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  • Seamus are you for doing Pegasus Cross Country at Coleraine this Saturday.
    Ran about 10 miles today managed to get round without getting too wet felt good. After the Joe Sealey I'll have to take three weeks out so won't be able to make Drumanor Forest. Be back in time for Race over the Glens on 2 Jan.
  • What time is it on at Kenny? I have a pair of spiked runners - still in the box - but 2 year ago I ran it in ordinary trainers - Which should I wear?
  • Hi Seamus can't find out what time the race is at usually 3.00 but there are junior races from 12. Course was is relatively good shape but with the rain at the weekend and the number of races before ours you probably be better with spikes. I'd bring both and see what the conditions are like.
  • Kenny - I think I'll just do a training run at home on Saturday. I'll stick to the roads. Also I'm a bit behind with my work with all that training for the Dublin marathon.

    I did a good 3 miler this evening in 24mins 7 secs. I think over the winter I will improve on my speed and hopefully be ready for a good 10K season next year. That's the plan anyway - but its difficult training these evenings - I got a slight twinge on the knee as in the dark evenings its hard to judge the even-ness of the roads.
  • Seamus do you run the dark country roads during the winter? We keep to the town with the street lights but I find that you don't go as fast as you are up and down off kerbs and crossing traffic, prefer the clear evenings when you can get out into the country. Did a speed session last night 5 x 6 mins on 2 mins off. Still for doing Sat, the course is a bit soft so if you knee is a bit dodgy better giving it a miss. Will do the Sealey the following Sat hoping to get under 50 mins before my three weeks off. Hopefully I'll get a good solid winters training and try to improve my times next spring.
  • Hi Kenny - No - I ran when it was twilight and it is a bit more tricky judging the surface. I would never run in darkness from now on as a few years ago I tripped on many occasions.

    Its good to keep the speed sessions going Kenny. The best of luck on Saturday.
  • Hi Seamus had a good run on Saturday conditions were perfect good weather and firm ground. I ran 38:50 for 8K. Looking forward to the Sealey now. Met Baldy he's still injuried and wasn't running.
  • That's a great time Kenny - that's around 48 mins for a 10K. I'm sure you're pleased with that.

    I don't think I'll run the Sealey 10K. I think I'll just atick to training runs around home.

    I ran 10 miles on Saturday and did 4.4 miles of a hilly run today.

    I've just been doing between 14-18 miles these weeks up to Christmas and then I'll prepare for the Connemara Marathon at the end of March. I usually train for 4 marathons each year. I hope to be fit to continue with this for a few years.

    What's your schedule for 2006 Kenny?
  • Hi Seamus after the Sealey I have to take three weeks out so I not be racing until the Race over the Glens on 2 Jan. Have got three girls who are running London Marathon so will be training them probably see how I am going and do Belfast. Was talking to one of the organisers on Saturday they have proposed changes to the course to the police so they are waiting for feed back. Would like to break 4 hours for the marathon and improve my times for the rest. Will keep pluging away doing the miles nad speed work and hopefully stay injury free.
  • Hi guys,
    I've been lurking around the boards but haven't gotten round to posting until now. Thought this would be an appropriate place to start!

    I'm fairly new to running (been at it a few months) and have had the Sealey 10K earmarked for my first race for a while. i'm looking forward to it, but in a nervous sort of way - looks like its to get even colder at the weekend as well.

    I was also wondering about the practicalities, is there anywhere you can leave gear etc.?

    Anyway I hope to be posting a bit more now I've broken my duck, thought I'd say hello!
  • Hi darkcloud good to hear from someone new. The Sealey is a good run and always attracts a good crowd 200-300 runners. I normally leave my gear in the car. There is changing and showering facilities in the Ozone Centre but I am not sure there is lockers safer leaving your gear in the car. Weather not looking too good. If its windy it always gets you going along the embankment. Good luck on Saturady.
  • Hello everybody - not much communication on this thread these days.

  • Hi Seamus had a good run today at the sealey 49:12. Conditions good dry and cold any wind was on your back along the embankment. Been a bad week for running hopefully the weather will pick up a bit but we can't expect too much at this time of year.
  • I've been lurking around this section for a while too, can I make a contribution?

    Was at the Seely as well today, was frozen at the start but abandoned my hat by the second lap. My toes weren't so turtle like today and managed 45.36 despite my streaming nose and sore throat so am pretty chuffed.

    How did dark Cloud do?
  • 54ish, not earth-shattering but I'm pretty happy with that for my first race. I run a 9K circuit fairly often in training and tend to do it in around the same sort of time, so seems about right.

    It was chilly before, but once I got going I soon warmed up, and I didn't notice the wind at all (must've been mostly on my back then).
    Anyway I had good time.

    Nothing much in the way of road races until the spring now right?

  • Kenny - Congratulations - That's a terrific time. You must be in good form at the moment.

    Turtle toes and Dark Cloud - Again very good times. Well done.

    I'm just in from 4.4 miles of a hill run - I fel good having it done.
  • Dark Cloud - there's a 5k in Ormeau Park next weekend, but that's it really now until about March unless you fancy getting your feet muddy and doing some x country. Personally I couldn't think of anything worse than falling a*** over t** in cold mud. I just about coped with the cold yesterday.

    Well done with your time that's great if you really want to get bogged down into shaving seconds of your pb you can but I find it can take the enjoyment away when the pressure is on.

    Larne 1/2 Marathon next then? I might do Belfast Marathon next year, never done one before, am terrified of the beast. Any thoughts on Belfast next year for a first time marathon?
  • Well done Turtletoes and darkcloud good to hear from you. Very cold yesterday difficult to know what to wear. I went with a long sleeve top below my vest was too warm after the first lap. The wind was in the right direction on your back along the embankment. Its a long stretch if your running into a head wind. Not much in the way of road races between now and next Spring.
    I like Belfast because you can hold off entering until you see how the training is going. I hear they are changing the course again for next year and its the 25th so they might make a big effort.

  • Hello all

    Ashamed to confess have not run a step since Dublin. Any motivation advice gratefully received..........
  • Hi Chris hard to get motivated these dark cold nights. I just like to keep going at this time of year so that i don't put on too much weight at Christmas. Good off road race on Jan 2 (Race over the Glens) gets the new year off to a good start.

  • Kenny - Race over the Glens sounds a bit on the tough side.......
  • Not an easy one Chris but a good way to start the new year. Last year it was on New Years day but because its a Sunday this year you have a day to recover. The race is about 5.5 miles throught Glenariff Forest Park. We had snow last year but you get a welcome cuppa at the end
  • Kenny is the race over the glens a real toughie or is it fun? I don't normally do that sort of thing but I quite fancy the idea of blowing away some cobwebs after too much Christmas food and vegetation.
  • Turtle Toes it is a toughie some of the hills you have to walk because they are steep but its a change from running roads and you get some good veiws along the top. You get that geat feeling of having achieved something. They are hoping to get about 200 runners this year. Not all club runners you get some who just want to get round. Visit Ballymena Runners website for more information.
  • Hello everybody - I hope you are all still keeping in shape. I did 13 miles today. I was pleased with my run and will do a 5 miler tomorrow. I didn't run all week as the evening are short now.

    There's a 10k in Drum manor forest park nect Saturday 10 at 11.30am.
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and to Northern Ireland. I'm working near Belfast and running in and around Lisburn at the moment. I am keen to meet up with folk to do some training or even steady runs, if anyone is interested, let me know. I'm keen to train for Belfast marathon especially if I've got folk to do long runs with. I've run one marathon before (New York) which was amazing. Good to see this thread !
  • Hello ElleRS - Welcome to the forum, I'm sorry - I don't live in Belfast, but the Belfast marathon is well worth training for. I hope to do it later.

    I did a 5K in Cookstown today - it was a tough course and I completed it in 24 mins, there were 28 runners and I was 24th.
  • HI everyone, quick update from me, ran the Luton marathon last weekend and got my first sub 3 hour finish in 2:58, and came 13th..

    Am having a very easy week before getting back into it again.. Would like to do the 3 day Ironman in May, which finishes with the Belfast marathon. Also on the lookout for 1 or more 10 mile races, anyone know of any ?
  • Cartman - Congratulations on a super time for a marathon. You're 1hr 2 mins ahead of me - that's terrific running.
  • Hi all.

    The bald one is back.

    The posts seem to be a bit thin at the moment, lets try and get some motivation back into the fingers and legs.

    PC has been poorly and is now sorted.

    More than i can say for the legs, confirmed stress damage down both shins, treatment is podiatry and lots of stretching of the calfs.

    Podiatrist advises chop legs off and start again. Calf muscles are too small and causing the probs.Am getting orthoses to sort out the fact that only half of what should touch the ground does, twice as much force going through the legs than should and the heels twisting to cause massive pronation!!!

    Still, at least it is fixable with a lot of rehab work and masses of stretching.

    Am aiming for a mara comeback at london and belfast, with a halves starting in Stranraer. Local racing not anticipated until Feb when have got a bit of umf back.

    How are all the rest of you, dont see much from James, does he still own a pair of trainers??

    Cartman, dont know of any local 10s until the jude gallagher june time and ballyclare aug.

    Kenny and seamus glad to see you are both still at it, are we on for a trip to scotland again?
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