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    Shades-But when you are halfway you say 21km are done and only 13 miles left so in my head it seems shorter to go.
  • Rcouture - welcome - I am doing a tune-up half this weekend for Manchester and I'm deffo racing it. I tend to reduce mileage a little during the week but don't do a specific taper. For example, my longest midweek run has been 10 miles, whereas I generally do 12-14. As Shades said, go by how you feel.

    Shades - mostly...looks like it could rain but it's not too cold.
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    Cal - Thanks for that. How many tube-ups do you tend to do in a training cycle? In the end I did a 10k on way home from work last night at target half pace for 1:50, so 8:25 per mile. Felt faster than it should and made me realise I’ve really been running at only 3 paces since mara training started in Jan, LSR, marathon pace and my Yasso-800 pace. Think will up the pace of one of my midweek MP runs for some variety. 
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    Tune-ups rather!
  • I don't really - I just enter the races I fancy and then work my training around that. I'll typically do two or three half marathons in the build up to a marathon - I don't do many 10Ks (only two last year) but I do parkrun nearly every week so I use that as speed training.
    Ian5 said:
    Shades-But when you are halfway you say 21km are done and only 13 miles left so in my head it seems shorter to go.
    Ian - we all have our own little mental games to deal with the distance.   With miles my favourite is when I get to 16+ miles and I can say 'down to single figures now'.  :) 

    I had a look at the weather for Seville, looks really good as the warmest part of the day is quite late on.

    Rcouture  - most of us on here have a fairly busy race schedule so tend to fit our training in around our races.   
    It's unbelievably hard to run race pace in a training run, you'll find that out on Sunday when your half marathon pace will feel easier than your training run yesterday.   

    10 miles this morning.  It's getting much lighter in the mornings now so was able to get off the main roads quite early into my run.   Chilly but lovely morning, just a really cold wind for the last mile.

    I was fiddling around with my Garmin yesterday just altering the data screens, still not quite happy with them.   But this morning when I've pulled off my run data I have no mile lap times even though my alerts when running still came up for each mile.   So according to Garmin I've done one lap, 10 miles long. :#   Not sure if it's something I've altered or it's just throwing a wobbly, advice please?
  • Cal - Good luck for Sunday at HC half.
    Rcouture - Defo race it, you are far enough out from Brighton for it not to affect your marathon.
    My half is still on with the original route planned, so fingers crossed the weather is OK on Sunday!
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    Ian/Shades, one thing I like when a race is marked in kilometres is saying ‘only 2 parkruns to go’, ‘only 1 parkrun to go’.  But similarly, when there is only 6 miles to go, I remember a 6-mile training route I’ve done dozens of times and I know that I usually find that route easy in training, so even if I’m struggling I know I can do it.  On the likes of City to Sea it may take me 2hrs to do those last 6 miles, but I'll gloss over that :)  

    Shades, I’m not sure of the reasons, but RK is back in the club.  He apparently made a reappearance on Monday and rejoined shortly after.  Odd.

    Anyway, a very gentle 3-miler this morning.  Achilles was okay so I’m making the journey up towards London for the event tomorrow.  In that regard, I’m not actually doing the handicap - turns out the majority are in the mass start, so I’m joining that which means I can carry on a bit longer if I decide I want to.  I may do that as I'm doing a walking event the week after so if I can get to about 6hrs on my feet that would be useful, but if it's raining or the terrain isn't great I won't bother.
    Steve - that's good news about your race on Sunday, just hope the weather is OK for you.
    I ran this morning on a path that was badly flooded last weekend and it's dried up surprisingly well.

    Big G - lots of marshals say 'only one parkrun to go', of course that's no good to me I've never run one, or a 5k race :# 

    Interesting about RK, I guess his wife's influence perhaps.

    So tomorrow, does that mean it's a 6/7 hour challenge and by not taking part in the handicap marathon you can continue as far as you want?
    That's good the achilles was OK today.
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    Shades, yes, it's a 7hr event that starts at 8am (although I did read he's allowing some people to start at 7am).  I very much doubt I'd go on for 7hrs in any case.  I'll just have to see what the terrain is like and decide from there as I don't really want to be trudging around for longer than I need to if it's too muddy.
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    Shades-Weather looks good for sunday,warming up a bit towards the end now,showing as 19° by 12 so wouldnt mind that a little lower.
    We had a great day yesterday but I managed to refrain and only had 2 pints of light lager so feel great this morning,heading to airport soon and looking forward to seeing a bit of sun after the last few weeks.
    I got chatting to a guy before the match and he ran NYC and is doing Barca in March,ran 2:58 last year and I've arranged to meet him this year and potentially run a bit together.
    Big G - hopefully the course will have dried out a bit and it won't be too bad.

    Ian - as long as the humidity is low you should be alright at that temperature, wasn't it 21 at GC for you last year?   Don't forget your sun cream though ;) 

    You were very disciplined with the beer o:)

    Lots of runners go to Barcelona to do a PB, that guy might be just what you need in the early stages.   

  •  Big G - Hope it's the autumn Thames Meander you have penciled in, apparently the summer event gets quite busy with walkers.  I did the autumn event in 2015 other than flooding and the weather was a nice event. Good luck tomorrow

    Cal - I've chosen not to enter events without medals over ones that do, however in the first few years of running most of my events I raced never had medals.  Have a good race on Sunday, makes sense to go all out, put the Tokyo training to good use, almost like a spontaneous race this one.

    Rcouture - my normal year cycle usually looks like Feb 10k, March half, April Marathon A race, May-Aug pop a couple of ultras.  Then back end of the year usually feature another A race or event before relaxing and getting in really bad shape ready to start all over again.

    Ian, well done on refraining from liquid refreshments! Can enjoy plenty of them after the race.

    Shades, I use the parkrun method a lot on mundane training runs when running back along the river, I know I need to finish the run as it's an out or back.  However in a race it doesn't motivate me, I know where I need or want to be at every mile and then focus on knocking down each mile.  KMs for me are too short and many  :s 

    Another 8 miles before work, felt fairly comfortable, woke up tired so thought the extra hour in bed was more benefit than another 4 miles on the run (as I'm working till 8pm).  May consider a parkrun or a gentle run tomorrow and my 1st XC, I wont be racing just a social occasion. 

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    Big G - I do the same, count my parkruns left! although having done a lot of 5 milers recently that is becoming my short run and therefore 5 miles is the 'home straight' so to speak!

    Not sure how tomorrows 16 miles will go, lots of localised flooding, I'll head out and see how it evolves. I guess the beauty of not running for a time as such means a few detours shouldn't mean much as long as I can find suitable routes!

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    Cozy-Soon you'll be happy when you see 8 miles to go as that's your usual easy run.
    Shades-Yes I even had a couple of waters during the day to keep hydrated.
    He actually offered to pace me the whole way,but I'm wary that if hes done 2:58 he will set off at 2:55 and it will be too fast for me.
    Traffic was pretty bad heading to the airport but I left in plenty of time so here with a couple of hours to spare,I'm staying in an air b'n'b and the owner has said there is another guy doing the marathon staying so might bump in to him,bit of a journey out to the expo tomorrow but where I am is less than a mile to the start/finish area so prioritised that over being close to the expo.
  • Ian - Good luck!
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    <div class="QuoteAuthor"><a href="/profile/Robert%20OHara">Robert OHara</a> said:</div>
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    </p><p>Rcouture - my normal year cycle usually looks like Feb 10k, March half, April Marathon A race, May-Aug pop a couple of ultras.  Then back end of the year usually feature another A race or event before relaxing and getting in really bad shape ready to start all over again.</p><p>
    ’pop a couple of ultras’. Love it. I’m out here grinding away to try and run 26 miles in one go for the first time :)
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    Rcouture-Don't worry about that,we have all been there.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Me v Jonny Mellor smackdown is on 
    Robert - I'm sure you'll enjoy the XC.  You're certainly getting the mileage on now.

    Cozy - it can often help the miles go by easily by not having a definite route or time planned, just go out and enjoy it.

    Ian - water too, you are taking the running seriously.  No wonder you felt good this morning.

    Great pic, is he running Seville too?

    I'd rather be close to the start/finish too, Expo you only need to go there once.

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    Shades-Yes he is,this is his target race for the Olympic time,not running london this year as he thinks this is better weather and course to give it his best.He used to run for my club so spent quite a bit of time talking to me about people we knew etc.
  • Afternoon folks..

    Ive entered the SVN moonlight challenge even tomorrow evening.. (was the last entry) and I want to use it as a pacing and fuelling practice as it’s the same course as my 100. 

    Like most of us, we sometimes putt little niggles to the back of our minds but today I had to face mine.. been dealing with a slightly achy right ankle/Achilles for 4-5 months.. it’s never been enough to stop me running but it does hurt first thing in the morning and the first 2-3 miles of a run but eases off a bit.. I went to see an osteopath and he said I should of seen him sooner and if I had left it , the damage could become permanent. He diagnosed mild PF and anterior tibialis tendinopathy.
    I’ve been told to stretch much more than I do and get a regular massage to ease the tight calf muscles. Thankfully he didn’t say anything about not running so Im pleased. After he sorted my ankle out, he went about cracking my body. My neck clicked 4-5 times and he cracked my entire back but when he did my mid back, he crossed my arms over my chest and used his weight to crack my back and managed to squeeze me enough that I accidentally farted.. it was quite embarrassing but I guess it was out of my control.. 

    wherever you’re running this weekend, stay safe and have fun...
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    Robert, it’s the summer one I’ve got pencilled in...

    Shades, I had a look at my Garmin to try and solve that issue but I couldn’t see anything specific. It’s probably some sort of auto-lap problem though - do you had Auto Distance set to miles and Auto Lap set to on?   On mine, those options are under the Activity Settings menu. 

    Ian, sounds like it’s going to be a good weekend.

    Iain, funny story there :) Hopefully you’ve got the achilles under control. 

    The 3:15 drive took nearly 4:15, which was a pain but got here safely.  No accidents as far as I could tell but just volume of traffic even though I left around lunchtime. Long queues (IE 4 miles of very stop/start and slow traffic) approaching Stonehenge which I think is because people slow right down to look at the stones.  I’m staying about 15mins away from the event in a Travelodge and with an 8am race start it’ll be an early alarm, but I’m quite looking forward to the event mainly as I know a few of the people who are going. Speaking of medals I’m not usually too bothered about them but this one looks quite nice. 

  • Cozy1504Cozy1504 ✭✭✭

    Shades - I may end up doing some extra miles tomorrow, although I've looked at a possible out and back if flooding still bad

  • Iain,  PF is crap, hope nothing develops, 18 months ago I never really suffered from injuries then had issues with my hip, carried on running for a few weeks, its all interlinked suffered from PF in the foot.  It was agony at its worst and really wouldn't wish it on anyone.  Good luck tomorrow!

    Ian good luck keeping up with Mellor!!!!

    Rcouture ultras are a lot easier than a road marathon (well 50kms), much slower pace, more of a social experience and get to eat cake and sandwiches.  Bit like pub crawl but swap the pubs for aid stations and booze for food (except for Marathon Du Medoc, Beerathon or events at Denies Vineyards).  

    Ian - well if JM thinks Seville is a better race for a qualifying time you too have chosen a good race.   
    Which club is he running for now?

    Iain - I'll add your race to the list.

    Did you page back as both Robert and I commented on your post re pacing for your 100 mile event?

    You're brave going to an osteopath, I wouldn't go near one!
    I do hope he's wrong with the diagnosis, that's not good news with your plans ahead.  The mild PF you can cope with but the tendinopathy is bad news.

    Big G - lovely medal.

    Thank you so much, just checked my Garmin and the auto lap was off, I must have done that accidentally when faffing around yesterday.  I'm sitting on the sofa about 5 ft away from the window and my Garmin picked up GPS signal!

    SE, the Godfather, is doing his 900th marathon tomorrow with you. 

    Cozy - I like out and back routes, hope you have a good run.
    Good luck to all racing this weekend, good so many of you racing in various places/events.

    I love race reports.  :)

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    Shades, hopefully that will sort out the lap issue. I have to say I always wince from the bad memories when people mention achilles but let’s hope Iain will be ok..... It’s why I was a bit nervous yesterday but this morning mine was fine, so I’m hoping it’ll be okay tomorrow. It was even fine on the stairs this morning, which was the tester for me when I had issues last time. That was over 5 years ago now for me. 

    I’m pretty sure SE is bringing freebies from his sponsors which is a nice touch really. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-He runs for New Balance now,think he also runs with Liverpool Harriers.He seems such a nice guy,spent quite a bit of time talking to me,then after we went through passport control he made a point of coming over and shanking my hand,wishing me luck.
  • As BG asked on strava i'll answer here.
    Went for first run post quad on way home from work yesterday as i have had a achy leg ever since. Can run fine but do feel it. I think it relates to the achy top of calf i had on day 2 of quad as it basically hurts back of knee on left leg. Doesn't hamper me walking or running not that i went overly fast yesterday but that was also due to the windiness.
    Was gonna go for a run this morning but as its windy still and i am off to watch Carlisle later today with others from work i'll go out after i have shopped tomorrow. The several miles walking around Carlisle will let me know what its doing. I do have a doctors appt for late March already which is more to do with reviewing statin meds and blood test levels but if its not gone by then i shall mention it.
    Carlisle half is weekend before and i am pondering entering it. Is a local 10 mile tomorrow but i cant be bothered with that one mostly as i'll be up til 1am watching the new american football league.
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