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  • Stripes, I just had almost 2 weeks off and thought I'd really struggle but actually I just had a really good run, the best in ages. I thought because I'm new to running I'd have lost lots of fitness but thankfully that's not what happened. Good luck on the treadmill, I hope it goes well.

    Silver, I've already answered the question really but I'm so chuffed about it I'll cheerfully repeat: I just had the best run in ages. Took my usual route but had planned just to do 15 mins and test the water but as it happened I felt fantstic and grinned my way around the whole route without stopping once, usually I run it in stages: 2 mins run to warm up, 60 sec walk, 15 mins run, 90-120 secs walk then 5 mins run. Shame though because I didn't get to run with sis afterall.

    Booey, that's such a strange picture, where on earth did you find it? If you photoshopped it yourself I'm very impressed but mildly concerned at the way your imagination works! Have a lovely weekend and see you bright and early Monday morning.

    Sabbie, I hope you are feeling better. I am finally but not before I gave up and ventured to the doctors.

  • Well!! I now have plenty of time to get some running in. Just lost my job :'(
  • Mal that is FANTASTIC! Well done on a great run and none stop too. I can picture your grin which probably got bigger the further you went without stopping. image. So glad you are feeling better and doing so well!

    When I did my first 5k I grinned from about 3k onwards as I knew the further I went the closer I got to nailing the 5. I know it sounds sad but it still feels good everytime I complete a run and I still grin when it goes well!

    I have a really busy weekend with the boys coming up. Football training, school Fayre, swimming with 4yo on Saturday followed by LSR, swimming party (with 7yo) and family party for my niece on Sunday....and all I can think about is my next run! image hope the weather stays fine!
  • Sabbie just seen your post. What's going on? Really sorry to hear about the job. Will you be able to find something else with the competition maybe? That's a real downer - break out the booze babe and have one for me. image
  • Cheers Silver image the booze has been broke out indeed! and the next ones for u image
    I've run that shop pretty much on my own for the last year and a half but the guy who opened it lives way beyond his means and now he's skint and has to do some work himself so he thinks he can get my clients by getting rid of me image hopefully it won't work! And I've already talked to the opposition image fingers crossed he can find me a few hours!!
    No notice either, I could of worked tomorrow but didn't see much point image
  • That's a bummer! If you've got good regular clients could you set up on your own Sabbie? It's a lot of hassle I know but it would serve the guy right if you took then away from him.

    I'll have a drink for you this end too tonight.

    Keep smiling I'm sure things will work out if you can stay positive. If you feel up to it maybe a run this w/e will get rid of some stress. If your heads not too bad tomorrow! image
  • image life's good!!.. Got a phone call an hour ago from the opposition image and I have a new job!! image guys a diamond geezer!! image so made up!! image
  • That's Brilliant news Sabbie and one in the face for your old boss! image. Let's hope your old clients follow you there too! Worth another drink tonight to celebrate! Any excuse!
  • Hi all,

    Well done on the run Mal, hope I get on as well. Still not risked it yet.

    Glad you got such a quick transfer Sabbie, think we should all have a drink to help you celebrate image

  • I think so too image I did have a bit of a thick head this morn!
    Had to go and see the new boss today so no run.. Tomorrow I have a bike ride, so no run and Monday I'm working so possibly no run then either.. Not going too well at the mo! Tuesday for definate!!!
  • Morning All. Early morning 7.5k done by 8am today. I have to say it felt very easy despite 10mins of driving rain. I should probably have carried in to make it 10 but I ran passed the house and couldnt be bothered. That and I was starving and knew there was bacon in the fridge. image. Mmmmm!

    Have a good run if you get out. It's not cold out there just bloody windy again!

    Stripes are you at Anfield today? Very jealous if you are. We can't even watch it on tele as we are out at nieces birthday party - but where there's a will there's a way - at least there's a pub round the corner which I'm thinking the Dads may be frequenting for an hour around 4pm!
  • Did you manage to sneak out in time Silver? I can just imagine all you naughty Dads sloping off around the corner only to be found huddled in a group by a bunch of bewildered Mums!

    Your run this morning sounds fantastic! Beautiful weather here, not too windy at all. Sounds like you need a bigger challenge Silver, what's next?

  • Update on the walking wounded please Stripes?

    Booey???? Sabbie????? Silver????? Stripes???? Echo echo echo tumbleweed echo

  • Bloody tumbleweed - I can't get in the door for it!

    Hi Mal, sorry I've been quiet but it's been a manic weekend. We didn't manage to sneak off from the party afterall. Me and my boy are the only Liverpool fans and without the support of the other Dads it just wasn't safe to go on our own and risk the wrath of Mrs Silver! image.

    We'd also just come from an earlier pool party which was great fun but by the time we got there we were all pretty knackered. Just wait til your 2 are a bit older the parties come thick and fast and get more physical too. What with the early morning run It's been a busy day.

    Anyway I had loads of Birthday cake and Ice Cream at both parties (really!) so no loss.

    As for next challenge I think I need to plan a longer route that doesn't pass the house at 7.5km so I don't have a chance to stop.

    Have you been out again since your superb run Mal? What's your next challenge?
  • Am being coerced into attemptimg a 10k in March, I've only done 5k until now so I'll need to have a think about it but it would keep me motivated through the winter I guess. Hmmm.......not sure.

    The most challenging thing I've done today is eat nearly a whole chocolate swiss roll!

    Shame you did not get to sneak off but a wise decision without the safety of numbers!

  • 10k is a great target and I bet you could be there by March with no problems! image

    I really should set myself a few more targets before the HM in April maybe a few races in the New Year although Im loving just getting out there at the moment so I'm Not desperate for races.

    Well done on the Swiss Roll. At least you didn't eat the whole thing! image. I've had a terrible food day including 2 bacon rolls, a bowl of spaghetti bowl, several bits of garlic bread, ice cream x 3 bowls, cake x 2 pieces, a taco, a huge chocolate cookie and (in a minute) 2 slices of toast! Mmmmmm! I love food. image

    Hope that run balanced it all out but I doubt it comes anywhere near! image
  • Hi all.

    Just home. Great day. Today was the big 40 plus big game rolled into one. Should have won but proud of how well we did.
    Go for the 10k Mal.
    Off to bed. Bit bevvied image
  • Happy Birthday for yesterday Stripes - you should have mentioned it before I would have got you a present! image
  • Morning folks image trust you all had a good one

    Stripes - Happy Birthday for yesterday image hope your head is not to bad today image  Try and get a treadmill run in when you can, its easier on the legs and a good way to test how things are

    Mal - well done on the run

    Sabbie - blimey you have had an eventful few days, sorry about the job but then congrats on the new one, well pleased for you and that everything turned out good

    Silver - well done on the run, always lovely to get out early although very windy Sat.  You really must enter some races before your HM image

    Well I did my local run on Fri afternoon 3.43 miles, didn't run Sat then yesterday did my LSR 8.26 miles.  Pushed on a tad more than last time but I did feel quite weak in places, but when I thought about it I only have myself to blame.

    When I do a race I always make sure I eat and hydrate properly the day before and always have porridge for breakfast on the day so why do I do things differently when I run alone image Sat for dins we had fish and chips and they were greasy image Sun morning I had one slice of toast with honey on and a coffee......I am such an idiot image no wonder I felt weaker than normal

  • Blimey Boo - 8.26 miles is really going some - well done! image

    I really need to plan another route which takes me further out as I get bored just running round the village to make the miles up. I'm also too tented to just say sod it and go back home early.

    You are right on the races I do need to enter some and the SS HM is still on my radar. I am just loving the running right now though and I seem to have found a new gear mainly due to the speed work at the club I've been able to step up the pace for the last mile or so without too much trouble. I just need to extend that and pick up the pace from the start.

    Update on the hassled Mum from school. She's given up the running til after Christmas and may join the Tues night club runs with me. At least she won't see the nutter in the mornings anymore.
  • *Tumbleweed.............*
  • Hi all,

    Well done on the run Booey, thats another increase in distance isn't it?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Head clear now but was pretty fuzzy at work today.

    Itching to go for a run now so gonna give it a whirl tomorrow.

    My partner and step daughter have got me a consultation plus two massages at a sports therapy place as a birthday present!

  • Morning All!

    You lot were quiet yesterday. Is everyone too busy to write these days?

    I have my club run tonight but I'm not sure how much I'll be up for it as my 4yo kept us up almost all night and then woke the 7yo up too. It was musical beds in our house. Needless to say I'm now driving to work with my eyes half open and feeling my age! The weather isn't helping either as it's miserable.

    Anyway I've just stopped at the garage for loads of fruit for the day to try and make myself feel better and I'll see how I feel mid afternoon. I try to eat healthy on running days as it seems to help my energy levels.

    Anyone else going out today?
  • Stripes, what a good, well timed present! Hope it helps. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. Now you can truly "belong" to the group because you fit the unofficial criteria, it must be a proud moment for you!

    Silver, sounds exhausting. Hope you get through the day ok. Were the boys ok?

    I had a long night too trying to introduce Moo to the cot which she's never slept in, failed miserably and at 3am had a grumpy and confused baby in with me as usual! (Started at 8pm which explains my share of the tumbleweed evening.)

    I'm going out when Mr Mal gets back from work. Skipped it yesterday to eat the rest of that swiss roll! I need to work out a training plan to get to the 10k but I'm clueless.

  • Hi all

     Yep I am pretty busy at work, my boss is at HQ for 2 days so am on my own which is nice but makes things busier for me

    Club run tonight, think the legs are up for it after Sunday image

    Stripes - hope the run today goes well for you and you can start getting back to it image

    Silver - nothing worse than feeling tired image fuel yourself up with the fruit and see how you feel later

    Mal - you also had a sleepless night by the sounds, hope little Moo soon gets use to the cot image

    On another note - this whole sorry tragedy with Gary Speed image do you think something else will eventually come out or that he really was depressed and not one person had any idea image his poor wife having to find him like that, so so terrible

  • Hi Mal sorry to hear you also had a bad night. I remember that transition to a big cot was quite nerve racking too - not my transition - the children's!

    My boys are fine it's just my little one who's suddenly become scared of the dark for no reason and wouldn't settle.

    Good luck with your run later.

    Stripes I didn't see your last post but like the gift of massage! I've never had one so I'd love to have a go. Hope it relaxes those legs a bit.

    Think I'm going to go tonight. It's always hard work getting out there but it feels great afterwards AND I can have my guilt free Chinese on the way back! image
  • Hi Boo didn't notice your post before. Have to say I remember Gary Speed well as he captained Leeds when they were at their peak and at the time they were my home team. It''s a real tragedy as he seemed to have everything and was becoming a good manager. I can't help thinking there's more to it as according to his friends he was fine all day Saturday. Sad loss.

    Anyway I've had to make a mad dash to site to check out some problems with the builder but I'm feeling a lot better now and defo want to run this evening. Can't wait....... for the Chinese after! Haha! image

    Good luck with your run tonight.
  • If the chinese after is part of the deal then so be it imageimage lol
  • Hi all,

    Sounds like you both had bad nights Silver and Mal, don't think I would be up for running after either!

    Hope the club run goes well Booey and hope the Singapore Noodles are worth the run Silver.

    Will be on the treadmill after work, was toying with outside since the treadmill is so dull but the weather here is awful at the mo so bottled it image

    You are right about the Gary Speed thing Booey, really awful, he was well respected in the game and apparently there were no outward signs that anything was wrong. If he was depressed then by all accounts he hid it very well, which having been there and spoke to others who have suffered makes it seem even more strange.

  • Chinese is always part of the deal Boo - its my reward! image

    Update on weather in Hertfordshire - its lashing it down! image so as much as I love to be in touch with nature unless it clears up in next 3 hrs I may have to give the run a miss tonight. image
    Not happy about it but with v little sleep last night a night infront of the tele seems quite inviting now as I'm flagging.

    Let's hope the little fella behaves so I can get some beauty sleep.
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