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  • Harmander, do you know which wave Nell is in? (I'm in 2 - not sure how that happened!)

    I had a good parkrun at South Norwood today - another sub-25 (24:53) which is great on the mixed surface (mostly hard trail but some lumpy grass and a little hill at the end of both laps). 4th lady and age group 1st, so a good day at the office. Three more parkruns to get my 100, and 9 more to complete Lon-Done, although I'll be out of town next week at Westmill.
    I did a mile warm-up as well so 4 total for today and a ton-up.

    YTD: 1301

  • Hobie1495, I have her running number and pacer shirt so definitely will pass on everyone's good wishes and ask her to do a race report on this forum too.
    Cal, she is the 2 hour pacer in the half and will be wearing a florescent green SIKHS IN THE CITY PACER shirt. There are no backpack flags because of some low branches along the course on the Thames Tow Path.
    I did a 10.36 mile Parkrun sandwich today making my
    YTD = 1984 74 miles.

    I shall pass 2000 miles at 15.26 miles tomorrow.
  • I'm setting up a C25K group in work so a few short runs this week to work out routes...going live on 23rd should be fun, with the aim of a Parkrun on 7th Dec.
    6 mile warm coast path today.
    944 miles YTD 
  • Nice one, Hobie.
    Richmond Half today - it wasn't a target race but I left myself the option of going for a PB if I felt strong. However, while I kept on target pace for 11 miles, I felt like I was struggling to breath for he last few miles and miles 12 and 13 were quite a bit slower. I think the dusty paths and marathon fatigue played a part - a little warmer than ideal towards the end but there was shade and a breeze so it was not so much of an issue.
    Came in at 1:55:06 so over a minute off my PB (1:53:45) and also outside my secondary target of 1:55. Oh well. It's a course PB at least.
    Harmander I did see you while I was waiting to start the half - not sure if you saw me though.
    But I did see Nell, who is doing well, and promises to come back once she's a little less busy. She is doing Chicago and New York so looks like she has a rather full plate.

    41 miles for the week (a bit of a cutback) which brings me to YTD: 1314
  • Well done on the course PB Cal Jones, in this heat its a good time.

    Am sure your pacing was back to it's metronomic best after the GNR mini fiasco Harmander, and big congrats on passing the 2000 mark.

    So glad you both saw Nell and that she's still running if not posting, got her priorities right even if the rest of us suffer from lack of her inimitable comments.

    For me, ran the Pleshey & Essex Half to day, nice run I try and do every year, but a bit warm. Was hoping to get under 2 hours after Isle of Wights 2+(felt slow so was surprised to receive a Tesco voucher for a 2nd place in age grp) and then Farnham Half last week (2:15, but a tough hilly trail run).

    Anyway, had a good run and surprised myself with a 1:51:13, about 10 minutes better than last year, plus won my age group and can now say I'm the fastest man in Essex and have the trophy to prove it! (only goes to show if the fast guys don't turn up...... you can only beat the runners who do)

    YTD       707.33M

  • ps, Fastest OLD man
  • That's fantastic, senidM! Brilliant!
  • Thank you Cal and senidM
    Glad you enjoyed it - all of my pacers delivered.
    Sadly I missed young Nell as had to start the marathon at 8:00, the half started 55 minutes later.
    I did some showboating but was careful this time.
    5:29:29 for a 5:30 finish.

    Have decided to train hard for a month instead of two further marathons before Toronto - although am still pacing at Ealing and possibly Royal Parks.
  • Well done senidM, fantastic work.
    Well done to everyone, whatever you've been up to...Wales has been mostly overshadowed by Ironman this weekend, just a huge event over here and seems to have gone down well again, I've done a middle distance tri and loved it, but I find the Ironman "brand" a bit off putting  and pricey. But I can see the draw.
    Another 6 miles done today, rather warm but nice.
    951 miles YTD
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Donnie2...Thanks for info.; sub4 sounds like a soft target, given your parkrun times but you seem to be a bit late with the longer runs, with only 5 weeks to go!! (Sorry if my comments come across as criticism...just observations) All the best for the last few weeks.
    Harmander...Congrats on the 2000'.Great job at GNR and Richmond!
    Hobie...Not much time to prepare for next month's ultra. What distance will your longest run be, in prep.?
    Cal...Still notching up some great runs; sub 25 parkrun, Richmond half, and sailing past the 1300' mark!
    senidM...Well done on your age group win in the Half!

    A 7' run on Friday was not the confidence-booster that I had hoped for; still getting some niggles. A 5' run on grass, earlier in the week, went quite well. Yesterday's parkrun was OK; just keeping to 'marathon pace' (Av.9:05/mile). Decided that the weather wasn't going to get any better, and I wasn't going to feel any more 'ready' for my next long run, so enjoyed 16' of seaside sunshine this afternoon! Slowed on the return miles but averaged 10:30/mile pace o'all. Happy.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Well done senidM,fantastic result.10 minutes is a massive difference from last year,nice one.

    Congrats on passing 2000 Harmander,great running.

    Hobie,well done on setting up c25k,do you have many colleagues taking up the challenge?

    MrM2,glad your recovery is coming along,nice long run as well.

    14.09 - 8

    15.09 - 8.03

    YTD - 1291.78

  • JD1, I'm hoping around 20 will be up for the C25K...we have 100 on site and a lot of them go walking at lunchtime so I think most should be up for it...we're having a big push for Wellbeing & Mental Health so hopefully it'll all work out.

    MrM2, I know, not long until the Ultra...had race maps and instructions through today...long run will be about 20 miles but not too worried as pace will be less than I normally run & up hills will probably be walked...I've done a couple of 50k runs before so know what's roughly in store. I've got Cardiff Half 2 weeks before it so that'll help.

  • Thank you JD1 et al.
    My YTD = 2010.96 miles
  • Mr, MM: don't worry that I've interpreted your comment about my marathon planning as criticism, quite the opposite, I'm just pleased anyone is interested. I've always been a solo runner so all advice welcome. I'm also concerned I've left the long runs to late. However working full time makes finding time tricky. Realistically I've three weekends left, so three possibilities. I think a four hour time at York is very touch and go. Last year I was 4hr 2mins from a similar training background. 

    Parkrun of 23.20 this week. 

    Ytd: 802.3
  • Donnie2,

    That old 'rule of thumb' I suggested years back to predict marathon times (10 x 5km time) says you SHOULD be able to complete in under 4 hours (3:53:20 actually).

    Good luck.
  • Funny that, Harmander - I run around 25 minutes (although I've ducked under that 7 times now), and my marathon PB is 4:10:42.
  • It works - sort of

    3 x 10 mile time too
  • Just skimming through all the goings-on since my last visit - well done to senidM on age group win, Harmander on more excellent pacing and >2000 miles, MrM2 on a decent long run and everyone else's efforts too! 

    Thanks to everyone who sent me best wishes for last week's half marathon, in which I managed to be an entire 4 minutes slower than last year! But I very much enjoyed it, which was the main plan. It just shows the difference between being in the middle of marathon training (as I was last year) and totally out of practice with long runs (as I was this year)! I also have a nice race photo from the finish, which is within a ruined castle so quite cool - this in itself is quite a pleasing miracle, as I find about 99.9999% of my race photos to be hideous in one way or another!

    Last week, I managed a long run of 14 miles, an interval session and a short regular route of mine that happens to have a GPS trace shaped a bit like a stick person running (didn't notice this myself until someone pointed it out on Strava) - extended the route this week to give the 'person' some arms, which they didn't have previously. Felt generally productive!

    YTD: 773 miles
  • Hmm I'm faster than 3 x my 10 mile time, though, but there aren't many 10 mile races and the ones that I have run are in summer so my PB is quite soft (put it this way, I've gone through the 10 mile point of a half faster than my official 10 mile PB on a few occassions!). As for the 5 mile time, are you sure it's not x 6 because x 6 gives me 6 hours!

    Anyway, 10 miles this morning. A wiggly route but not shaped like anything interesting.

    YTD: 1324
  • Cal, you are right,

    My fat slippery fingers were meant to go on 6 not 8

  • Harmander: I like some of the formulas but not others. 4 hour marathon remains touch and go.

    Did something today I've never done before! Went running very early, 10.5 miles before work.

    Ttd: 812.8
  • Morning all, been busy moving villas over the last week with very little running. Although I've been swimming everyday now I have a pool in the back garden - should help with recovery.

    Senid_M big congrats on the age group win

    Cal and JD1 great mileage building

    Harmander well done on passing 2000, will you get to 3000 this year?

    Donnie, great 5k times and I'm sure you'll beat 4 hours at Yorkshire

    Hobie, good luck with the C25k group, must have more patience than me

    MrM2 glad to see consistency paying off and good mileage already

    Gipfel, hey what's 4 minutes if you enjoyed yourself!

    9.9 5.24
    10.9 4.23 and 3.2
    11.9 6.02
    16.9 4.4
    17.9 3.3
    18.9 6.41

    YTD 1275.96

  • I like to run early, Donnie - today I started with moonlight and ended with sunshine.
    Nice, Dubai! I guess it's warm year round, isn't it?

    12 miles this morning with 8 at MP. Actually, 5 of those were well under MP (sub-9) Garmin FR45 gives me such bullshit readings that it's hard to pace myself. I'll definitely be using the two watch set-up for Yorkshire with the old one to pace myself and the new one to record the run. It worked well at Richmond.
    Anyway, I felt pretty strong so I'm not wondering if 4 hours is possible for me already. Probably not, but I'm not ruling it out just yet.

    YTD: 1336
  • Dubai Runner,
    I am not intending to and in fact planning to reduce my yearly marathon total from 20+ to just one a month from next year too.
    This year I suspect I will get to about 2700
    Good running on your part too.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Hobie,20 will be a good start,good luck with it.

    Good HM result gipfel, especially if you haven't been getting your long runs in.

    That sounds great having your own pool Dubai,my dogs would love it!

    Cal, you shouldn't rule out 4 hours,you're in good form and if you get good weather conditions, who knows?

    16.09 - 5

    18.09 - 11.84

    YTD - 1308.62

  • Thanks Harmander

    Cal we average 6 days of rain a year, the summers very hot. The winter high teens overnight to high 20s during the day, perfect!!

    JD1 can't have that, they might tip Mrs Dubai Runners Lilo over!

    So 37 degrees at 0800 but lower humidity, just 4.3 miles

    YTD 1280.26 miles

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019
    I woke up to the very much unexpected news that I got into Tokyo, so my recovery run this morning turned into an 8 mile run at the faster end of easy. I think it will take me a while to calm down now.
    Anyone else in for it, or run it before?

    Dubai - when I was there Spring 17 I experienced one of the days of rain. It was when we drove down to Abu Dhabi for the water park and Ferrari World - there were cars crashing everywhere. Clearly the Emiraties have no idea how to drive in the wet stuff.
    YTD: 1344
  • Congratulations Cal,

    I did Tokyo in March this year to complete my Marathon Majors.

    If you can control your bladder etc, you will really enjoy the race.

    If you are going via a group booking, it will save you trying to figure out how to read Japanese in order to get back to your hotel.

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