sugar which leaves you feeling so bad?
  • Slowlegs-if that's how it's actually done then sorry for providing incorrect info but that's what it seemed to do when I tried it. Wanted to know what the 5% was about so I donated a fiver and the amount charged to the card seemed to be as I described, with the 5% being charged to the donator. The explanation given by justgiving doesn't seem clear (that Kieran posted). I dunno!

    Having thought about it, I am very tired after a long run, although I don't feel sick. Yesterday I ate VERY willingly after my run but then had an hour and a half nap because I was so tired. Felt much better after.
  • CJS - I felt really sick when I was training for Dublin over the summer and was frequently sick after my longer runs, especially when I tried to refuel. I tried loads of different things, changing my food and drink, how much I ate and drank, my pace, the time of day I went out and nothing worked until someone introduced me to travel sickness tablets. It might just be psychological but I've not been sick after a long run since.
  • Hi all

    I was a bit put out after my long run Saturday as I planned to do 15miles, I finished in 2hrs 8mins and thought that sounds a bit quick so got my map out and remeasured only to find I only did 14miles. I feel like I cheated myself as I felt tired and a bit achy but feel I could of made the 15. Damn

    I find its not just the physical side I have to conquer but also the mental aswell, sometimes the thought of going on a long run is horrible but after I have finished I'm always glad I went out there.

    Anyway good luck to all of you out there.
  • Allrover - i found after my last marathon never to measure a route after you do a long run. If you want to measure, do it before the run but never after, as you end up thinking your whole run was in vain (when you relaise you did less than you first thought). However, I think if you're a mile out either way it dosen't really matter. If you believe you ran 15-miles, then 1-mile less won't do your training any harm. That's my opinion anyway.
  • guys/gals,

    talking of meausuring routes, have you tried mapminder??? they have a 30 day free trial thing which is pretty good, you can get pretty accurate routes on it, and I've found it pretty useful.

    keep on running!
  • Had to post some exciting news: Joosters now come in small handy cardboard packets that are not only resealable but also refillable! I take back everything I said before, they are the best!
  • ...but where do you get the joosters to re-fill them?!

    I wanted to do the Reading half marathon, but Mother's Day scuppered that. I thought about doing Silverstone too, but I have a stag do the night before which would not be the best preperation!!! Actually not sure how I am going to get my run in that weekend. I was doing the Richmond run this weekend but it's a 0730 start and I am at wedding the day / night before (seems to be wedding season for me!)

    Would appear that FLM will be the first event since the Nike 10k Nocturnal. The 'smaller' events worry me that everyone will be twice as fast!

    Everyone seems to be well on track - things I've read say it's perfectly normal to have ups and downs and to miss one or two long runs in the build up - as was said there are still 8 weeks to go which is alot of training and the most important thing is to avoid injury.
  • "it's perfectly normal to have ups and downs and to miss one or two long runs in the build up"

    Talking about ups and downs I think I've had my fair share to date but now I'm nearly down and out:0(

    I went to see a physio today and what I have is a progressive tear of a muscle which has caused inflamation and tightness of the surrounding areas. He mentioned names such as bursitis & crepitis??? but the upshot is he reckons it will take between 4-6 weeks from date of injury to heal. Another 21/2 weeks min yet. In the meantime he says that I can cycle or swim but no running. I'm seeing him again next monday to see how things are.I won't now be running in the half marathon this Sunday as planned which is not a problem but missing a month of training for FLM is a kick in the teeth. Sub 4.30 is now just a pigment of my imagination. I can't believe this has happened when I've done virtually everything by the book:0)

  • Never give up Stylish, last year i HAD to pull out thro injury, but hey i'm back again this year after deferring my entry. Hopefully you can maintain a suitable level of fitness by swimming or cycling. Turboing is excellent and 30 minutes on a turbo is equal to an hour on the road. You've got to stay positive!
  • Stylish - dont give up banana.I ran FLM 2003 with an ankle problem. I was half an hour ff my target but finished. You can still walk bits if you really want to do it.

    Bananna - I'm hearing so much about these joosters from you, that I really have to get some and try them out. Where do i get them???
  • Stylish-that really sucks, but don't give up hope yet. Just see how it goes and if 4:30 is really not on the cards then make a new target. You'll still have a great day doing the marathon whatever time you come in. Happy healing.

    Steve, you can still get the big packs of joosters, the new individual cardboard packs are an addition.

    CJS-you can get them from loads of places, Tesco, Sainsburys, Woolworths, most sweet shops.
  • Chin up Stylish - you could always run/walk it?

    Where there's a will...

  • Stylish, don't give up hope. Depending on the level of injury nearer the time, you could always hobble round but deferring seems the better option. I deferred from last year : OK, it cost me the entry fee again but, at least, I was IN !

    Ran 3-3 1/2 miles this morning in the snow - very pelasant despite that wind. Thursday - next run hopefully
  • Hi Guys thanks for the words of encouragement and no I'm not giving up. As the saying goes "It's not that you got knocked down that matters but it's how you get up". I haven't done nine months of training to give up just.I've also got £1500 of sponsership money, so far, which I want to give CLIC this year. I can not not do it this year.

  • Dear All,

    Got out for a 5.6 mile run this morning and my legs were AGONY (that's in really big, bold letters!). I ended up walking more than running which was a little depressing.

    Is anyone suffering from sore shins - despite having done lots of training? If so, any suggestions? I've tried Deep Heat, but it didn't seem to have much effect. I'm getting desperate. ;-)

    Hope everyone's getting on well. PS I can also vouch for Joosters, yum!


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