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    Cal - I would do it tomorrow as long as you feel fresh and raring to go.

    But if you feel tired it will have to be in less favourable conditions.

    Re pace, just see how you feel at the time.
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    8 miles today, only 9 degrees when I went out so back to fingerless gloves.   Good run but my hips and adductors have DOMS from Pilates yesterday, we did do some powerful stretches.

    Tomorrow I will put the marathon list up again so time to own up if anyone has entered anything apart from Emmy and Ian going to Reykjavik   :)
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    Morning all,

    Shades; you must be so strong with all the Pilates and core work. 

    9k tempo for me this morning with just rogue. Managed to end strong. 

    I'm also down for London but maybe hold that until we know more? 
    Emmy - I've only done 2 Pilates classes in the last 5 months, work to do.

    Is your other dog OK, still recovering?

    Surely you should know this week about London, but it wouldn't surprise me if they try and drag it out a bit longer.   I'll put it on the list but I only publish the current month, normally the list would be very long if I listed all forthcoming races so maybe I'll put the list up for the rest of the year.
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    Shades: that's 2 more than I've done ever! I'm expecting to hear back end of August if I'm being honest and fully expect it to be cancelled.

    Good idea for the next month only
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    I think Hugh Brasher said next announcement would be 7th August.   In light of the recent increase in cases of Covid 19, here and the rest of Europe, I think much more likely to be cancelled now.
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    Definitely no marathons for me Shades :innocent:   I'm still actively looking around for other, local smaller events, but there's nothing coming up yet.

    Committee meeting last night about training.  After a coach/leader survey, we don't have enough coaches/leaders available for twice a week at the moment, so rather than Mondays (social runs) and Wednesdays (sessions) we're just offering Wednesdays as this was the preference of members in a different poll.  We're starting off with quite small numbers in each group and we'll see how it goes.  I've been busy sorting out a booking system so members can book onto individual sessions, so that's all done now.  Fortunately I dodged the Covid Coordinator role and as no-one else came forward Chair is doing it.....he does so much for the club, I don't think many people realise.  I'm helping him with the booking system and someone else is helping with the risk assessments, but he's the named person and will be there each Wednesday ticking people off a list and not letting people in if they're not on the list, unless there's a no-show.  Aim is to restart training a week on Wednesday.

    Membership renewal is due in October and I suppose if we're struggling with training, numbers may drop substantially if people don't see the point of being in a club at that point?  All of the social side of the club has basically gone, no club champs, no races, no weekends away, no club races, no club trips, no camping, no foreign marathon, will we have an Xmas party?  It's very strange times for all clubs I suppose.
  • I would expect London to be cancelled. Starting to have doubts about Valencia now with the uptick in Spanish cases, but hey, still a few months off yet.
    I did, however, get the official Richmond Runfest email about whether I want to defer my HM entry or switch to the socially distanced 10K, so I've said yes, I'll do the 10K. Let's hope they  manage to pull that off.

    Well done Emmy and Shades on your runs. Definitely  not cold enough for gloves here in London.

    I had a bash at the Vet Runners virtual HM this morning. I wanted to see if I could go under 2 hours - had my doubts after Sunday's 15K but thought I'd see how I felt.
    First mile was a warm-up, more or less, but I hit target pace on the next three (despite stacking it at the start of the third mile and ending up with two bruised hands and a bloody knee. I didn't even notice the knee had bled until I finished the entire run - I must have alarmed a few people along the way). As with the 15K, my pace dropped off once I got to St George's Park but I kept plugging away.
    My intention was to do a lap of Wimbledon Park but that was thwarted by a one way turnstile that was definitely not there last time I went, so I had to backtrack and reroute which cost me more time. I ended up doing an out and back along a section of the Wandle Trail to Wandle Park and back, then back along the stretch I'd done in mile 3. I recovered some pace on miles 11 and 12 but the there was a bit of a hill at the start of the final mile and my achilles got pretty grumpy so I slowed a bit there, then I had a bugger of a time crossing Trinity Road.
    Fairly content with the time - 2:02:49 which is 10 minutes slower than PB my but a decent effort for a virtual run/training session, especially coming so close to the 15K.
    I'm currently third fastest overall, and fastest woman, although a lot of people haven't logged their runs yet.
    I was also third overall and fastest woman in the 15K, 6th overall and 2nd woman in the 5 mile and 11th overall and 3rd woman in the 10K. So not bad really. Vet Runners UK is a fairly relaxed group with a mix of abilities - some fast peeps but not like my club's virtual events where I'm near the bottom in most things.
  • Cal - Nice HM time trial, so soon after the 15k too.
    Ian - I'll give the 10 miler a miss, but thanks for the offer. Yeah that pace seems ok for shorter distances, but I know I'd have to dial back if going to say 10 @ MP. Massive weight loss too.
    Big G - Superb 10k time trial. Defo sub 40 in a race. Good work on the weight loss too. Superb views on the SWCP run too, that's a long distance with a lot of climbing, so I'd say a good run.
    Shades - Nice MAF test progress.
    Emmy - Beautiful dog, good running too.

    14 miles on Saturday, 6 on Sunday (9:28 min/miles at 121 bpm) to finish off a 45 mile week. 10 miles today including 5*1k in 3:46/48/46/46/41. 2nd rep felt tough, so thought it was going to be a rubbish session, but the next 2 reps felt better, so pushed the pace a bit on the final one.
  • Ian - Forgot to say, superb mileage over the last 4 months too. No wonder you are ready to race!!
    Big G - I spent a bit of time looking for some local/shorter races but haven't had much luck either.   Some websites haven't been updated so after a bit of reading etc on suitability and location I then find the race is cancelled.   If you find anything of interest let me know.

    That's good news that Trotter's training will recommence soon.    I'm not surprised that potential Covid assessor went into hiding.   
    I don't think you should worry too much about renewals, some may be slow to come back to club but many enjoy the club training especially in the winter when it's harder to get out there on their own.   The Xmas party will be up to PHE guidelines at the time, probably not a good idea.   I saw a couple of photos of Trotters that did the White Star Frolic and there was no social distancing at all.   It seems that so many, not just Trotters, have forgotten that there are still restrictions on meeting up and social distancing when they do.

    Cal - you're right it doesn't look good for Valencia either, although that's a while away yet.   That's great that you've got that 10k entry lined up for a proper race.

    Well done on your run today, at least it's done now, so you don't have to worry about the heat in the next few days.    Hope you're not too sore after the fall.

    Steve - you're still training well, have you found a shorter race to do yet?
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Steve, good training from you.  Those are quick 1k reps.

    Cal, that's a good run, but sorry to hear about your fall.  Agree, it's not looking great for Valencia.

    Shades, I raised that exact issue regarding social distancing.  We had our Totnes 10k virtual event on the weekend and some met up to do the actual route, and from the pics there was no distancing whatsoever.  My point was that if that mindset transfers into training, many may be put off, or possibly the coach will be left to sort out any disagreements within the group, and is that fair on the coach?  But we're proceeding and we'll make it very clear what is required.

    Yes, I'll let you know if I see anything regarding local races.  
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    Cal - Great (bloody) HM. You must have got to the park super early as it’s only closed at nighttime. You will have run past my house as I’m on that street!

    Rest day yesterday so looking forward to run this eve. On the back of your suggestions I have signed myself up to the Battersea pork 10k on the 6th of September which is a Runthrough race. There’s no mention of COVID arrangements on the race site page strangely but they do make it clear when their runs are virtual or not. If it becomes virtual I’ll pull out of it and it was only 24 pounds and around the corner from mine so not a big deal. No idea what time to go for. My only other 10k race was last December in very bad weather on a hilly and muddy course through Wimbledon common which I did in 50 minutes. 
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    Forgot to say, this was all picked this morning from the garden.  We've had loads of both types of courgettes and lots of tomatoes already, but the tomatoes in particular are doing very, very well.  I think we'll give a lot away and we'll still have loads left to make chutney or pasta sauces.  We've had a lot of beans too although the current ones are coming to an end, but we've planted out some more yesterday.  Still got loads of kale, cabbage and carrots on the go that we're picking regularly, and the pumpkins, squash, butternut squash and sweetcorn will be ready in the coming weeks.  This was all possible because early on in lockdown I got my arse in gear and sorted out a large area to plant all this stuff out.

    Big G - as far as I know my club groups are keeping SD in place, certainly in all the photos anyway.   I'm sure when your club does a training run then a few words at the beginning of the run to remind them should be enough.

    Lovely crop there, the tomatoes really look lovely.   All this healthy food is probably partly the reason you're running so well.

    Rcouture - that's great news you've entered a race.   I take it that's a typo   Battersea pork 10k although a pork run sounds really interesting  ;)  🐷

    Have you got fully used to your Hoka shoes now? 
  • Rcouture - I did start my run at 5:29am so it less than an hour after that. Last time I went there early, I managed to get through the Revelstoke gate but couldn't get out the other side.
    Re: Battersea, if it happens then it's a fast course - I've had a few PBs there. You'll be several minutes faster than on Wimbledon Common.

    Big G, I'm envious, they look really good.

    Steve, that's an excellent 14 there.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - Sorry Battersea Park! Though a bacon butty at the end might go down nicely

    Cal - Yes I know the route and seems flat with very wide paths. Think I’ll just not overthink it and just run as fast as I can. 

    Big G- That veg looks great. 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - Yes I’ve now transitioned to the Hokas fully as of last week. I feel like they make me lighter/faster but not sure if that’s just a placebo.  Most importantly, they look smart!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Big G: that's some lovely veg! Our tomatoes haven't even started blooming yet. 

    Shades: I saw that with the frolic too. Absolutely no distancing whatsoever. I see that a lot on the different club pictures. It's not just the trotters. 

    Cal; well done on a great HM time! 

    Steve: that's some great 1km rep pace. 

    Rcouture: enjoy your run today :-) I'd like a pork race too... That'd be nice to finish with. 
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    Shades-I used that calculator,it reckons with a 1st difference it is worth 14mins to me :dizzy:
    Emmy-It shows my ignorance,when you have said run with croozer,I presumed that was the name of a dog haha,felt an idiot when I realised.
    Cal-Nice half on your own,wish I could have finished mine the other week,hopefully get to race an actual one at some point
    Big week in work this week with my visit tomorrow so no running as of yet,ended up with 52 last week which is my lowest for a while,definitely going to feel fresh for Sunday,with no race for a while pacing is going to be even more guesswork than usual.
    Rcouture - a bacon butty at the finish would be great. 

     Years ago I did an off road marathon in Sussex, I think it was, and we got a full English breakfast at the finish.
    At North Dorset marathon we get a hog roast included in the race entry fee.  Sadly it's unlikely that post race grub will be on offer for a while.

    Good to hear the Hokas suit you so well now.  If you feel they make you run light and fast then definitely the right shoe for you.

    Emmy - yes, I'm not surprised there were many others apart from the Trotters.  No wonder cases are increasing. 

    Ian - 14 minutes, you might have to set off a bit quicker then.   ;)

    Re your race on Sunday, why not put your time and weight in that calculator for your last 10 mile race and see what it calculates at your new weight.   You know you're faster now.

    Hope the VIP visit goes well tomorrow.
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Hi Shadies, bit of a monster catch up from me...

    Big G - A big well done on that brilliant 10k run you did. Just shows how all your training is paying off. To get that sort of time on your own is really something. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your runs too, you really do live in a beautiful area.

    Shades - That's some satisfying results from your MAF test. Great that you're getting back into a routine at the gym too.

    Rob - Good to hear your news. Keep plugging on.. you'll get there!

    Emmy - That is a lovely photo of your dog.. is that Boyska? How old is he now?

    Cal - Well done on your virtual HM, up there in the placing too. Great stuff.

    RCouture - I've got three pairs of Hokas, they just keep going no matter how much mileage you throw at them. I don't wear them to race in though. I find them a bit marshmallowy (This is probably in my head mind you) and I prefer my racing shoes to be a bit higher.

    Steve - Zooming away as usual!

    Ian - Well done on the weight loss. That really is a significant amount to shift and is obviously making a big difference to your running. That along with all those miles you're doing.
    Yes, you're right, I am originally from South Wales but married a frenchman :# and ended up here. I'm in the process of applying for french nationality at the moment. I've never got around to doing it before but Brexit has made me a bit twitchy about my job so I thought I'd better make an effort. I've actually got an all day language exam to pass tomorrow as part of the application process but I have no idea  what sort of things they will be asking me about. Feel I should be revising something but I'm not sure what  :|

    On a running note I've been out every day and things are pretty good. I'm definitely improving which is motivating me and it is also so lovely to run and not be injured after having had a succession of problems. Hope it lasts.
    Sadly Cognac has been cancelled for November. I can understand why. The best bit of the Cognac marathon is the aperitif at the end. It really is a wonderful atmosphere and the organisers said there was no way they could replicate that with distancing etc so they've put it off until next year now. No news on La Rochelle which is at the end of November but I'm doubtful as it's a really big marathon and I don't know how they're going to manage distancing all those spectators.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-That calculator gives me around 1hr which there is no chance of me getting.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Reykjavik marathon has just been cancelled 😭
    Mamafox - good idea applying for nationalisation, always a good idea especially as you have children born in France.  I'm sure you'll sail through the exam.

    So sorry to hear Cognac is cancelled, at least you've had plenty notice.   Hope La Rochelle goes ahead but with a lot of these events it's how to deter the spectators.  Glad you're running well.

    I think I'd better buy some Hokas next, price of shoes is going up here, not sure if it's all the new runners that have taken up running during the lockdown or just that supplies/manufacture might have reduced.

    Ian5 said:
    Shades-That calculator gives me around 1hr which there is no chance of me getting.
    OK then. Add your PB to one hour and divide by two.   Is that a more realistic time?

    E mmy said:
    Reykjavik marathon has just been cancelled 😭

    Oh no, so sorry to hear that for you and Ian.☹️

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Absolutely gutted,really had my heart set on it and worked so hard the last few months.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Same Ian. I'm absolutely gutted this afternoon
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Ian/Emmy - That’s a real heartbreaker. So sorry for you after all the graft you put in 😭
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Oh no Emmy and Ian.. I wasn't expecting that, so sorry for you both  :(
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Really sorry to hear that Ian and Emmy   :(  
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