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  • Shades - I know it's not a new injury but you've only had one 'professional' opinion as to what it is and what should have sorted it out hasn't. If I could drive to Lochaber I'd be much happier travelling alone but it's a little far for that (400 miles). Not sure where I'd fly to either. Mark has said that we could have the weekend away for my birthday but there's a local duathlon on the Saturday that we could do together then go out for a meal with friends so that will probably win. I'd love to go back to CPH for my spring marathon but that would be far too expensive - it may just have to be White Peak and take the battering!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • hi everyone.. sorry i've been very quiet.. got back to the uk and then got struck down with the dreaded lurgy.. got a horribly tight chest now and tickly cough so no running fo rme until i start feeling better..

    SIJ.. bloody hell.. at a glance back sound slike you had a rotten new year! very sorry to hear it.. 

    Shades.. sorry to har bout injuy image

    (((to everyone who needs them )))) 

    can't wait for my first run of the new year! 

  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭

    ((( all who are suffering - injuries and lurgies)))

    Shades - Plan C sounds like a kill or cure. Mind you if it works you should be very fit image.

    Nice to see Bridget supporting at MK today. Also Butler, also supporting (and handing out drinks, holding gloves etc - thanks). VR I only saw briefly. I managed to keep her in sight for the first 2 laps, but then she found rocket propulsion and shot off, never to be seen again image. Felt sure she was going for sub-4 image. Found it a bit hard to breathe at first as my nose was completely frozen. Feet cold at the start too - couldn't feel my heels at all. And everyone dashed off so fast with very few slower ones at the back. Anyway, after a couple of laps I'd warmed up enough to discard my gloves and roll my sleeves up. Kept a very steady pace, based on December's marathon on same course and ended up with 4:21 which was 10 mins faster image. Knees and thighs/hips really ached though - need to start some serious training. Course was on the path round the lakes (- still frozen), twisty in some places, and lots of children (wobbling on their Christmas bikes) to avoid. I hadn't noticed my hands getting cold, but afterwards I couldn't unpin my car key from my tights - luckily Bridget was on hand image.

    Hope VR and Butler get home OK. Is there a lot of snow in the SW? Keith - sounds like you left just in time, although you're probably going home to worse weather image.

  • Mouser - Well done, hope you thaw out OK!
  • (((Bootise))),

    Hope you feel better soon.


    Well done.

  • Well done mowzer!

    Hope you're soon on the mend bootsie.

    My smt will see me either tomorrow or Wednesday - hope it's something she can sort out quickly!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • 2011 goals  I suppose i should select my goals however hard it is to pick them.

    Main goal for the year is a sub 4 marathon which will hopefully be aided by following the 18 week P&D 55 or less MPW plan. My usual drawback has been a not very structured training plan and too many races in the past so sticking to this plan may make all the difference. May have to make a few minor tweaks to fit in the races i want to do but thats nothing unusal with following a plan.

    Would also like to lower my PB's in other race distances too, espcially for half marathons. Problem here is focusing on a marathon means its harder to pick up enough speed for the shorter 5/10k PB's although i suspect i can still manage to gain something on my 10k PB. Main target out of these other distance is my half PB as i have not really done one justice for quite some time. Main problem was only doing 1 or 2 a year and then having injuries or conditions on the day scuppering a PB run.

    Will also be looking to lower weight during the year as well as eating more healthily which may or may not include a increase in veggie consumption

    Not sure how to get around the fruit eating part of the 5 a day nonsense, does Orange juice count

    Annual mileage wise it gets a bit trickier, def looking at 100 a month minimum and ideally 1500 for the year which would be a 50% increase over the last 2 years total mileage. Could perhaps go higher depending on how i cope with the marathon training and what i decide to do afterwards. Working out the number of weeks between Windermere and Loch Ness might be a good place to start there.

    In list format my goals are these i guess

    Marathon Sub 4
    Half Marathon Sub 1:50
    10 Miles sub 80
    10k Sub 50
    5k Sub 23
    100 miles per month min
    1500 miles for the year
    Weight to get down to sub 155 lbs working towards 140-145 longer term.
  • Rang parents earlier and apparently its sleety/rainy/snowy cant make its mind up stuff falling down there. Up here its dry but there is 'rain' forecast for tomorrow which is snow on certain websites. Metcheck were saying afternoon/early evening last time i looked this morning which is good to me as thats running time image
  • Well done mowser & VR in such cold conditions.

    LMUH, fingers crossed the smt can help you out.

    Sorry to hear you have lurgy bootsieimage

    Good targets Keith. Very do-able with the correct training.

    Didn't run after all, going out tomorrow morning. Oh, and I entered Loch Ness tonight and roped in my sis-in-lawimage

  • LMH - Good news that you can see someone quickly and hope you get it sorted

    Mowser - back home now thanks and the weather is ok image
    You had a good race then being 10 mins faster. Well done.

    I was bang on 2 hours at halfway but I really felt the cold and so did my legs. Ouch! it was a good course, mostly a bike path and a few short grassy bits.
    Would of been ok for you Shades.

    Shades - Plan C sounds....interesting! Oh well the mileage will do our team good! 
    I'll join you in the 200 squats to keep you motivated image

  • Well VR - what was it you were going to tell us???image
  • Grumbles something about the ungodly hour, oh yeah right work resumes today image image

    Seems rather wet outside and more to come, still at least its not snow. Yet.


    LMH - you would fly to Glasgow or Inverness and bus or train from there.   Or drive up with an overnight stop if 400 is too far in one day, perhaps a £19 Travelodge on the way.  But if VLM accept White Peak then that's a lot easier for you.

    bootsie - Happy new Year to you too, hope you're feeling better today

    mowser - you're right, at least I'll be fit even if still injured.   Well done at Foxy's event, far too cold conditions for me but another great run from you.

    Keith - good sensible goals.   Your 5 a day can be fruit and veg (not just fruiit) and yes, orange juice does count but only as one a day.

    You'd be a racing snake at 140!

    VR - well done, great time yesterday in those conditions.  

    Off to do 50 squats now, are you ready?image

    8 miles for me today, not frosty (as forecast) so conditions quite pleasant and had a good run.   Although I'm dreading going back to work it was kind of nice to see the world coming back to life

  • Keith - yes, orange juice counts.

    Mrs Mac - you want to go back to LN?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • x-post - not sure why they wouldn't Shades if they accept LN - they're both net downhill though I would say that WP is harder being on the trails and having the very severe declines at the end.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Keith,

    Good luck with the goals.


    I'm assuming your run was relatively pain free.


    Fingers crossed it's good news from the smt.

  • Happy New Year Everybody!!!  image  Bit hard to get on the only laptop in our house this weekend, but back at work today in the engineering company and start shiny new charity job next week.  Unfortunately, will have less internet opportunities next week and will have to organise some 'me' time on the laptop in the evening (thanks, Flossette, my turn now!).

    Shades - I shall be watching with interest your Plan C Recovery Programme.  It's definitely hardcore, but you'll get there.  image

    Did 5 mile run yesterday quite easily, but was aiming for sub 1 hour and came in at 1.00.02 (memories of LN!).  Feel so much better for a good rest, but D is pushing me out the door for runs now and being very encouraging.  image

    For all of you who have injuries or bugs ((((())))) and xxxxx  image

    For all of you who are training like trains - rock on!!!  image

  • Flossie,

    Well done.

  • Shades - 100 squats done aftyer my recovery shuffle image
  • If i drink enough OJ it counts as 5 a day image No one said anything aobut 5 different things per day image

    If i drink that much OJ however it plays hell with my guts so dont panic there, a litre carton lasts 3 days usually for me.

    Shades - 140 is supposedly my racing weight according to which ever site i was linked to on Fetch. I dunno if i'd go that low but i dont see why i cant hit 145-150 region.


    LMH - I agree WP is a harder run as on trails but wasn't sure if VLM accept off road events for qualifying times.   I assume WP doesn't have a road permit.

    HY4 - yes, had a good run today, only started to ache in the last mile

    Flossie - and Happy New Year to you.  Good news that D is encouraging you to go out running, are you training him up to be another Butler? 

    We'll understand that your internet access will be limited when you start your new jobimage

    VR - that's good doing all those squats after your run.   I've been told not to do any squats after my run if I'm still a bit chilled so as not to aggravate the injury but it's not long before I've warmed up in my flat and I can do them then.   I've managed to creep off to the Ladies at work and do another 60, as I don't want to have to do loads in the evening.

    Keith  - lots of advice now is to water down the fruit juice, too acidic on the tum I think.
  • I do that shades.. makes it alot easier to handle the acid

    still no training here.. feeling like rubbish.. max of an hour sleep last night.. could sleep on a clothes line now

  • Shades - yes, D is definitely very supportive like Butler, but doesn't run these days due to disability.  LOL at you cramming squats in the Ladies and why not.  image

    Bootsie - no running for you until you feel a lot better.  Get well soon.  image

  • flossie i know.. it sucks doesn't it!

    just to give you a laugh.. went out at lunchtime to try out some new beds.. was soooo close to falling asleep! 

  • is dublin marathon still our shades outing 2011????
  • Hadn't thought of that Shades but the VLM website doesn't specify anything other than the requirement to have run a marathon in under 3 hours 50 minutes. I used to sneak off to the ladies to do my stretches etc too!

    bootsie - do hope you feel better soon - should you really be at work?

    Flossie - so pleased that things are going well for you. Hope you like the new job.

    3.8k swum, can't get an appointment with smt until tomorrow but it does seem to be easing with lots of gentle stretching and the swimming etc so fingers crossed I'll be able to get that last long run in before Sunday.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • i realyl shouldn't LMUH but just one of those horrible days.. will try and get off early.. feeling pretty awful now!

    anyone out there have a ottoman bed? trying to figure out if the cheaper ones are just as good! 

  • Shades - Lol! at doing you squats in the ladies!

    Flossie  and other Butler fans, here he is in mid duties!

    This was before he made me cross by giving me a gel while trying to open it for me. I told him not to open it. and I thought he hadn't. I then stuffed it in my bra for later only to discover as I ran on that feeling of a cold trickle down my front!
    Aaarrhhh he had already opened it!!!  Lot's of cursing ensued to myself as there wasn't anyone else around.

  • VR - Poor Butlerimage

    Next time he should just throw it in your general direction and hope you catch it!image

    Enhances your co ordination as well as your running skills!

    Nice pic thoughimage

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