'Mature' runners.



  • So how come I'm the only forumite with no snow? Eh??
  • Dunno, WP, I've got loads, and a car which is useless in it, couldn't even reverse onto the drive tonight
  • JJ, you are safe, I promise.
  • Couldn't catch you if I tried ;-)
  • btw, you didn't tell them that we weren't bullying you...
  • Gis a glass jonny!
  • Nope, they've all gone again...
  • JJ come back, you have visitors
  • Yeah he saw who and thats why he went away!!!

  • Hello folks! I saw Foggygoggle had posted earlier, and someone rallied us on the US site, so here I am. I hope everyone is well!
  • Hello Witchy, did you come over by broomstick?
  • This is GREAT
    Call the UN
  • Is there any other way to fly? I think NOT. :)
  • Morning all. First up am I??

    Wonder what Everard will make of these Americans. Bet he'll be of the "over-paid, over-sexed and over" persuasion (Bilious excepted of course)

    Mind you , he could have a point. I see wee piglet has taken to chewing gum and is flaunting her new nylons!!
  • "over here" (doh!)
  • Morning Chimp. Just nipped over to the US - has Billow exploded yet? Could find no sign of debris.
  • Morning meerkat. Dont think Billow will be back.

    Not unless she can get the French and Germans on board that is.

    Whats the url address for RWUS BTW? I went in through wee piglet yesterday (in a manner of speaking) and I'll never find the hyperlink now. Should have added it to my favourites while I was there really. I'm not the brightest. (sigh!)
  • You do know you can get there from any page here by using the pop up in the bottom right corner?
  • I didnt know that Moe (see what I mean about not being the brightest)

    Saat Effrica anyone??
  • Thing is the buttons don't work when you get there, I went to forums through the search. I remember when we used that type of forum, like going back to driving an old car int it?
  • Anyway I've gotta go and do some stuff..... dunno what sort of stuff but I'll be in trouble with the Vampire if I don't do something useful today!
  • I've just been.

    Funny how us ex-pats all stay on the thread.

    I think we should go and moan because we cant get Marmite or Colemans mustard
  • Caught this last night, you may want to copy-paste to the US site. If you have bunnyies who are freinds and relations be afraid

    Iraq Holding Easter Bunny, Says Bush

    WASHINGTON, DC (AheadOfNews.com) - In a surprise statement made after two
    nearly sleepless nights, George W. Bush has stated that Iraq must hand over
    the Easter Bunny or face military action.

    "I wasn't quite sure how to take that," said a Washington insider who asked
    not to be named. "At first I thought it was a code phrase, or something.
    Then I realized he'd been working on his State of the Union speech for
    almost 48 hours straight, and he might just be sleepwalking."
    Other Washington insiders agree, suggesting that this may be the first
    recorded episode of presidential somnambulation.

    Colin Powell rushed to Bush's defense however, and insisted that the
    president was neither talking in his sleep nor using a code phrase. "We have
    evidence obtained from our own sources that Saddam Hussein has the Easter
    Bunny, and that he's been using deception and stalling tactics to prevent
    the UN inspection team from finding him."

    Powell continued "Let me make this perfectly clear - absence of evidence is
    not evidence of absence. It's not up to us to prove that Iraq has the Easter
    Bunny. It's up to Iraq to prove that it does not. If Saddam Hussein can't do
    something this simple, it's absolute proof that they are not only
    deliberately hiding the Easter Bunny, but also biological, chemical, and
    nuclear weapons of mass destruction."

  • Partly I'm just boinging this but I am starting to worry that the cold last night finished off the old folk.
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