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  • Well did 3 miles in the end as i said i was going to do them on the treadmill but i put my running gear on and just had to get outside for a run

    keeping the pace down wasn’t hard as my legs would only let me go at a certain pace it was if they were saying you’ve got to be kidding if you think we’re going any faster after what you put us through

  • Well, despite saying that Brighton 2012 would be my first and only marathon, I've gone and signed up to do 2013 as well!  Considering that this time last year I'd done about a months training for the Bristol 10K from a base of nothing, I'm hoping that I can do some serious training this year and improve my time... I seem to have forgotten about the hell of training in January image.  I've stuck down a time of sub 4.30 - I got round in 4.57 this year with my training hampered by illness and injury in the last month and also my lack of running base generally - so I think that's realistic. 

    Like you Toby, I'm doing the Bristol 10K and was hoping to do a sub 50 minute as well.   However, despite my good intentions to get back into training this week and do some hill sessions and speed work, I've decided that the niggling injurys I've been plagued with in my shins and since the marathon, my thigh, would probably be best served by two weeks off running completely.  My legs are feeling a lot better now, especially after I went to pilates this week and the teacher gave me some special exercises and everyone clapped me!  I also got a massage which has helped a lot.  I'm planning on going out for a 3 mile slow run tomorrow and taking it from there, but I'm not sure if a sub-50 is doable.  I'd be happy to beat my 56.01 pb now!

    It's funny that I found the whole build-up to the marathon a big drag and just wanted it to be over until a couple of weeks before when i joined the old thread.  Since then I've become obsessed with running!  I've gone and bought a whole load of new kit that I'm looking forward to trying out, and have been listening to old episodes of Marathon Talk whenever I can!  I think I've turned from someone who has always enjoyed running to truely getting the bug! 

  • LindsayYLindsayY ✭✭✭

    Evening all,

    Still not doing Brighton next year, despite my love for it this year!  How are we all feeling after the marathon - I see a few of you have been out for runs, how did they go?  I went out on saturday (3), tuesday (4) and today (4.5) - it's getting slightly easier, but still not quite there yet!  Got absolutely soaked during the lunchtime run today, and despite the struggle of the 4.5 miles, I realised just how much pleasure I get from running - fair enjoyed it today.

    I've got Belfast marathon a week on monday - not sure what my strategy will be for that, given how much of a struggle the 3 runs i've done this week have been!  For those who did London the week after Brighton, what was your strategy, and how was your time against your time in Brighton?

    Hope all is well!

  • 3.5 miles for me today. Getting easier, but my pace is still really slow.

    Happy to say my toenails calmed down quite quickly. I am enjoying them while they last.
  • done 1 x 6 plus mile run in 46 mins hopefully another run tomorrow but got the 3 forts half marathon week sunday so since the marathon not run that much to build up for this difficult race so hope can improve on last years time image  of 2 hous 1 min

  • Well, went outside again today for training but I must admit it was a bit of a struggle today - it took me 32 mins to do the 2 mile circuit instead of the 30 mins it was meant to.  Walked more than have in the last few outside training sessions but at least I completed it.

    (AGF) thank you for the encouragement.

    (Snowmaiden) glad you are continuing with training ok - early mornings arent usually your thing though - so make sure you are fully awake before going out early so you are aware of your surroundings and take extra care.

    (Katie Priest 2) I note you say you are doing Bristol 10K - do you live near/in Bristol and if so do you belong to a running club? Am wondering whether a running club might be a good idea for me to join, as I am really just starting out on long distance running.

  • Hi Poohbear - well done on your training - that's how I started with walk/running only
    a year ago!

    I do live in Bristol, but I'm not in a running club. I do occasionally see club runners around Henleaze - not sure which club though. I did think about joining Soul Sisters in Bradley Stoke, but their training nights clash with my other commitments, so I'm a solo runner! When I was a teenager, I was a member of South London Harriers and trained with them at Crystal Palace - it was really good for doing proper training and improving my speed, as well as keeping motivated! I think there are lots of clubs around though!

    Good luck!
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    imageimageI've had a really lucky day today. Got up early and went for my run and just missed the rain. Walked to work and just missed the rain and then walked home from work and guess what. No rain. Whereas my housemate got home looking like a drowned rat.

     Managed about 1.5 miles today so not as far as some of you but not a bad start I think.

     Toby3: Shush. Well done. But shush.image

     Poohbear: You’re not helping. You’re both so mean to me.  I promise I’ll be careful. It might be true that me + mornings = bad but at least I’m trying. image

  • snowmaiden as we i told you before it's a prek of the job
  • Katie Priest 2 - I'm about the same level as you (5.01 for my first at Brighton and registered to do sub 4.30 next year), so it will be good to hear your progress this year. I tried doing speedwork in my training but kept on getting injured so have decided to go to a running school to improve my form/speed. Hopefully that should sort me out along with the stone that I need to lose! I've also become completely obsessed with running but have never heard of Marathon Talk. I'm now listening to my first episode - thank you!
  • Well - I thought I would be clever today and do the 2 mile route the opposite way round, but forgot about the amount of slopes that way round.  Still did it slightly faster than yesterday, at 31 mins instead of 30.

    (Snowmaiden) - it is only like me trying to do my training late at night when I am not awake.  Can you imagine me managing to do 30 mins on treadmill at 10pm when I have trouble keeping my eyes open?  Everyone is different.

    (Katie Priest 2) - thank you.  We live opposite side of Bristol to you.  Good to hear that although you were like me last year you completed marathon.  It makes me feel more confident that a marathon next year is not such an unrealistic goal.

  • Morning all.

    Glad to see toby 3 and family are all setting out well on your new challenges (repeat challenges for toby!) It was good to meet you all and I'll look forward to cheering you round the course next year!

    Katie, I wouldn't think about doing any serious training until at least 3 -4 weeks after a first marathon. The body needs more time to recuperate and regenerate than most people realise. Nothing wrong with doing a few short, slow and easy runs tho, and maybe putting some "strides" in just to loosen off properly.

    Lindsay, I'm planning to do 3 forts marathon next weekend (same weekend as Belfast) tho there is the option of choosing to do the half on the day, if I don't feel up to the full distance. My strategy since Brighton is relatively short runs, relatively gentle pace, and a few strides put in there to try and stay loose. I'm also using the time just to concentrate on my form whilst I'm out running. Should be interesting today, as I'll be going off road (3 Forts is pretty much all off road!) so I could find it more of a challenge to maintain good form. As for the race strategy itself, I'll be using a run/walk strategy. If I can cope with the hills, it'll be a 10/1 (1 minute walk for every 10 minutes of running) If I can't cope with the hills, it'll be a run/walk as in run down / walk up!

    Adam A, keep it nice and gentle before the 3 Forts. You should then be in a well recovered and strong state to improve on last year's time image

    Waves to all imageimageimage

  • Running was a little less than productive today, had minor issues regarding too many people on the paths that slowled me right down. Note to self, going running during the nearby university's lunch hour = bad idea. Still managed to get about 2 miles in but was slower than I would have liked and the run walk pattern got completly messed up. *sulk*

    Juggler: Hi. image 

    Poohbear: Okay point. You'd end up falling off the treadmill again. Think I might do my runs after any rediculously early shifts. I could always take running gear to work and run the way home. *starts planning*

  • snowmaiden, That's how i fit in most of my weekday sessions. I'm lucky enough to have a shower at work and live only 1 mile away so i can put in runs to and from and loop them out to whatever length i need each time.

  • Yay, finally my profile picture is on! That was me doing my best to do a final sprint at the finish. Every single one of my BM photos were of me looking at the floor. Must make an effort to look up a bit more in future but I'm so scared of tripping!
  • i asked the question of the BM team as to their plans to bring the wall back the answer i got was no they have no plans at the moment to bring it back which i think is a real shame
  • Toby3 - that is a shame. I quite like the sound of that.

    Does everyone on this forum usually do the Brighton half marathon as well? I've done it for the last few years and I could have sworn registration was open fairly quickly each year, but it's still not open for 2013. Does anyone know when it will be open?
  • Bawn-3 - I think Brighton was one of the few places where some decent pics of me were taken. Usually, I'm like you and looking at the floor, or worse, looking at the floor with my eyes shut!

    18 miles for me this week consisting of 6x3 miles. Haven't timed them as they're just slow plods to and from work.

    Tomorrow will be doing 10 miles off-road with my brother as part of our Tough Mudder training. It'll be in the afternoon so we could get wet!
  • me running buddy could not run after work but as weather was glorious i decided to potter around a 8.6 mile course we do and amazinglky i did it in hour and 6 mins which beat my record by 2 half minutes so quite amazed especially as me other running body who got bad foot is very fast so when run with him we go fast

     so more confidence for the 3 forts half marathon next sunday , i not brave enough to do whole marathon as its 27.2 miles as they go the extra mile and it is very very hilly course

  • Just did my first run since M-day - 3.7 miles in 45 mins. My thigh felt tight, but not sore, so I've done loads of stretching and it feels fine now.

    Juggler - you're right I'm going to ease back slowly, and wait a few weeks before tackling speed work and hills, other than the hills in my regular routes.

    Bawn - will keep you posted on my progress - seems like we are at a similar level and speed. The only way is faster!

  • Well I had to do the beep test at work yesterday which aggravated the calf a little. That's the only run I've done so far. Went into the gym at work this morning before starting for some rowing and weights to try and strengthen legs and keep everything ticking over. Same again tomorrow. So bed now as up before 5 but good to be back doing something again image
  • Still frustrated at how slow i'm running since Brighton. Trying to get it in perspective but annoyed. did 32 miles in total last week but all at slow pace. nothing particularly sore just heavy legs. Guess it's just time but v frustated.

  • Good morning all,

    Managed my first run yesterday after London, an easy 5 miler, have been doing plenty of walking and some swimming as well this week. Will see how I feel over the weekend as to what exercise I do.

    Bawn - I have done the the Brighton half several times as well, and Im sure its usually open by now. Last year it was open at the time of the marathon because they were handing out fliers at the Expo. and it was open for registration then as well. This could have been to get the marathon crowd in though! I will keep checking their website though.

    Welcome to all the new posters.
  • Treadmill running again today, as it was misty outside when I woke up - covered more distance than last treadmill run as felt able to up speed on jogging section of training.

    (Juggler) - it was nice to meet up with you also at Brighton, will look out for you next year.

  • Parkrun this morning. Comfortably hard run. Felt fine but can still feel brighton in my legs and/or after that monumental effort did not fancy racing it !!....a Comfortable 23 min run in the mud/rain felt good though !! image

    Train well guys.....and rest lots. ( resting is the underrated part of without it we do not improve !!! )
  • Parkrun PB for me this morning in 21:27. Quite pleased with this time, as it's a 1:19 improvement (last one was 2 years ago), but not so good that I won't be able to beat it. Can I get sub-20 before September when my long runs start doing my legs in again?
  • Afternoon all

    did 5 miles in the end yesterday but did them on the treadmill as a run walk really need to sit down in a minute and work out a couple of training schedules one for the Bristol 10k and a H/M training plan as from September i have 3 close together or i will when i finally get around to entering Bristol

    It starts with the GNR on the 16th then Bristol on the 30th and the Cricklade H/M on the 7th of October i  may well do what i did last year and use the Marathon training plan but half  all the runs

  • Charlotte - thanks. I registered my interest for 2013 a while back so I'll let you know if/when I get an email.
  • Veester - If you see this in time, good luck for tomorrow. If you don't I hope you had a good marathon.
    Also good luck to those running Milton Keynes and any one else running tomorrow.
    Bawn - thankyou!
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