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  • Afternoon,

    Mrs Noel-Pleased to here are about your move.

    Chilli-Well done on your 5 miler and well done to your big girl.

    MC-Back to school......good that you gout out for a run. Can't wait to get mine back to school and away from screens.

    Louise-Well done on your 3 miler.

    Bit of a mad morning. 6.2 miles at 7.30 am and then an hours' killer boot camp at 9am. Worn out now.Will do another run Thursday and Friday and then my 1/2 on sunday.  

  • AF - wow, you are stepping things up with the boot camp, well done

    chili - hope your girl enjoyed school 

    the meetings dragged a bit but I managed to get to the gym after work - probably won't have time tomorrow for much apart from work



  • Sounds hard work AF!

    My Big Girl had a great day. I went in at 2pm to meet her form tutor, a few others and some of the parents of new friends. Done quite a bit of cycling today which was lovely in this late summer weather. image

  • Morning all!

    Well done on all your runs, cycling, bootcamps etc!

    Did a 4 miler after work yesterday. I plan another run today, same time, same place. It's absolutely pouring with rain at the moment though. First heavy rain for about 10 weeks.

    Have a good day all!


  • Morning image

    Rest day today.  Did mile repeat intervals last night, there is finally someone of a similar pace to me at the club session so we egged each other on.  I suspect she'll speed up under my able coaching and leave me behind in a couple of weeks so might as well make the most of it while it lasts!



  • Morning all!

    Louise - Great you have someone to run with, even if it's just for now! You never know, you may get faster too!

    Just a 4 miler last night. Swimming this evening.

    Have a good day all!


  • Afternoon,

    Louise-great you have a running partner it is so much easier having people to run with.

    jude-Well done on your 4 miler.

    6.7 miles 1st thing this morning- felt ok and begiining to get some speed back.




  • afternoon everyone

    busy day at work todayimage no training yet but hoping to get out for a little run in a bit - half an hour should be enough to just keep things ticking over and see how my knee feels about it

  • Morning all!

    Bit quiet on here lately....... everybody's busy getting back into the swing of things I s'pose.

    MC - hope your knee held out.

    AF - good to hear that you are speeding up again.... not that you ever slowed down that much.....

    70 lengths at the pool yesterday.image A colleague has given me the 50 shades of grey trilogy.....image Have started reading .....will update you when it gets interesting ..?? but it's started very Mills and Boon  image

    Enjoy! x

  • Morning Jude!

    Well done on your swim... I haven't read that book yet but I'm pretty sure some other members on here have image

    Hope your knee gets better MC

    Hope to do a long run later today with my daughter cycling. But its raining and thus a bit cooler.

  • Afternoon all. Well it seems summer has finally left us.It's been lovely having a good one for a change.

    Well done on your very hard training everyone.

    Hope all the back to schoolers are getting back into the swing of things,both children and teachers.

    I managed to do my fastest 5k run of the year last night,although i'm still a little way off my target of 30 mins.I'm heading in the right direction though.My main aim is to be able to compete in races next year and i'm on target for that.

    Had some bad news as my brother in law is ill and in hospital,so we have to head up to Yorkshire in a couple of weeks to visit him.We aren't fully sure what has happened but he has been in a self destructive downward spiral for a few years,and managed to alienate most of the family who have tried to help him.Finally his daughter,who was estranged from him went to try and build some bridges and found him in a terrible state and living in shocking conditions.All we know is she got him admitted to hospital and he is very ill.My wife is very upset by it all.

  • Oh DJ, that is sad news. So sorry things are so rough for you and your family at the moment. Well done on your speedy 5k though.

    At the end of the first week I have a Big Girl who is top of her class in points, a No.2 girl who has been chosen to be on the school council, a Smidge who is delighting her teacher with her usual poppetishness, and a No.3 girl who has already got a detention! image So all normal image

    Managed 7 miles... should have been 10 but I have a migrane, so am going to shower and go to bed.

    Happy Weekend running everyone!

  • DJ - so sorry to hear your news. Well done on the running

    Chili - well done to your girls, apart from no 3. Sorry about your migraine, hope you wake up feeling better

    managed a turbo session this morning, but feeling very tired after the first week back. Did get out for a run last night too.

    early to bed for me too

  • DJ-Sorry to here your news. Well done on your running you appear to be back in the zone. 

    Chilli-Naught No 3!!!!! Well done on your 7 miler.Hope the migraine has gone.

    MC-Hope you are resting today. No wonder you are tired with all of that exercising you do!!

    6 mile club run yesterday, resting today. Bacchus 1/2 Martahon tomorrow- my hilly race with vino- really looking forward to it. 

  • DJ - so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. Well done on your speedy 5K.

    AF - Good luck for tomorrow! Enjoy! Be careful on those hills if you are drinking!image

    Chili - Oh dear, a detention? Well done to the other girls though! Hope your migraine has gone.

    MC - well done for surviving your busy week.

    4 miles yesterday and 6 today. Just chilling now....niiiice!


  • Thank you, I am feeling so much better today. The migrane had been brewing all week but it's all better now.

    AF - all the best on your half marathon tomorrow! Hope you have a great day.

    Was parkrun director today so didn't run, but three of my girlies did image

  • hi all

    chili - glad you are feeling better, nice that your girls ran. 

    AF - good luck for tomorrow, don't drink too much on the way round! 

    Swam this morning and going to go for a run when I have sorted the kids' food

    Jude - hope school has been ok for you this week - have you got kids in yet?

  • Do you think I could do a flat 30 miles at the end of Oct? Any thoughts on how to train between now and then?

  • chili - only 4 miles longer than a marathon so yes you can. I would have thought back to back long runs, but not really long runs, maybe 10miles one day 15 the next? something like that. I am sure the guys over on the ultra threads will be able to help. Which one are you looking at?

    enjoyed my run last night and the cooler temperatures definitely helped. But was so tired this morning I couldn't get out of bed and out on the bike. Will have a restful day (planning lessons probably) followed by swim session this evening

  • Hi all!

    We've been without electricity for most of the day but back in the 21st century now.

    MC - well done on your run last night. Enjoy your swim. In my school the 1st grade come back this week but the rest of the school come back the following week. We are in full time now though (8.15 - 5.00) and we seem to have enough preparation etc to fill the time.image

    Chili - well done on girls' park run.

    I hope you had a good race AF.

    I did a 9 miler this morning and am doing piano lessons with the kids in a minute....


  • Mmm, typed a response but it didn't get posted image

    Well done ladies on your runs and swims image

    This afternoon my girls and I did a run through Epping Forest. My No.2 girl is 10 next week and I said she can now increase her distance to 5miles and she wanted to do her first woodland trail run. She did brilliantly over a very challenging route.

    Unfortunately, whilst we were running thieves broke into our car and stole a bag containing our water bottles, choc biscuits, my kindle and my pink Nike running shorts that I have worn for 4 years and for all 5 of my marathons. The kindle can be replaced but the shorts can't image.

  • Morning!

    Chili - so sorry to hear about the theft. What b******s these people are!! Brilliant run for no.2 girl though! Well done her!

    At school now.... and swimming tonight. Can anybody give me any tips about swimming training? Obviously I watch my kids swimming up and down and up and down with different drills etc but they are in a different league to me. Does anybody here divide their swims in a similar way to running ie, LSR, tempo, hill runs etc and how would that work in the pool?  I'm restricted a little bit in that a swim session only lasts an hour so I can't stay longer.... hardly time for a LSS (long, slow swim!!)

    Anyway, any thoughts would be good!

    BFN have a good day all. 

  • Jude - I go to coached sessions at the swimming club and they are split into different things, so a warm up then normally some speed stuff. This website has free training plans


    and http://www.swim4fitness.com/index.php?Itemid=35

    if you put in some harder work in the pool you can fit a lot into an hour, and longer than an hour would be too much. I think for swimming it is better to do those kind of things rather than just churning out long steady swims.

    chili - well done on the run with your girl, but how awful about the stuff being nicked from the car

    well, the dr thinks my boy has hyper mobile joints and is being sent for a pelvis xray to make sure there is nothing wrong with the joints (he has been walking a bit funny)


  • Jude - I just logged onto the swim4fitness and the sessions look ok, certainly loads of ideas there

  • Thanks very much MC, I'm gonna have a look now. I'm just back from swimming and I did 80 lengths today.image I think I've got better over the last 2 months but definitely there is loads more room for improvement! Hope your boy is OK. Is he in any pain?


  • no he isn't in pain so all is well. He didn't want to take his trousers off in front of the dr thoughimage

    well done on the swim

  • MC - Ah bless him! Thanks again for the website - gosh there are a lot of sessions. I wonder how I would remember what I'm supposed to be doing during each session. I have enough trouble just counting lengths!

  • can you write it down and put it in a plastic bag or envelope type thing and put it by the side of the pool?

  • Yeh, I'll try that, thanks.

    Good morning all!

    Have a good day!


  • Afternoon,

    Flying visit.

    Chilli that was a right pain about the stuff stolen from your car.

    Well I reallly enjoyed my hilly 1/2 on Sunday. Had a bit of wine and finished in 1.54.21 and came 108 out of 869 so very pleased.

    New Forest Marathon on 22/9 is the next challenge..

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