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  • Apologies for not congratulating all the PB's and other great running btw.
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Evenin' all!

    So much going on... too much to name check everyone but highlights include:

    Welcome back PompeyMatt and Steven - good to hear of the progress from both of you.

    Excellent race reports everyone. Special kudos to Cal and David for PB-tastic racing :smiley:

    Very much enjoying the wife/toenail/running updates Harmander! :lol:

    Will message you JD1!

    Spent all of last week in Delaware, US, with no running at all and about 15 hours in planes all told. Am rather discombobulated and feeling not exactly under the weather but not quite right either :neutral: I'm stressing because I'm about 50 miles behind my previous Manchester marathon prep. and I'm nearly half a stone above race weight... but - hey ho... 4.26, 17.03 and 6.38 miles on Sunday, Monday and today respectively. I'm tired, sore and trepidatious about Sunday's HM. Hmmph... onwards and upwards, I guess.

    YTD: 161.97 miles.

  • Welcome back from your trip Nell.

    Harmander - too much toe information for me!

    5.5 miles tonight for me, including 3.5 at threshold pace (7.08 average pace), to kick things off for this week.

    131.5 YTD 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Harmander,I have to agree with your daughter,just pull it off.

    Nell,welcome back from your travels.I've messaged you.

    AndrewD,very good pace.

    13.01- 5.03

    YTD - 201.52 miles

  • Welcome back, Nell! I still haven't shifted my winter blubber either. I guess it didn't hurt me on Sunday, though.

    I did my minimum 4 today. Wanted to do 7 but my legs felt heavy again so I had to remind myself my goal is doing my best in races (including the one this Sunday) and not weekly mileage. I'll be having a rest day tomorrow.
  • 5.5 easy miles as a recovery run today. 

    137 YTD 
  • Posting from my phone rather than the laptop which makes it hard to check back to other contributions. 

    I'll chip in more tomorrow. Been a hard week, felt below par and tried. 

    Ytd: 135.1
  • Oops, forgot to say, YTD: 270
  • Harmander I usually just cover the toenail in Vaseline and wait for nature to take it's course.

    13.2 3.46
    14.2 3.02
    15.2 7.25

    YTD 250.12 miles

  • Welcome home Nell, great miles everyone...nice 250 Dubai & 270 Cal...Harmander Awesome as ever & I agree lose the's not going to reattach itself mate.

    PompyMatt, Enjoy the sub 4 when you get it, I managed it at Snowdonia 2 years ago with a 3:55 & went one minute quicker last year....felt great, but not doing it this year for fear of failure...actually I'm planning an Ultra the week before Snowdonia 2019 so it would definitely be a failure.

    I've been a bit useless of late but starting to feel the love again.

    We had club Handicap 5k on Wednesday night I managed a 19min 23sec so pretty happy with that...hate 5ks.

    174 miles YTD & first Half Marathon this weekend...loving a bit of sunshine to run in.

  • That's very decent for 5k Hobie, very decent indeed.

    5.5 miles again last night, all at easy pace this time though.

    137 YTD

  • Afternoon all,

    Cal, No, I am not planning any more HM's this year, maybe I should, but would rather do long races when I get a pass from the other half. How many do you have planned?

    Senidm, Still sounds like you had a lovely time in Barcelona, even if you did have sightseeing legs or the course was 15 miles :D

    Gipfel, Also sounds like you had a lovely trip, and I agree with MrM2 the 16 miles previous, probably didn't help, but did sound like a lovely outing.

    MrM2, Very nice 18 mile run or 28.8K, very consistent pacing, Harmander needs to watch out.

    Steven, Glad it is slowly coming back for you, Congratulations on becoming 40, I am 45 on Sunday, so I get an additional 5 mins, my new GFA is 3.10, so only 46 minutes away, however if I dress as a "lady" I am only 3 minutes away, oh yeah.

    Pompey Matt, Good luck with the Sub 4, it feels great when it comes and will come when you are least expecting. 

    Andrew, Great threshold pace, I would struggle for 3 miles.

    Hobie, Good luck for this weekends HM, Nice 5K time, how do people run so fast?

    Nell, Glad to have you back, don't stress about Manchester, you are an experienced runner, and I am sure it will be fine.

    Just to fill you in on my employee troubles, it was my business partner, he has been a pain in the backside since getting his pension payout a couple of years ago. I have finally managed to buy him out, his last day was Friday 8th, I am looking to continue as sole owner for the time being, however a lot of new "opportunities" have arisen since his departure, seems I wasn't the only one he was annoying!

    For me this week, three outings, one interval session and two easy 8 milers.

    Good luck to anyone running over the weekend, just in case I have forgotten.

    13.02.19 - 8
    14.02.19 - 6.5
    15.02.19 - 8

    YTD = 226.17
  • Thanks all, Yes MrM2, I am watching you lol.

    Just had my VLM Pacer place confirmed - this year I have been allocated the Red Start and a much slower pace than normal.  It is a privilege to be offered an opportunity to help others on their big day.  The slower pace will allow me to enjoy the run even more. 

    Will practice the new pace in the four marathons before the VLM.

    For the last few years I have been pacing at 5 hour pace (aiming for 4:58 pace actually) and done 4:58:55, 4:57:59, 4:57:41 at VLM, I am not a speed merchant at my age (60 next birthday) but just enjoy and help others enjoy the occasion.

    I also paced for 5:10 at Toronto and come in 5:09:04.  At Richmond Runfest where I organise the pacers for the half and full I did 4:31 and pacing for 4:45 at Luxembourg I did 4:44:28.

    I have been allocated almost walking pace this year (5:45) and even slower pace at the Big Half next month.  I feel privileged to be able to help those who no doubt at pushing themselves to their personal limits.  30% of the runners at the VLM 2018 finished after 5 hours - these 14,000 runners deserve the assistance more in my opinion than the sub 3 and sub 4 runners.

    Despite the toe situation (my daughter now coming over tomorrow after parkrun, I have also called in Medecins Sans Frontieres) I did another 13.71 miles making my
    YTD = 329.39 miles
  • Breaking News on the 'Toe'
    Daughter had great pleasure seeing her old dad shrieking like castrated wombat - but it has come off and is bandaged.
    This is after a usual there and back plus parkrun x 2 (10.19 miles).
    YTD = 339.58 miles
  • Ugh, Harmander. I feel fortunate I've never had toenail problems.
    David, got a few halves and at least three marathons, and possibly my first ultra (just thinking about that for now, though!)
    Today's parkrun was Cassiobury, which was crowded but nice. Official time was 25:24 which was a few seconds more than my own timing, but eh never mind. I was first VW50 so happy with that. I consider anything under 26 a decent time for me. I'd like to do another sub-25 (I've only done one, which was in November) but the day before a half marathon is not the day to do it.
    Got away with a T-shirt today so I'm considering club vest and shorts tomorrow!

    YTD: 273
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Pompey Matt...Not spoken to you before, but I've seen a number of your contributions. Your Half performance should see you through a sub 4 marathon if you can get in some steady training. The last time I ran under 4 was at Portsmouth (Dec.2011).  You can do it!
    All the best for tomorrow's Half...Cal, Hobie and Little Nell (17' run on Monday?? Perhaps you have one eye on your marathon prep.?)
    Thanks David C....always generous with your comments...but too much so with ref. to Harmander. all means keep your eye on me...You'll need binoculars!!

    With an 8' run to follow the previous day's 19' I gave myself a couple of extra days off. Ran another 'parkrun sandwich' today, clocking 10' (Parkrun time was 25:51 giving me 72% A.G.   Like you, Cal, always happy to go under 26 these days.)  YTD:258'.
  • MrM2, One cannot afford to relax with you young whippersnappers chomping at my heels lol.
    Yes good luck to all who are racing tomorrow - I am just running (not racing) the Rayne Anniversary Marathon tomorrow - will avoid doing the ultra by stopping after 8 laps. Will use my dodgy toe as an excuse.
  • Nell, Cal and Hobie: Hope tomorrow goes well, I think it will and Nell, 'don't panic' about Manchester, time enough to get back on track.

    Harmander: The nail needed to go!! I've way behind you on the number of marathons run (my 4 to your, well I cant begin to guess) I reckon I've lost a nail each time but to no ill effect.

    Andrew: We're 'neck and neck' but you're definitely quicker than me!

    Mr MM and Dubai: Great total buildings up, keep going. 

    Parkrun today, really happy with 23.07 off the back of a hard week with a body feeling below par. I often find myself slightly disappointed with my PR time, today the opposite. Going was good although soft in places. 

    YTD: 144.4
  • Howdy pardners!

    Thanks for the welcome back everyone :blush:

    Nice consistent running Andrew - and that was quite some  threshold pace, well done!

    Well done on cracking the double tonne JD1... good going!

    Congrats on the age group first at parkrun Cal and best of luck for the HM tomorrow - which one is it?

    I hear ya on the tiredness Donnie! Really well done on a great parkrun time on tired legs. Thank you for your good wishes and reassurance.

    Good consistency from you, as ever, Dubai.

    Great, pacy 5K from you Hobie... very nice. Best of luck for your HM tomorrow - which one are you doing?

    Very good to hear your PITA employee has finally departed, David. A very nice total amassing for you too! Thanks, also, for your reassurances... I'm an inveterate worrier - I'd be worried if I wasn't worrying :lol:

    Congrats on another VLM pacing gig Harmander. I agree with you - the very slow runners are awesome in the amount of effort they put in to get round a marathon. Thanks for toe nail update - I can sleep better now I know its fate :lol:

    Thanks MrM2 - you're right, I am prioritising the mara over the HM... the HM is a step on the path to Manchester. I was originally going to target Wrexham HM to go sub-1:40 but there's no way that's going to happen now! Maybe Wilmslow next month instead. Great running from you giving a very nice YTD total!

    Still feeling unwell but not actually ill - sore sinuses, sore throat, and variously too hot and too cold - but not ill as such. Did my usual pre-race leg shake out this evening... exactly 4.00 miles. First mile was around goal MP, second mile was testing possible pace for tomorrow (7:50/mi.), third and fourth miles were LSR pace jogging home. Don't think I can sustain any sort of reasonable pace tomorrow - will be happy if I can break 2 hours, I think :neutral:

    YTD: 165.97 miles.

  • Hampton Court half, Nell.
    I only went and did it! New PB 1:53:45! Kept a more even pace than last weekend (though it was easier to do so, as it's a flatter run) so I'm happy with the result. The parkrun yesterday didn't seem to hurt me.

    YTD: 286
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Afternoon peeps!

    Ahh - that's fab... really great, Cal. Huge congratulations!!! I think you're really reaping the rewards of your consistent, high mileage training. I'm so pleased for you! :grin:

    Village Bakery Wrexham HM for me today. Was lovely to serendipitously meet JD1 and put a face to a name. Our actual plans didn't come off but I spotted him walking to the start :lol: I also caught up with another forumite, Ian5, whom you might remember Cal as he was one of the guys we met before Manchester marathon 2017.

    So - as for the run... well - "Ridiculous Pacing Inc." presents: "Little Nell's HM" :neutral: As indicated previously, I was completely unsure about the whole undertaking but felt OK as I set off. In fact, I was surprising myself by comfortably running sub-8:00s for most of the way (av. about 7:44/mi. for the first nine miles, then mile 10 was 8:05/mi.) ... then BOOM... 8:27/mi. for mile 11, 9:01/mi. for mile 12 and 8:49/mi. for mile 13 *tut*. Did manage to turn in a 10K paced (7:23/mi.) final 0.18 miles for a mixed feelings final 1:45:57. Turns out I'm in 10 miles shape but not yet HM shape - but I kind of knew that. I'm 4 mins off where I was this time in 2017 prior to Manchester but that correlates with the missing 50 or so miles of volume. 13.18 mi. plus 2.35 w/u & c/d (couldn't find the car park afterwards while I was running back in a rain shower with a club mate!) makes 15.53 miles today.

    YTD: 181.50 miles.

    ETA: Just wanted to add... looking at my Garmin stats. it's given me a "Training Effect" of 4.9 and I spent 97% in HR zone 4 and only 1% in zone 5... so I probably could have pushed harder as normally a HM would give me a "Training Effect" of 5.0 and much longer in HR zone 5. On the positive side - room for improvement. :smile:

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
     Afternoon all

    Wow,that's fantastic,Cal,congratulations on another PB,your hard work is paying off.

    Hobie,great 5k time,sub 19 soon !!

    Harmander,congrats on the toe nail coming off and the VLM pacer selection.

    Nell,lovely meeting you,glad your eyesight is better than mine.Great HM time,you said you'd be be happy with 2 hours,you blew that time out of the water.I had the same problem as you,trying to find my car after the race.We were all walking round like lemmings.

    14.01- 8.03

    Wrexham HM today,1.33.49.Going ok until I hit mile 10,started to slow down when the wind picked up.Nearly a minute slower than my last HM,so there's room for improvement .

    Sorry if I've missed anyone out.

    YTD - 222.65 miles.

  • Ha! JD1 - exactly the same as me... running well until 10.2 miles (according to Garmin) and then turning into that pig of a head wind and a long slow drag upwards to the finish!

    Still a really good time by you though - you said you were after about 1:35 and you smashed that. Well done! :grin:

  • Well done today’s racers!

    Just a long run for me today. 8 miles getting me to 150 YTD 
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Well Done Cal Jones on the PB, if the route is anything like the Green Belt Relay stage 1 that starts from there, must be towpath flat!

    Ditto to 
    Little Nell & JD1, must be nice to meet before a run, although I think I've been to the same race as Muttley, never actually met him. And good times as well, a 1:45 is not to be sneezed at Nell, and you said yourself you've not done much lately, so no beating yourself up, please (that's what we're here for!!)

    For me was the Stamford 30K, and old favourite of mine - went there looking for a 3hr slow run, but was a good day for drying washing (windy) and a bit of a s*d when you turn back into the wind at 15K. So was pleased with a 2:49, could have been a 2:45 if the wind had behaved itself, but was really, honest, going for a LSR run. Anywho augurs well for Boston, where I'm looking for as close to 4 hours as I can get, but those wide open lanes in flat countryside may mean the dreaded WIND.

    YTD:             216:28M

  • Great work everyone, awesome Half Marathon time Nell, et all... Too many to mention.... Because I'm tired.

    My race was (Welsh bit coming up) Ras Cors Caron.... Tregaron Half Marathon... Small town in the arse end of nowhere in mid Wales  No T Shirt, no medal... Finish it and you get a wooly hat and a bowl of soup. As usual I started too fast... Quick mile around town and then off to find the hills... Very undulating until mile 8 when we hit the flat trail that used to be a railway line for 3 miles then back onto roads for up and down last couple of miles.

    Time 1hr 41min 57sec....45th overall.
  • Great going everyone with PBs , mileage and 'Training Effects' (my training effect is qualitative and is usually summed up with one word 'knackered').
    New extra wide shoes broken in with the parkrun sandwich yesterday, toe bandaged tighter than my turban, I set off a the Rayne Anniversary Challenge (marathon distance for me today) with the aim of helping two groups with pacing - the Half marathoners with 2:30 and full marathoners with 5:30.  Results were:
    HM = 2:29:50
    Full = 5:29:45
    I can live with that.
    YTD = 365.80 miles
    Good to hear from you Little Nell - see you in Manchester - if you can wait a few hours after the finish.
  • Well done Nell and JD - first big race of the year is often a good opportunity to knock the rust off and test your limits. Sounds like you both did that. What baked goods did you get? (I have to enjoy those vicariously, having gluten issues myself.)
    Ian still posts regularly in the Shades marathon thread. He's doing very well, aside from sharing my grumbling achilles issue.
    Fab effort, senidM - that's a great time!
    Hobie, no medal? :'( I wouldn't have liked that! Good time from you though.
    And well done Harmander. Glad the toe didn't cause you too much grief.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Great running over the week-end!! Everything from parkrun to marathon.
    Congrats to Cal on the second PB for the Half. Looking promising for your next marathon.
    Feeling slightly envious of all those running in events yesterday, so went out for a seafront, brisk 14' (Half m. approx. 1:58:20). A 51' wk.. YTD: 272'.
    Need to enjoy a cut-back week now. Recover well everybody.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Hobie,great time and position for your HM.I thought the small town in the arse end of nowhere was near me.I'm not bothered about the medal,but I do like a T shirt.

    You were spot on with your pacing,Harmander .

    We were given a pack of Welsh cakes,Cal.I managed to drop most of mine whilst desperately trying to open them.I'm sure they were polished off by one of the many dogs there.

    Great mileage,MrM2,it's racking up nicely.

    Great 30k Stamford,senidM,shame about the wind.

    Just a 5.03 easy run today.
    YTD - 227.68 miles

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