Rotary Shakespeare Marathon 2007

I seem to hear mixed reactions about this marathon.

Whats it like? Seems a bit steep on the old entry fee.

If I dont get into FLM, then's it either going to be Lochaber or a n other.

Is this a pb course?


  • well i like it .... but then i dont have to travel so far.

    traffic has been a nightmare getting to/from in previous years... not helped by an afternoon start... and sharing a weekend with shakespeare's birthday.

    last year it was a different weekend to the birthday and a morning start which was much much better!... its usually hot.

    course is ok, 2 laps with a variation on the 2nd..... gentle climb early on and a hill that comes round at about at about 8 & 18 miles.
    disused railway line which makes up 2-3miles at the end of the first lap and probably 4 at the end of the 2nd is exposed and rather gruelling. good mental challenge tho.

    voila... the score according to moi.
  • Its not bad dap
    ed describes the course well

    If its between lochaber or this, id do locahber though
  • Cheers Ultra Bunny. Thats quite a detailed reply, and very helpful.

    I have 95% made a decision PH, I like the idea of this one also though. Hell, I actually enjoyed Shakespeare in school!
  • I thought this was a great marathon this year, and should be back again in 2007 (as it nestles quite nicely in the vacant weekend after Lochaber, and, before Three Forts!).
  • I tried this one as my first marathon last year, found it easy to get to and park very close to the start. Found the course pretty flat, no real hills at all, opportunity for a pb. Just found it a little boring running along the cycle paths at times. Still nice scenic area, worth a run.
  • I ran a PB last year at Stratford and missed out on GFA for the FLM by 1 and 42 seconds so pretty flat. There is one hill which you do twice, but the second they make it longer and steeper.
  • I'm considering doing this if I don't get into FLM, I live in Leeds but grew up in Stratford so it would be nice to go back (and make my old PE teachers die of shock if they see me).
  • Only did the half marathon as a full marathon is outside of my ability at the moment. Quite a good course once you get outside the town. The start is a little crowded, which is not helped by doing one lap in the town before you get out. However, once you leave the town everyone spreads out so there is plenty of room.

    Unlike others posting on this site I quite enjoyed the disused railway line, but then again if I had to run it twice it may not be so appealling!!

    My only gripe about the course was where you come off the main road towards the end of the race and go on what can only be described as a very narrow track. Your time can be severely affected here as there is no room for passing until you come out by the river, I managed to get back into a semi sprint by the river to the end.
  • Just moved to Warwick so this is probably my local marathon. Got to do it at some stage I suppose!

    Looks like it comes towards the end of the spring season so I could squeeze both this and a March one in - Duchy Marathon maybe... Don't think either of them is PB material, but I can save that for Abingdon next October...
  • looks like this might be the one next year as been rejected by FLM.....
  • Yes this could be the one for me looks like i missed out on flm, only chance now is through my club, but only one place avaliable so if no luck with that its going to be this or the one at fort william on april 22nd.
  • I did this in 2004. It was very very hot and the race started at 13.00. It now starts at a more normal time. I enjoyed it as a nice country run. Quite good support and a very nice run in at the end. I did it as an FLM reject.
  • I did this last year and enjoyed it. It is largely flat with a couple of hills. One nasty 14% down section which you feel in the legs on 2nd lap. There is not much support on the course, but where it is, it is vocal and good.

    The race starts at the same time as the half which means you get you get lots of company for the first 13 miles but you can be on your own for stretches on the 2nd laps. Lots of water stations with most supplying waster in bottles rather than plastic cups. The course in not really picturesque but ok. The finish has a bit of a carnival feel and as it close to town centre lots to do for non-runners.

    If I don't get in FLM and can't face Paris then I will go for this one.
  • Just entered this. Still a bit taken aback by the entry fee though...
  • I seem to remember that Edinburgh was about £35 last year and Cardiff and London are much higher than this..

    You pay more than £20 for lots of 1/2 s now so I don't think the price is too bad..

    I will just wait until Christmas to see If I get a club place for FLM and if not I think I will join this...

    It does't fill up before Christmas does it????
  • But, is the price really the same for the half and the marathon? It looked that way from the application form! :-0 I'd only be capable of doing the half that weekend, but to pay the same price seems odd.
  • I will be doing this as rejected from the FLM.

  • i was thinking of doing this as a warm up for the midnight sun marathon in norway in june, esp if i dont make FLM. its quite close to where i grew up, sounds like an excuse for a weekend away!
  • Can you help us with our campaign? We are currently trying to put pressure on to the powers that be, to get a Marathon Event staged in Liverpool in 2008.

    We have an online petition and are asking as many runners as possible to support the cause.


    Sign the petition now

    Well I'll be doing this marathon in 2007, missed it last year, can't remember why..

    Ydrib - I won't be signing any petition for Liverpool marathon due to the gatecrashing on every marathon thread. That's considered bad form on this forum, start a separate thread.
  • ...right, the dreaded deed is done, £26 worse off, and another count down begins....

    What other FLM rejects (or other nice people), are opting for this one?

    I had been hoping for London, and was vaguely contemplating Lochaber if I didn't get in, but it's a long way, so Stratford it is, for my second marathon...

    I think a spring marathon is essential if you spend more than five minutes a week on this web site. FLM fever last year (when I was also rejected), was a little irksome at times...

    Looking forward to (kinda virtually) meeting you all!!!
  • I've just entered, I hope to cure the depression of FLM rejection again (3 years running).

    I think this may well be better than London anyway, too many walkers there !

    That doesn't mean I'll try again next time though.

    For anyone who has doine this before are the drinks Cups or Bottles ?

    I really struggle with cups on the move.

    See you all in April !
  • Red FBBF -

    The drinks stations last year were all water. Whilst the organisers said it the water would be served from cups in reality some of the drinks stations had a limited number of bottles.

    Well done runnner-bean, you sound keen!!

    I am pretty sure I will go fo this one again for a spring marathon.
  • how soon does this fill up?

    Been rejected for FLM, but got small chance of place through club, but won't find out for another 2 weeks. If don't get London place i'll sign up for this.
  • it wont be full by then paul , i doubt
  • Thanks for that Tick Tock, I also had an e-mail from the Race Director who says there is a meeting on 10/1/07 when they will decide if they should go with all bottles. But it adds to the cost.

    I just struggle over that distance with cups and I don't want to stop and drink either.

    Have to say very impressed with the speed of reply from the Race Director, house points all round !!
  • I will most certainly not do this one again. ran it last year and HATED every step. NOt completely sure why just did not like the course I found the long straight drag along the cycle path mind numbingly boring and underfoot was best described as running on cat litter.

    I also thougt it was very expensive, nice medal though, but not good value in my opinion.

    If your looking for a spring marathon id recommend Halsted lovely countryside course and fantastic organisation for half the price.
  • mark
    Halstead is on the14th may isnt it
    Mark - I agree with you re the course, I do wish they would stick to the road.

    I still haven't done Halstead - on my 'to do' list but once again clashes with another race that I'm doing.
  • actually shades
    its the day BRFORE Tipton

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