Kent Coastal Marathon

Blimey, starting off a new thread, that's a first for me! Then again, so is marathon running.

Just been rejected for the FLM, need to do a south east based marathon in spring / summer 2005, this one seems to fit the bill. Thing is, the web address doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me what the course is like? I'll email the organiser as well, but in the meantime all viewpoints welcome! Ta.


  • We are currently working on next year's programme of races and we will have further information about it early next year.
    Sorry for the lack of information, but our calendar is going through a re-work period...

  • Thanks very much David. :)
  • web address:

    details will be available in january
  • I have been to the thanet runners site, but it seems there are still no info about the marathon. Is that right?
  • ...the marathon is usually the first weekend in September...that would be the 4th this year.

    It is a hilly first half going from Margate to Ramsgate and back. The second half is flatter as you follow the promenades to Minnis Bay and back.

    There is usually a half on the same day.

  • Thanks for that info, Corridore, it is helpfull. How big are the hills in the forst half. I am looking for a PB.
  • Its nit really 'hilly', more 'undulating.. this was my first marathon last summer on what was one of the hottest days of the year. I'd still recommend it.. only down side was that there was no medal...

  • Thanks, think I'll go for it.
  • We'll be putting the entry forms and more information out over the next couple of weeks.

    There will be a half the same day. We are hoping that we can make improvements to the race this year with energy gels on route and better prizes...

  • Hi, I have just registered for the marathon over the internet. I live in Oz and will be visiting the UK in Aug/Sep. Can anybody recommend some accomodation in Margate during the event? Also, how do you get to Margate from London!

  • Hi David, easiest way to Margate from London is train from London Victoria.
  • Thanks Cinders, any suggestions for accommodation. I suppose Margate is huge and there would be hundreds of places to stay?
  • I would suggest Looking at the accommodation list on the bottom of the events page. Margate isn't that big, so its not too far away from anywhere. However, Smith's Hotel is very close by to the start - about 50 yards.

  • Except that I see that it has now stopped working :-(.

    Hmmmm... I'll try to dig up a few details. NO worries there is no hurry to book accommodation yet. We will find you somewhere to stay!
  • Thanet Roadrunners Announce New Sponsor for Kent Coastal Marathon

    Thanet Roadrunners AC are pleased to announce that the 2005 Kent Coastal Marathon, held on Sunday 4th September, has a new headline sponsor on-board, Fosters Solicitors, who have offices in Herne Bay and Ramsgate. Fosters join existing supporters, Pfizer and Thanet District Council, to help bring this event to the area.

    Edward Foster, Senior Partner of Fosters Solicitors, said, “We are delighted to be able to support what is a major sports event in the County, and an important feature in Thanet’s own sports and tourism calendar. We are hopeful that, in the coming years, our relationship with Thanet Roadrunners will develop further – although, personally, I do not think I will be ready to compete quite yet!”

    Race Directors Dave Bennett and Mark Foster are very pleased with the sponsorship deal. Dave said, “The commitment from Fosters Solicitors will allow us to help this event grow. We’re pleased to be associated with a local company who are clearly interested in developing the area. We are looking to make this race a flagship event for Thanet and Kent, bringing people from all over the country to the area, and the support from Fosters will allow us to do this.”

    Mark added, “The race will also see a number of other innovations over the next few years. Starting this year there will be feed stations en route, where runners can pick up Science In Sport ‘Go’ gels, to help prevent runners ‘hitting the wall’. The ‘Go’ gels, supplied by Downland Cycles of Canterbury, are unique in that they don’t need to be taken with water and hence are easy to swallow. This is an important feature for runners taking part in the full 26.2 mile run.”

    There will also be an increase in the prize money offered this year, and an expected prize fund of over £1000, with other spot prizes for runners who aren’t vying for a top three place.

    The race is the only full-length marathon in the county of Kent and probably the best value marathon in the country. Runners who are who are keen to take part are encouraged to enter early. Entry forms can be downloaded from The club will also be running a half marathon on the same day.
  • Hi David

    I live in West London and your marathon works well for me in terms of the date and location.

    Is it flat, if no what gradient hills?

    Can you advise, what time does the marathon start, are there plenty of parking spaces, are there showers and toilets at the finish?

    I note from the email thread there was no souvenir medal last year, will there be one this year?

  • Hi-am considering entering this as my first marathon after completing the Hastings half. Am also wondering about the medals, very sad I know, but really want to get a medal for completing first marathon, although I do really like the sound of this one. Should I sacrifice the medal and stop being such a sad newbie?
  • The lack of a medal was a real downer for me last year. In fact, my wife even went to a local shop and had one made for me specially! Only cost £1.25, including the engraving!

  • Ducati Man - thats a very thoughtful wife and a very good idea. Think i will enter this one as really like the sound of the event. Is it very hilly and is it hilly throughout thr first half or is that flats as well, as don't want to be over ambious and not finish! Thanks.

  • Hi folk,

    Sorry I've been on holiday sunning myself, so not reading any emails...

    The course is undulating in the first half and flatish in the second apart from an uphill in the last couple of miles. There is a longish drag at mile 4 ISTR (about 600m long and 40m upwards). We are in the process of doing minor modifications to the course owing to part of it being dug up and the need to get the half and marathon finishes in the same place. Suffice to say it won't be that different to last year, but will have a couple of minor changes.

    There will be a medal this year. I have factored it in to the cost and you will get your medal and your t-shirt as part of the entry.

    You will also get energy gels on course for the first time...

  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    DB 2, Have you worked out how many "freebie" entries you may have to cater for as a result of the cancelled Thanet 20? Will the free entry still be the case, as it's bound to be a huge drain on your resources ?
  • Can we use our Thanet 20 entry for either the half or the full - or do we not get a choice?
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Sorry, I may have jumped the gun a bit.

    I've just had a look back at the Thanet 20 thread. There's still a possibility of rescheduling the Thanet 20.

    Any news?
  • As far as I can tell you the 20 will not be re-scheduled. Steve A has had no luck finding a date.

    I am still trying to ascertain what has happened to the vouchers, but Mark (the other race director) and I will be accepting whatever vouchers that come out for the marathon or half-marathon - your choice. The only thing that entrants must pay for is the SEAA unattatched levy, where applicable as we have to pay this whether the race goes ahead or not and hence have had to pay it for the 20m race.

    You will be required to pre-enter with the voucher.
  • Pants - are you doing the marathon? Sandra will be doing the half and I will be doing the full.

  • The accommodation list from Thanet District Council is now up and running again. For people wishing to find accommodation:


  • I've just finished my first marathon (FLM on Sunday) in 4hrs 43mins on what was a glorious (if hot!) day. Legs still not talking to me, but loved it. I was a bit disappointed with my time and need a new challenge, so I thought I'd have another go! Looking forward to to it already.
  • CD - Great news!!!

    Looks like we may have the same big goals for the rest of the year - ND30K as a prelim to the marathon.

    Thing is I will have to be in good shape to do it - not wasting the effort on a sub-par performance. I'd like to think I was in with a good chance of winning if I were to do it.

    I had my body fat tested yesterday - 15.5%. I won't be racing unless I'm in single figures...
  • Also, can somebody tell me if we start with the HM runners? - will we be able to run with them for pacing?
  • All started together last year Pants.
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